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well mamas, i've been in the hospital for a while. 3 weeks after my beautiful, fast labour and vaginal delivery in the bathtub at the hospital with virtually no tearing, i found myself going in for emergency surgery to have my appendix removed. what a drag. i then got a terrible infection that kept me in for another 3 days while they pumped what felt like every antibiotic known to humanity through my system, trying to get my fever down that had been soaring above 104. the hardest part was missing my little boy, who was, though, very well taken care of and nursed by his aunties while i pumped and dumped my dirty milk . we are all back together now and recovering--especially poor dh, who had not slept well for 3 weeks and then had more sleepless nights taking care of me at the hospital (i must say i did sleep quite well with the morphine thank goodness for the football hold, ds likes to kick me in the tummy otherwise, right over one of my incisions that is still a little sore, though healing beautifully. we are now back to nursing together and my milk is finally readjusting to his demands--whew. a crazy ordeal, but i am so thankful to be back with my little family and so appreciative of my life with them. the sick hospital is not even close to as nice as the labour and delivery hopsital and those nurses and doctors are no midwives! the even crazier thing is, i have now heard that it is not uncommon to have an appendicitis after a pregnancy--what on earth is the evolutionary advantage in that??!!!
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Congrats on your new baby!!! Sucks about the appendix... I had mine removed at 13 weeks pregnant with twins... that sucked!!! I am glad you are all together finally!!!
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Yikes! Glad to hear that you are doing better. Did the pain just appear suddenly and then you went to the emergency room? I've always wondered how much of a notice a person gets when there appendix starts acting up.
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Best wishes on a speedy recovery!
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So glad you are home and recovering well with your family! Best wishes for fast healing!
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Wow, I'm glad you're okay! And how awesome that you were able to preserve your nursing relationship! You rock!
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Yikes! Glad to hear all is going well now!
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wow, so awesome that he had aunties to nurse him

Hope things go very smoothly for you now.
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Originally Posted by PancakeGoddess
wow, so awesome that he had aunties to nurse him
: Hope your recovery continues to go smoothly!
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