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Decluttering toys

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I just filled up an entire trash bag of toys. Now these are just the ones in the living room. My kids are both asleep and I'll have to conquer their room tomorrow.

I put things in the bag without letting myself be too attached. I kept the nice wood toys, the legos, the toys the kid play with often, the musical toys (they inspire creativity! the instrument kind I mean), some toys I had as a child. Even nice brand new things went in the bag. My kids have too many toys! Relatives keep buying them.

Btw, how do you handle that? My kids don't need toys but relatives want to buy them. Right now they are ok on clothes too...So do you just let them buy what they want or give suggestions.
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Usally 90% of the extra Junk that my MIL and my grandmonther insiste on buying the kids comes from walmart, and i usally will just take it back there for an exchange for a gift card and buy food or get gas in the car... they don't ever notice b/c they kids have so darn many toys it's unreal, i haven't started on thier decluttering yet... I'll do that some time soon!
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In regards to relatives buying the kids toys...I tend to emphasize (and have since they were born) that they really enjoy books and ALWAYS need more of those. We are a book obsessed family here and so too many books doesn't bother us as much as too many cruddy toys! Also, that way, even when the number of books start taking over the house, at least I feel good donating them...or handing them down to a younger relative. I don't feel good donating the junk toys that the kids get!

We still get some junky toys, but many people do buy them the books we ask for. It is also really hard to get my family to buy into the kind of toys that we want for our kids, they still support books though...so it is much easier than trying to get them to buy the toys we do want the kids to have.

When buying gifts, I always get other peoples kids books too!
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I also take things back to wal-mart like a previous poster does. They are awesome about taking things back and then we can get things that we will be able to use instead. Most of the time we receive nice gifts for birthdays and holidays.
When my mom asked me what ds might like for his bday, I mentioned a membership to the aquarium, so that was a great gift.
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I'm taking a break from a toy reoganization/purge right this minute. DH took the boys to the botanical gardens and I took most of their toys up to their room, dumped them out, and started sorting. Some are going into storage and some will be donated or sold - the ones that don't get action, don't have any emotional attachment, are redundant, etc.

I still need to attack what's in the garage and the art supplies.

Before I started sorting the stuff I dumped in their bedroom I took a quick video clip with my camera. I'm thinking of posting it on my blog along with a plea for sanity, addressed to our well-meaning relatives who love to buy toys almost as much as they love my boys. Think it'll work at all? I'm also going to think really hard this month about non-junky gifts the kids would enjoy, like renewing our zoo/bot gardens/children's museum membership, or getting the boys a magazine subscription.
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We usually can't take them back as it seems like toys instantly get opened and played with.

I guess each time they get a new toy I will get rid of an old one.
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I got rid of another bag of just stuffed animals. I took some larger items (exersaucer, small plastic play kitchen, etc) I got $23 for all of it : but at least its gone. I picked up a coat for dd for $6.50 for this winter though so that was nice.
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I am about to conquer the kids play room now! We just moved their beds out into bedrooms downstairs to turn the old room into the play room.

I am going to try and be very liberal in my tossing out! Keeping the good toys and getting rid of any that are...well junk!

Stuffed animals drive me NUTS! Each of the kids have 1 or 2 high quality favorite (like slept with forever kind of favorite) and then all these junky things that people insist on giving them. Grrr. They are with grandma and grandpa though...so maybe I will try and sneak some out. haha!
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Our rule has been that for everything we bring into the house, something else has to go. I mostly let the children choose what to keep and what to thrift/pass along to other kids. Stuffed animals are a plague! I gave my kids a 2ft tall basket, 1.5 ft across, to store their zoo -- they can keep or thrift anything, as long as all the stuffed animals can fit in the basket without spilling out.
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I started telling family if they went overboard and we had no room then I would donate things. My mil got very offended but we can't keep boxes of toys and every single thing she ever gave the kids, we have 3 of them! So she starte sending money or clothing. With the money we buy art supplies, playdoh, dvds or we take the kids out to lunch or to the zoo, something that can either be used up right away or something special that we don't get to do often. They have a great time and less clutter. We buy new books and clothing when those are needed. Sometimes we buy a toy here or there but a lot less now.

And we have a general rule of 2x a year we go through things, anything not touched in 6 months has to go, anything they use often has to be rotated with the remaining stuff so there isn't too much out at once.
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