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Originally Posted by tea olive View Post
mona, maybe you could just put a futon in your big bedroom on the floor, or change her bed to something bigger. and put a fan or other noisemaker so you don't hear every little noise (sorry, that takes getting used to as well, but for us is necessary).
we don't have the futon anymore, it belonged to an old housemate.
i am on the outlook for a full sized bed from freecycle.
haha, she has a loud noisemaker, but that is so she doens't wake up from us. her monitor is right next to her bed, and so i choose to hear her every peep. lol

Originally Posted by tea olive View Post
if not, i wouldnt' get in there till she was hysterical i thnk. maybe i need to turn it down a bit, however, so i'm not hearing the small peeps.

as for the belly, is she pooping regularly, and do you take her to pee when she wakes? laying on the left side is best for digestion.
yes, yes, and she does.

casina, do you not do the entire santa clause thing>? i know we've talked about this all before but now i can't remember who does and who doesn't.

casina- sorry about your van, i'm glad you are ok tho.
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the noisemaker is for you!

we do presents and have a tree but we don't do the story of santa claus. a long time ago, my dh felt very betrayed when he found out the truth, and felt that the adults could have been lying to him all that time, and sort of still does.
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At least I don't have to deal with santa; Mike's parents raised their kids without him. Dealing with Christmas is bad enough.
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We don't do the santa story either. Last year we had a solstice tree and did some gifts (mostly for Razi) he did see a santa at the mall so I had to do some explaining in terms of a long time ago a man named St. Nick did such and such but I made sure he didn't think gifts came from santa. I just don't believe in the lying either. I also really don't care for the whole xmas thing either. in my family you have to give gifts even if you have no money. then like my dad, you make a big deal of what you sacrificed to do it. LIke last year he let everyone know that he had to sell Ford Model A parts (he collects these old cars) on ebay to have enough $ to buy gifts. It really stresses me out, especially cuz we have no extra money for all of the extended family. I usually make gifts but that gets stressful too, when you don't have a ton of time. i don't know, i'm just venting...and dreading about the upcoming season. winter is not my thing for soo many reasons.

so Razi has been sleeping in his own bed for 4 straight nights now! We had the bed in his own little room (you saw Leah) and I asked him if I moved it to the base of our bed, if he would sleep in it. And he has!! And it has been soooo nice to not be hanging off the bed w/ little feet and hands all over the other side of me. So I guess I will get a little few week vacation from cosleeping until I'm doing it again for the next 4 years, I actually love snuggling and such but not so much in my 3rd trimester, i guess.

Mona, I too have heard that french fries do have dairy in them. Have you ever used a Netty pot? that could help get some of the icky stuff out but I don't know how you could get a kid to do it. I have used Zicam (sp?) on Razi before, you put the cotton swab in their nose and they just sneeze and sneeze, that might clear it out?
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Im taking santa one step at a time. I dont want anyone to freak out at me (relatives) if they find out that H & S dont know about santa. I just want to do whats best for the kids. I dont want to make it this huge deal of *theres no santa*, and make everyone in the family stop saying santa stuff to them. Sounds like a bit too much for me. I just dont bring up santa, but we have been talking about x-mas.

Ive really relaxed about a lot of those things in the past years being a mom. LIke the other day, I let them eat tonnes of candy from the parade during the fall fair. Never would have happened 2 years ago. I was such a tightass about what my kids would eat, or be exposed to, but you know, Ive realized that they have to be allowed to LIVE. I dont want them feeling like they are missing something, seeing all the other little kids sucking on suckers, and chewing gum. then one day they become sugar addicts from not having any as a kid.

I am the mom who would only feed her baby (H) raw fruit and vegetables, and breastmilk till one year of age, no salt, or sugar. Then I allowed small amounts of grains and gradually maple syrup, or sea salt etc, etc, :

So they know what candy is now, and Im actually kind of relieved. But Im not buying it for them, thats for sure.

H has been talking about Christmes a lot these days. I think its almost programmed in her, as no one has been talking to her about it. She can feel it aproaching. I want them to enjoy christmes-solstice, and Im stressing about what to do with no $$. I think they will get lots of dollar store things, and I want to make them some things, maybe get my carpenter dad to make them some things for me.
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we do both xmas and hannukah. i grew up with no religion but we did do xmas. for me santa and the tree and stocking are more traditions than any time of religious significance. We always believed and I'll admit a part of me still does : that the santa at the end of the thanksgiving day parade in NYC is the 'real' santa. the rest are all helpers. even as an adult before i had a kid i would call my mother while i was watching the real santa to report that i had seen him. i don't see santa as a big lie but more as something magical to believe.

we have had a busy weekend rosh hashana. we were in temple last night and this morning then at my inlaws for dinner. our temple is so awesome with kids. they have a school ages kids service and a separate preschool service. the preschool service last night was great with lots of singing and dancing. today is was amazing 2 hours of tota;ly occupied under 5 year olds. they has 3 stations of new years related activites each in a different room with a kid style service at the end. The rabbi evej has 200+ children quite while they all had shofars (horn blowie things) in their hands. It was truely amazing.

