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dipe rash question--x-posting in diapering

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I'm kind of at a loss about this rash...

Let me preface everything by saying that everyone in my family has sensitive skin (and one ds has eczema), so we're pretty good at not irritating skin--cloth dipes (immediately changed), clothes & dipes washed with a very mild no dye/no perfume detergent and double-rinsed, don't use soap on babies (and very sparingly--gen. hands only--on the older ones), etc.

So... my dd (L, who is 4 mos. old) seems to be getting irritated in the dipe area. I've put Desitin on it occasionally (did this with the occasional red butt on my boys, always helped), and it doesn't seem to help much. I try to let her air out for a good long time, and what helps the most is actually vaseline. All of this started up a couple of weeks ago when she and I took a weekend trip and I used sposies on her for the first time. She got all rashy from the sposies (in the front and on the hips--looked like a reaction to the elasticky stuff; like I said, I change dipes very promptly). It's gotten mostly better since, but obviously, not completely better.

To describe it... I guess it looks like lots of little red bumps, esp. on the outside (skin-side) of her vulva, around her thigh creases, etc. After pooping it's worse, even though I generally hear her poop and change her within a minute or 2.

Any suggestions?
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I would avoid vaseline and just use pure Lansinoh. I also use this cream sometimes and it works really well.

Any chance it's yeast?
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What does a yeast rash look like? (I honestly have no idea.) She looks chapped, and I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should use a wet wipe (just a flannel square with a little water) even when it's just a pee dipe. She also looked this this for a very short period during the very short time we were in the hospital when she was born (they use cloth dipes there, too, and the nurses caught on very quickly, and they brought us bleach-free dipes, receiving blankets, etc , and it helped a lot). And ack, I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should look into EC... my mama sense is just that her skin just doesn't tolerate any waste on it even for a very short period of time.

I will try the Lansinoh. I'll keep your cream rec handy, but I probably won't go for it right now. We spent a fortune trying every natural remedy/natural cream etc. when my ds was having big eczema problems, and unfortunately, vaseline is basically all *he* can tolerate. I know vaseline is gross, but it's really been a godsend around our house. :
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sounds like a yeast rash

my son had that and it was not exactly a diaper rash, but a yeast infection.

i would go to the dr with baby and have it examined.

the doctor told me if you put cornstarch on it, then that can make it worse, i guess the yeast eat the cornstarch and cause it to thrive.
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I feel like a broken record, but every rash-type thing dd has had has been cured within a few hours by washing with a solution of water and a drop or two of tea tree oil, then putting pure aloe vera on it. I swear.
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Hmm... after all the yeast comments, I looked up yeast diaper rash on Google images. No, that's definitely not it. Whew. I also did a little more reading (once I was in Google), and I found some pretty useful information (I'd say the best was at Dr. Sears' site and Wikipedia, of all places). I think the problem is a contact rash or a friction rash, so we're going to try a few different things, including doing a vinegar rinse on the dipes (to remove any last traces of alkaline detergent residues), lots of dipe-free time, wiping her with a water-dampened cloth after every dipe (to remove any traces of urine... increases skin pH and leads to irritation), and giving her a good coating of vaseline or a zinc-based cream (Desitin) after *every* change.

FWIW, we started the last 2 (flannel wipe every time and coating every time) last night, and she looks fabulous this morning. She's a very active baby for a 4 monther, and I think all her wriggling, kicking, rolling, and tummy time are increasing the friction in that area, and if the skin is sensitive, we get redness and rash.

Thanks for all the suggestions. FWIW, she has a WCC this coming Wednesday. I will ask her ped about it if she still has the rash. (But he tends to think that all rashes are "cured" by disposable dipes, which always seem to *cause* problems for my kids.)
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All the vaseline is doing is acting as a moisture block, which Lansinoh will do as well. And vaseline has gross stuff that you don't want your baby's but to absorb. As does Desitin, A&D, etc. The Lansinoh will heal it as it also blocks out the moisture.

PaypayaPetunia - our wipe solution has tea tree oil in it. sup I also throw a bouple drops of that in with the dipes sometimes when I wash.

Disposables caused way more rashes for my kids, too.
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My dd#1 would get bad rashes from pampers when she was little. They put perfume in the dipes and I think she was sensitive to it, though they don't bother her now.

I've used all kinds of things for diaper rash, but there is this great line of natural products called Mama Rose's Naturals, and she has a diaper cream that is cloth friendly that works great, but it works even better when you use her sunshine spray to clean the diaper area first. If you live on the west coast, you can buy it in stores, otherwise, there are some online sites that carry it.
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