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Sleeping through the night supply and thriving question

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I'm so confused and worried. I'm hoping some of you ladies can help me. My 4 mo dd has just recently made a peaceful transition to the crib, something most would be so grateful for. However I"m worried it may sabotage my bfing. The last couple nights she's decided to sleep for 11-12 hours straight with no night feedings. Then yesterday lost most of her morning milk because my breasts were so full, the milk came in so fast it was too much for her. She has gone from waking every 4-5 hours with us, to this long sleep stretch. Great for us to have some time together in the evening and get a full nights sleep and not be scared of her own room, she doesn't even cry and wakes up singing to herself. But now I'm recalling everything I've read about the benefits of night feedings, co-sleeping and babies thriving and I'm so worried I don't know what to do. Will I mess up my supply by not feeding for such a long period of time? And is this the beginning of the end for my bfing if she doesn't gain weight as well anymore? I'm really upset, on one hand I'm so glad the crib transition has gone so well, we were thinking it would be better and easier now rather than after too much time sleeping with us, but has it gone too easy? She really has grown amazing and even the drs. office has said she's doing great (they acted surprised) as she was a premie and weight gain was an issue early on. I'm so worried I did the wrong thing and feel like I have to choose between some early independence that she seems to enjoy for her, and doing something that may disrupt the bfing, that has gone so flawless up until now.
thanks for your time......i'm so upset I don't know what to do. I guess most mothers would love this prob huh? thanks again.
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Dont know what to say besides just monitor her weight. My 10 week old cosleeps but averages 8 hours at night without waking. She is fine, eating alot in the day and happily gaining lots of weight. I hope yours is able to do the same. It sounds like you have a good bfing relationship, and she is old enough that I (no expert, though) dont think this should sabatoge it.
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wanted to add, I wake up in a puddle at about 4 each morning and hand express about 3 to 4 oz. to releive the engorgment and so she doesnt choke and sputter when she does get up to nurse. I freeze the expressed milk in case I ever have an emergancy and dh needs to feed her.
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My experience has been that my supply adjusts to the demand - our 12 week-old has just started sleeping from 10:30 p.m. till about 6 am straight and I wake around 4 a.m. also needing to pump to relieve engorgement. But, I am suspecting that soon that will not be necessary - at least, that is what happened with my first son.

I think they become more efficient with age and get what they need in fewer nursing sessions sometimes...
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