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i kinda like the idea of santa .. i mean.. to me he is this magical elf who brings gifts to children. as a child i loved the ritals of setting out stockings and leaving santa cookies that i made and a glass of milk and some carrots for the reindeer.. for me and my family it was magical.. and i dont think that there is anything wrong with elves or gifts .. i dont want christmas to be a huge deal or some massive corporate thing for us.. but it isnt..so it wont be.. i have so little moeny these days that everything wil likely be hand made with a few tiny bought things.. but thats not the part that matters to us anyways.

im not sure why so many people are against the whole santa thing.. i dont see him as a christain symbol or anything really except for a ritual and a lesson in imagination and magic.. i do hate the fact that christamas is a christain holiday, or that it's has BECOME one.. but ill always celebrate the solstice and winter with my children and it will probably include santa coming..

and we have elwynn's birthday to celebrate as well (the day after xmas) so i strive to make that more important than anything else in december. its crazy that our babies will be 4 so soon..
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Originally Posted by saritasmile View Post

so Razi has been sleeping in his own bed for 4 straight nights now! We had the bed in his own little room (you saw Leah) and I asked him if I moved it to the base of our bed, if he would sleep in it. And he has!! And it has been soooo nice to not be hanging off the bed w/ little feet and hands all over the other side of me. So I guess I will get a little few week vacation from cosleeping until I'm doing it again for the next 4 years, I actually love snuggling and such but not so much in my 3rd trimester, i guess.


thats great! pregnant mommas really do needsome space.. especially at night!

elwynn started sleeping in his own bed a few months before ngaio was born,.. for me it was almost a necessity. i needed a good sleep and elwynn is a wiggly sleeper.. he really had a hard time with it after ngaio was born for a whle but we gentky encouraged him to sleep in his own bed.. now he mostly does but every once in a while he sleeps with us. the last few nights he has because we are all missing timothy a lot and it just feels better with us all tgether.
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Bean's been falling asleep on his own on his toddler-bed matress in our room... and then when Mike comes downstairs, he pulls him back into bed with us! The man who was terrified to cosleep with his children and worried that he'd never get a good night's rest now claims that he cannot sleep at all without all three kids in bed with us. : Hilarious, no? Anyway, I'm not going to argue with him about it-- soon enough, Bean will be too big and he won't want to sleep with us anyway, so I have no problem with Mike getting all his snugglebugs in now.

The reason that the ILs don't do santa is that they're hyperChristians, and Santa has nothing to do with Jesus. Of course, they still have a tree, and I have been kind enough not to point out to them that Christmas trees don't "come from Germany," but rather from the uberPagan tradition of bringing an evergreen tree indoors to decorate it during the shortest, darkest days of the year as a symbol of spring and life. Honestly, though, if one more God-related comment comes out of my son's mouth, they're going to get an earful of it. I can't believe that I'm already having to argue with my own child about evolution and creationism!! : Of all the things to have to deal with on Rosh Hashanna.
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urgh, i'm sorry rynna.

my parents are under strict order not talk ANY religion. they still often manage to sneak in some comment that is alluring, but for the most part are good.
when we went to visit them last time, they made it sound like they were going to a party when they said they were going to church. lol
so k was like, i want to go to church. ohhh no you don't. lol
she would freak out after 5 minutes- sitting still, in a room full of strangers. hrmm not her idea of fun.

i haven't managed to broch that topic yet- it seems confusing to explain to a 3 year old all this political manuevering of religion.
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I wouldn't be able to handle that very well, if my inlaws were force feeding my kids christian propoganda. I was a lucky kid, in that both my parents weren't/aren't religeous. I think I can count on one hand the amount of times I went to church. When I did, it was so stifflingly boring, worse than school, or anything I could think of. there was no life in those churches. Rynna, if you stick with the facts about christianity's pagan roots, and do your own thing (I guess you are jewish, right), then they have NO right to tell your kids about "god". What a violation! how rude.
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Mike's father and sister especially are... less than tolerant. I don't know how anyone can be so arrogant about a religion so deeply and obviously flawed, but they are. I should stop talking about this before I get really obnoxious, but suffice to say that I think Christianity is a waste of time under the best of conditions, and their particular Christianity sure as hell isn't the best.
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I think I will stay away from this Christmas/Christianity/Pagan/Solstice conversation.

Congrats on getting some good nights of sleep, Sarita. Pretty soon you'll be snuggling with your little princess.

Mona, I'm sorry you are not sleeping well. Zachary was the same way when I decided to put him in his own bed- he'd dream loudly, and talk, and flip flip around, and DH and I weren't sleeping. As I was tucking him in the other night he sighed and said "I LOVE this bed", so I think I made the right decision. I just know how you feel, so s.

