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give me the honest (scary ) truth

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So for those of you who have delivered twins, how much weight did you gain as compared to your singleton pregnancies if you've had those too?

I have two children, ages 3 and 6. I am first trimester pregnant with twins. My prepregnancy weight is 120, but I'm more like 125ish now, 'cause I bumped up my caloric intake and relaxed my workout routine a bit while I was TTC. So anyways, I'm almost 7 weeks now, and my belly is ALREADY poking out there noticably, and it's not just flab, man it's HARD. So honestly, am I likely going to gain like a hundred pounds or something? Or is it possible to stay within a normal range? Or, like, what is normal for full term twins (because I WILL NOT compromise my chances of going full term just to sava a few pounds. I want to stay healthy, but I understand I'm going to gain...

Oh boy this is rambley. Let me know what your experiences were!
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I started out around 135 and took the guidelines in Barbara Luke's book pretty seriously - I think it was gain an average of 1.5 pounds per week the first 2 trimesters, 1 per week the 3rd? This is because of the high risk of preterm delivery with multiples. When I went into the hospital in PTL at 27 weeks I had gained just about 35 pounds. I made it another 2 weeks after that so figure a few more on top of it. My babies ended up being born at 29 weeks, and they were 3 pounds and 2 pounds 13 ounces, which everyone in the NICU said was great. I lost almost all the weight by 2 months PP, and now at 8 months, pumping full-time and running up and down the stairs with babies all day, I am 5 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight!

Try not to let the weight gain scare you. I know it's hard, but it really is good for the babes to gain a good amount of weight, without going overboard, of course! It sounds like you already know that, so I'll just reinforce it.
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I gained about 60 lbs with my twins, and 20 with my singleton (but I hadn't lost all the twin weight yet, still haven't and they are going to be three in Feb).
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I gained about 27 with my daughter, and about 30 or so with twins (20 lbs of that was before week 20, then had a really hard time gaining after that). Granted, I delivered at 35w 1d, so will always wonder if I could've gone longer had I gained more weight. Though, I was still taking in 3000+ calories a day and 120-150 gms protein, so, who knows?!
Have to add that they were still very hefty sizes for their gestational age (4lbs 15 ozs & 5lbs 15ozs).
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I only have the twins but I was between 95-100 Lbs pre preg and when I deliverd I was at 198. I was underweight before the kids (sick looking ) I went down to about 150 at 3 months then keept dropping weigt till I hit a year out was at 125 and pretty happy at that weight. Both boys got to be lazy at nursing so I stopped (still sad about it)then I dropped down to 115 when at 15 mo old. But I loved all the weight I gained with the twins I felt great and went to 37w6days I am working on ganing some more weight and getting back up to the 125 I felt great at that weight and looked better too.
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I gained 28 pounds with my singleton dd and so far with these triplets (33 weeks), I've gained 55 pounds. Weight is good.
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I went full-term with my twins (40w3d) and gained about 45 lbs. I actually wanted to gain at least 50, but I had to work to gain in my third trimester. My babies were 7lbs2oz and 8 lbs even. Now, at almost a year post-partum I am about 5 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight. Nursing twins will take care of all the weight.

Just for perspective, I only gained 22lbs with my singleton, but she was also smaller than my twins and was born earlier!
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I gained 60 with my son: doh!
33 weeks pregnant with twins and I am at 40-45lbs, thought it would have been more. I am also having trouble eating enough this last trimester, so am concentrating on the protein now. Apparently they are pretty large girls, too, according to the ultrasounds, YAY! Paige
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I gained 47 with my singleton and delivered my twins at 36 weeks with a weight gain of 39 pounds. I was literally hungry all the time and kept shoveling food in my face. I figure your body will tell you what it needs, so I didn't ignore it.
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Gained 50 lbs with my singleton and gained 62 lbs with the twins. I am 8 months PP and still have 10 lbs to lose.
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I gained about 40 lbs. I originally weighed about 135 and then lost 4 lbs, which I didn't regain until about 20 weeks. (I also didn't know I was having twins until 20 weeks!) Now I am about 125 lbs, so I actually lost weight after having them. I had a really hard time gaining weight and the midwife told me that I had to eat fast food and junk food every day so I was eating around 6000 calories a day because I just couldn't gain weight. I do breastfeed them and they eat about every hour to hour and a half, so I burn a ton of calories this way. I was back at my original weight within 4 weeks. Within 3 days, I had lost about 30 lbs.
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I gained 50 lbs with my dd. I am 33 weeks along with twins and have gained about 50 lbs so far.
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I gained 30 pounds with my son and 42 pounds with the twins -- but I threw up every day from week 6 to 26 with my twin pregnancy (and not at all with my son), so I think I would have gained more if I hadn't been so sick. Babes were born at 37 weeks. All but 5 pounds was gone by week four, and I am now about 5 pounds under prepreg weight. Try to not worry too much about what you gain -- esp. if you are eating lots of protein. it takes a lot of work to grow even one babe, and growing two needs all the help -- and food and water -- you can get.
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I gained 35 with my daughter and only 23 pounds with the twins.
I ate almost no junk with my twin pregnancy and lots of fruit, veggies and meat. The twins are 3 1/2 months and I have lost 52 pounds!
Every woman is different and is going to gain a different amount but if you eat healthy and take care of yourself I really wouldn't worry about your weight gain!
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I gained 60lbs with each of my singletons, eek! But only 40 with my twins
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I was about the same, the twins were my easiest pregnancy and birth, overall. I gained about 40 lbs and lost 30 with birth. And now, between bfing and chasing them, I'm skinnier than I've been since having my first kid.
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Thanks everybody, this is all very informative!
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i gained 44lbs : with first son and 31 with second son and then 53lbs with my girls.
i didnt exercise with first son, but ran until the day i had second son and the girls i exercised until 30 weeks when the dr said no more. now i am 15lbs under prepregnancy and was that way when the girls were 18 months. they are now three.
so dont worry about the weight, you will get big but that will be good for hte babies. Also, i was 45in around: wow was i big. just remember to drink alot alot of water and eat the right food and you'll be good to go.
take care of yourself.
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I gained about 35'ish with my first dd and around 60 with my twins. I too followed the guidelines in Dr. Lukes book. I delivered my girls at 38w3d and they weighed 6 lbs. 13 oz. and 7 lbs. 1 oz. I lost 48 of my 60 pounds within 2 weeks!
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I was 132 lbs and 5'10" when I got pregnant with my twins. I was 212 lbs the last time I stepped on a scale before having them.
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