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howz it goin?
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its goin okay. Yesterday I heard dc laughing hysterically in the other room. I called out to her and asked what was so funny. She said she was just tickling her nipples. Well, where there's fun to be had! On a more serious note, how have others handled the "only you can touch you" talk?
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Originally Posted by majazama View Post
howz it goin?
its going alright.. i was supposed to have baby isabel this morning but the mom called and canceled.. but i still get paid.. so im happy.. i can do stuff id rather do and still get some much needed $. thank goddess for buiness contracts (i made her sign one on monday! after the week she didnt show/call..ect ect.)

other than that.. its raining and pouring here.. im planning on cleaning out the storage closets downstairs here so we can have more storage and find a few winter things i put away. i miss timothy.its lonely and very quiet without him here
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Hi, I am just subbing...my dd will turn 4 in ealry November, and things have gotten strangely hard recently. I'm going to start giving her her vitamins every day; that could totally be the problem.
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I'm back in the desert again.
It's good to be back in my own bed. The couch is just not as comfortable now that I'm pregnant.
We saw Sarita and Razi. The kids had fun playing/fighting, and we had fun gabbing. I will post some pics on the yahoo group when I get a minute. GREAT idea starting over with the posts on there, Jaz.
I have to take Crystal to an appt in Phoenix and I don't want to. I hate driving and I hate loading her heavy butt into the car, and it's hot and I'm lazy and pregnant and bitchy. But I guess this is what I get paid for, right?
We have a FOR SALE sign in front of our house. SOOOOO depressing. Coming back to my home after five days at my brother's place made me realize how much I love it here and how much I will miss it. But I know change is good, right? I just don't want to move back into town and competely hate it and wish I still had this house and be completely miserable, YK? I'm just rambling... There are many reasons we need to leave this area (Crystal's school situation for one), but it doesn't neccessarily make it easier, YK?
OK, bye for now, Mamas...
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fern~ find something to distract you, sure knitting or going for walks would help.

xmaseve~ I'd feel more comfortable talking about "privacy" stuff on the yahoo group.. I don't know if you missed it, but there was a big thing last year about perverts taking pictures of babies in diapers/nude,:yucky: and it really woke me up that MDC isn't "safe" so I am really wary of what I talk about / post on here now.

sadiesabot~ good to see you here. You're an MDC classic!

decembersun~ sounds busy as usual. Is it still hot there? Its getting chillier by the day here.

anyone doing x-mas stuff yet?:
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Ahhh! Christmas! I am usually done shopping by October so I can actually enjoy the season and not have to worry about the mad shopping rush, crowds, chaos, etc... And of course I haven't even started yet this year! Everybody's getting gift cards, lol.
Yes, it is still warm here, Jaz. Gorgeous, actually. This is a great time of year in the desert because it is not insanely hot and we get to spend a lot of time out in the sun without burning our skin. It will be nice now until late November, then it will start cooling off into the 60's, and our "winter" is a couple weeks of highs in the 40's.
It was kinda chilly in WA this weekend, but all in all we lucked out with no rain for the outdoor wedding!
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We've had below freezing temps the past week. I've been reeeeally tempted to break out the Xmas music, but I now that would drive the kids (and therefore me) crazy. Dc keeps going on about how it's almost fall, then it will be winter, and then her birthday! I usually get my shopping done early too, but $$ been a bit woo-woo this year, so I can't do that this year. How do you convince a 3-4yo that a new furnance is a WONDERFUL Christmas gift?
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If by "Xmas stuff" you mean "composing a gently phrased email to your husband and inlaws about the innappropriatness of preaching to other people's children a religion which you feel to be a dangerous and subversive influence," then yes. :
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Originally Posted by eilonwy View Post
If by "Xmas stuff" you mean "composing a gently phrased email to your husband and inlaws about the innappropriatness of preaching to other people's children a religion which you feel to be a dangerous and subversive influence," then yes. :
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Originally Posted by eilonwy View Post
If by "Xmas stuff" you mean "composing a gently phrased email to your husband and inlaws about the innappropriatness of preaching to other people's children a religion which you feel to be a dangerous and subversive influence," then yes. :
I'm sorry. And phrasing something gently is never much fun.
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Originally Posted by majazama View Post
fern~ find something to distract you, sure knitting or going for walks would help.:
i am doing lotsa stuff and going for walks too (we walked in the pouring rain yesterday just to get out of the house) but i still miss him i guess thats a good sign. lets just hope he misses us.

Originally Posted by majazama View Post
anyone doing x-mas stuff yet?:

yeah right. i wish. im stil thinking about halloween here..wishing i had more dollars to buy nice things for everyone i know(for xmas).. but i guess everyone will be gettin home made this year..if i have time to make stuff.. any great ideas out there??
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K has been sleeping really poorly, like, urgh, like shit. :

First it was this cold thing, which btw the phlegm is still invading our bodies. /sigh
So , it could still be related to the fact that this child will swallow all phelgm rather then blow it out or even spit it out. ewwwwwww

She either complains of having an upset tummy, or is having bad dreams which make her talk in her sleep and thrash about, or a combination of both. Since i'm still nursing her, i'm trying to be careful about what i'm eating- no dairy, little soy, ect. But, we don't know exactly what she is allergic to- I'm certain dairy and soy, but i also think she has wheat sensitivities, but not like the other two, so i do consume some of those things. The thing is, i don't even think i'm producing milk- i've tried to express and get nothing. But she says she gets some milk. lol Anyway, i still try to be careful never theless.
And i don't know what she could be eating to have upset tummys, and why they only come at night time. I mean, WTF!