I had a migraine for the past three days. : You know the term "splitting headache?"- well it felt some someone was splitting my head open with an axe, and the only thing I could take was Tylenol w/ codiene because I'm pregnant. Great fun. :

Plus we had a party for DH's 30th birthday party this weekend and we had an unexpected guest. A tarantula crawled right up onto the porch where we were sitting. Zachary FREAKED out. It was pretty gross- luckily one of the drunk guys moved it. Eeeeewwwwww! :
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Oh Leah, I miss tarantula's sooo much! It's the time for them. We used to catch them lots when I was young (I grew up about 2 hoursish from where Leah lives). One time we had 5 all at once and put them in an empty fish tank to check out for a day or two. Well, turns out they can jump about 5 feet up and they all escaped into our house!! I'm soo not a spider person but I like tarantulas. I really miss the southwest lately

I would say my attitude toward xmas and such is directly related to how it was presented to me growing up. We were raised no religion specifically (although my dad was a jack mormon) so i felt like it was really all about the materialistic consumer based stuff. i guess I could ramble on more about that but i'm too tired...

i'm just sitting here staring at the computer w/ nothing to say, so i'll just say goodnight!
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Tarantulas?!?! You mean they run loose in parts of the country?!? :

Okay, I know they're "harmless," but... AAAAA!!!!
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i didn't grow up with any religion whatsoever. my parents of course tried to impart some morals, but i am seeing how it is not the samed as the herd thing. i have friends that are bahais and i have bben slowly warming up to joining the community as my kids get older.

i don't find christmas avoidable with the surrounding culture, and basically i felt bereft and deprived as a child with no birthdays or christmas. i would have done the santa thing for the magical aspect, but my dh is very adamant and i have come to agree because it really affected his trust even now.

i am bombastically furious at ruby about this stupid salad. i ran to the nearby store ie more expensive and got stuff for a giant bean salad i got some canned and fresh. ruby is always on my back about helping in the kitchen and it started with her dumping this mardigras cup worth of chocolate soymilk down the sink she poured herself cos she decided she didn't want to drink it. then she wouldn't help clean, only wants to cook, and refused to get out of the kitchen and vacuum or clean up her ponies, as she yelled she wanted to help. i had her dump the beans out of the can into a bowl as i am taking care of the fresh stuff and i look over and she is squashing them with a fork so i have an ugly mess i can't do anything else with that dh will eat like i am not going fry them into experimental patties or make a soup that will be avoided. i KNOW i am expecting too much of her. i was looking at pictures of my boys at this age and they couldn't do much of the stuff i have her do. but i am so mad that if it weren't for the money and needing to have somehting to eat for dh in the next hour that i would just throw it away, i am so steamed. we'll see if he will eat it anyway - gourmet hand mashed bean salad. he is so picky now with working at the whole foods that i almost crave when he would eat corn dogs and feel bad from his diet. he can even taste when food has touched plastic now, and can't tolerate any preservatives. i have always just noticed but found a balance of what is practical economical for all of us.

me and my temper and kitchen control:

i did find what will be my holiday gift for those i love yesterday.
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Originally Posted by tea olive View Post
i did find what will be my holiday gift for those i love yesterday.

do share?

and hugs for the kitchen frustrations.
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a mention on a blog
the amazon listing

we had some gift cards to use up at the bookstore and it was in the kids section of coloring books which i have never looked at. i got it for my sister's birthday but i want one of my own! it has rudimentary drawings with instructions at the top, ruby could do it with help though some of you may not be okay with some of the pages (like one has faces and balloons and the instructions say, say something mean) but the majority is very g and fun, like one page with a giraffe and one with an ostrich and it says, they need shoes. or onw with a house on fire and it says, "quick, draw some water!" so i will be getting this for any age this year, or for families to work on. i like the drawings because they are very coarse (japanese author) so they don't distress anyone into being perfect, just having fun. the best is the drawing of two pits and it says, draw two people at the bottom! so it will be therapy for the adults i know, including my mil.
this works out cos i like to just give everyone the same thing, something that says something about me, that is not too practical.
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i have a bright red used miele canister vac, so the arm is lightweight. they are allowed to stomp on the on/off switch and stomp to get the cord in. it also has a dial for speed. there also vents here and there for suction that they play with. often is it one of them sitting on the canister like a car. ruby likes to do corners and edges better with the tube. my kids have always like dustbusters and the sort.

lately i have started undercurrent threat that 1. they must act relatively happy/calm/in control and 2. they must be obedient when i exercise my power, or else they will be put in school. so a corollary to that is that the blue room floor must be picked up before dad gets home, or he will feel like homeschooling ain't working. (plus kitchen and meal made, and clean clothes available) this isn't exact truth, but it is a form they can understand. and basically i am just tired of the habit of complaining and grumbling and fighting for fun. they are old enough and spirited enough that they have completely intact egos - i am just trying to steer away from the human habit of negativity.

they know how to pick up the main room floor that they trash and the three of them can do it very quickly, probably cos i trained them awhile back on having a race against their record. i am just starting to enforce that it get done once a day. they are certainly capable of it.

i'm just had to grow into being a queen about it.
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