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Hi...not a mom of twins but I care for my 9mo and a 7mo and thought I'd chime in on what works for me! I put one of them on my back in the Ergo, cradle the other, and bounce them to sleep on a medicine ball. Then I put down the one that I am holding and sometimes take the other out of the Ergo. Works like a charm *most* of the time. When it doesn't...we go for walks. Really, really long walks!

Hope that helps!
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I had to share this update. Things at bedtime have gotten pretty good. I am still doing the bottles in Boppies on my bed. Usually one or both of them fall asleep while finishing the bottle, and I either move them both to their cribs, or leave the sleeping one and rock the other, or just put her down if she's really drowsy. The past 2 nights, Lilly conked out in my room and Kate was the one I put down drowsy but awake. Last night she just went to sleep and I was thrilled.

Tonight, my Dad happened to be here with me and stuck around after I put them to bed. We were sitting in the LR with the monitor, which was all quiet for 10 minutes or so. Then it switched on (I keep it on voice-activated) and I was like "oh shit, there she goes..." but it wasn't crying. It sounded like a little giggle. Then again, and then it was unmistakable. Giggling and crinkly sounds, for a good minute or so. I mean hysterical laughter, the kind I only hear when I am tickling her. I was baffled and laughing myself!

Turns out I left a toy in the crib. I swear I took it out but I guess not. It's just a little bumblebee thing with crinkly wings, and she never finds it that fascinating in the light of day. When I went to check on her I took it out, because I didn't want her to roll over and wake herself up. But now I'm second-guessing - should I put it back so if she wakes in the middle of the night she can entertain herself?! WWYD?
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thats great that they are napping better. my 3 yr old twins are in their rooms playing right now, i think it was easier getting them to bed as infants!!! i have a 4month old right now and when he falls asleep i take his toys and put them on the other end of the crib. I NEVER would have done this with any of my other children but with my 4th baby i put one of those crib mirrored toys things that tie onto the crib. i put him down awake and he looks at it, rolls over, fusses a bit and falls asleep. its also great for morning time when he wakes up because he is entertained in there and doesnt insist that i get him out right away....MORE SLEEP FOR ME!!
Its amazing that it took me 4 children to finally figure nap times out.

with the twins i also remember lots of patting. i would lay them down in the crib together and pat both their backs at the same time..........back braking work, literally!! But it worked.
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Hehe, I hear ya on the back-breaking work! I have BTDT, too.

I did end up putting the toy back in, and in the morning, before I heard a peep out of her, I heard "crinkle crinkle crinkle" and then a bunch of happy sounds. So sweet! I gave her sister a crinkly toy, too, and they definitely seem happy with them.

I think they must know that everyone has told me that 6 months is when they get easier. They will be 6 months adjusted tomorrow, and have definitely become a lot more manageable suddenly. Or maybe it's because I borrowed The No Cry Sleep Solution from the library last week. Perhaps they absorbed it by osmosis? I certainly haven't had a chance to actually read it!
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So glad to hear things are looking up for you. Yea on the crinkle toy if that keeps them happy go for it girl! Mine have been getting up at 11:00 stupid neighbors dog who won't stop barking, My other neighbor said why don't we just take all 3 kids over at 2:00 am when the dog wakes them up again and say you deal with them we are going back to bed. I just told her but if she will let her dog bark it out what do you think she would do with our kids? she just said Ohh your right no CIO for any of us.
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