Then onto the dream thing. This child is so sensitive, and obviously she is processing these things thru her sleep time, which is normal. But it is not normal for me to get no sleep and have to sleep in her bed every night. :P
For those that don't know, K and I slept in the big bed, with wes on a futon on the floor near us, until we moved and K wanted to sleep in a twin in her room. So now what happens is mostly K and i sleep in a twin. :/
My back is killing me! lol

So i'm not sure what is going on. We don't have the money for allergy testing atm, but i do feel that i need to get her into see someone. I'd prefer homeopathy, but i'm open and am going to start ot ask around to ppl i know.

I know that there are a lot of new things in her life atm, but none of them are "bad" as far as i can tell. :

Calgon, take me away!!!

PS---Happy Mabon, everyone.
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ga is allergic to dairy and has been for months. it is very common for her to thrash about at night when she has been exposed. it is possible she is also have stomach aches during the day but is too busy to notice or care. make sure that you are checking every lable. dairy is in EVERYTHING. don't sweat about the allergy testing. the tests are not that acurate. ga tests negative yet even her very western allopathic allergist admits she is allergic. she gets a bad rash on her mouth and butt as well as diareah and gas pains.

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Mona, dc too likes to swallow her mucus : It results in her getting bad tummy aches at night, because the mucus sits in her tummy at night. Now that she is able to process that cause and effect, she's gotten much better about her actions and simple head colds no longer end with several night long vomitting episodes. (Well, we now have this problem with dc2, but such is life.)

We have found geat relief in the NAET method of allergy treatment, it is acupuncture related. I really recommend looking up an acupuncturist in your area that does it. Try searching on naet.com, but look in the phonebook or ask around too, not all are listed online.

Another thing I have found very helpful in our family is cranio sacral therapy. I don't know that I would work, it is massage based and dc, at her age, does not like to sit still for a massage.

That's all I can type now. Hang in there.
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We also had some luck with NAET. GA had about 6 months of weekly treatments last winter. When it was over she was able to tolerate a little dairy (ie we didn't have to interogate every chef if we went out to dinner) It seems lately though she has very sensitive again. I have been meaning to call her NAET doc about getting a booster treatment. FYI our NAET is also a pediatrician. You can find practitioners at http://www.naet.com/

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it looks like the closest practiioner is an hour away, which is weird bc bloomingon is the meca for alt medicine. hrm. i 've also heard it is really expensive....

the thing about trying to rationalize w/ k is that she doens't reember having a horrible night sleep. in fact, she is basically asleep during most of it, just conscious enough to sometimes answer my questions if repeatedly ask them.
plus, trying to get this kid to do something she doesn't want, no matter what the incentive, is out of the question. lol

she eats mostly whole foods, so there really is no way dairy can sneak in. of the processed foods we get, they are dairy / wheat free. i can't imagine what i am missing. do french fries have dairy in them? heheh

edited to add- they were out of the hemp bread i ususall buy, and i just looked at the lable of the the bread -it has some soy flour in it. so maybe that is the culprit. we'll see....

i have seen someone for cranial sacral work in the past- i think i will contact her as she does a lot of different work, not sure about the homeopathic tho.

mostly i just wish this phegm would dry up. her nose has been running all day. sigh.
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Originally Posted by Mona View Post
do french fries have dairy in them? heheh
Yes! some do!!!!

don't ask. I don't know why, but some restaurant fries do have milk products in them!!!! : : : :
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mona, maybe you could just put a futon in your big bedroom on the floor, or change her bed to something bigger. and put a fan or other noisemaker so you don't hear every little noise (sorry, that takes getting used to as well, but for us is necessary).

as for the belly, is she pooping regularly, and do you take her to pee when she wakes? laying on the left side is best for digestion.

the sickies are hard. and they go away eventually even tough after a week it will feel like it has been months or craziness. it is a funny and tough thing, working to balance things when we are rested enough to notice the little things, to lose sleep!

ruby wakes up screaming once or twice a night, and it magically started a few months ago. i guess i just plow through it after two other kids did it around the same age.

i wanna read the gently phrased email! rynna, what can we do for you?

every year near holidays i have to do a practice session with my kids. they are to say "i'm glad for you" and walk away when a cousin or whoever raves on and on about santyclaus. the main problem is me trying to keep from laughing when i saw reed's deadpan face the first time.

otherwise, things are still day to day for now. i guess i am more concerned abt ruby's birthday, since this will be her first party. but it is still in the back of my head, for the most part.

my van was totalled monday night. driving my friend's car was weird today. intellectually and emotionally i am fine, but my body is terrified and my eyes kept looking to the right to see if someone was going to plow into me and ended up avoiding left turns as much as i could, and hesitatedd before turning onto roads clear for a few blocks. i told myself that driving fearfully was not safe either, but it's just going to have to take time. ironically i now feel safer on the interstate, after i was afraid of that for a few weeks last month.
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damn casina, I didn't know that you got in an accident! Take good care of yourself. You are precious.:

mona~ sounds like the immune system is working, in K, if the mucus is flowing Have you tried ginger tea? It really helps the tummy. Is warming too, which is good as it gets colder.
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