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Could you help me get the right size FB?

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I'm ready to buy a whole stash of FB for my dd but I'm torn between sizes. She's 12 months old, 19.5 lbs, and her thigh is *almost* 11 inches. It looks like she could be in Medium, Petite, or Large. I would like it if these could last her till potty learning if possible??

Also, has anyone else noticed the price of FB lately? They went up a lot!

Thanks for any help!
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I think the larges would be a bit big for her. The mediums go up to 25 Pounds and are for 10-13 inch thighs, so for right now they might fit the best. At 12 months she's probably close to (or already) walking.. and when the running starts she may even slim down a bit.

The Petite's may work for you and last longer. My only concern with those are that they are only for 9-12" inch thighs.. so on the off chance she does chunk up a little, they may not fit well.

If it was me, I'd go with the mediums. My son is a 20 Lb 5 month old and he has tons of room to grow in the medium FBs we use on him.

I hope that helps a little.
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My daughters are 8 months and 2 years, and they both wear the mediums! They both fit the petites too, but I prefer the mediums, mainly for the extra room in the thigh. We still have room to grow in them on both girls, and it looks as though we may not need to buy any larges. Good luck with your choice!
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My 2 year old DS can wear either the medium or the large. I would order one of each size (maybe from fuzzibunzseconds.net so you don't pay full price) and see which one gives you the best fit.
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My 2 1/2 year old could still wear a medium at time of potty learning , but a large and petite were gappy in the legs and he'd pee out of them. Mediums have also fit my littler one since about 3 months old.
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She's definitely too small for a large. Petites and mediums would probably both fit her. Petites just have a higher rise, so if she's short, you should probably get mediums. If you definitely don't want to bother buying diapers again, I'd get petites. They may come up a little high on her belly, but she'll grow into them before you know it.
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Thanks for all your replies! I think I'll go with the mediums for now and it won't be the worst thing if I have to sell them and get a bigger size in the future. Thanks!
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My daughter is tall, and she wore her mediums until she was almost 28 pounds. They were kinda "bikini" on her, but they worked fine. I was amazed how long that size fit! I think you made the right decision.
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Definately go with the mediums. The larges would most likely gape at the legs and that wouldn't be good, lol.
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