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Car seat/stroller belt question

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I saw in the car seat thread that someone mentioned buying a different "clip" for their car seat to replace the paperclip style closure.

I bought a used double jogging stroller yesterday, and while laying in bed I realized that I never checked for 5-pt harness. Of course... it doesn't have it - and it's not returnable. The chest straps fit over the waist straps which clip through a crotch strap - so while it *does* hold baby in, I want to find something that will clip across the chest, too.

I'm wondering where the different clip-thing was purchased to see if I could look at it. I'm hoping it would be something that I could add to the chest straps - just to close up the big gap over the chest and make it a little more secure.

It's an InSTEP stroller, but I didn't see anything like it on their site (even though I know their newer strollers have the clip - so if nothing else, I may just contact their customer service to see if I can purchase 2 clips. But I'm open to other ideas!
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graco makes a clip that you can buy at Toys R Us.
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You could always make one for the stroller...while the baby is young, s/he won't be able to undo it...
Get a piece of ribbon...sew a piece of velcro on each end (boy end on one side, girl end on the other) and that should hold those top straps together on his/her chest...
Hey, I'm always looking for cheap easy ways!
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yep, I've seen the graco ones at BRU. I'd think though that there'd be no way to add it to a stroller strap, because you have to actually thread the strap through the two parts of the clip, and I've never seen stroller straps that aren't anchored to the stroller. Bobbi's velcro strap sounds like a good alternative, until the babes learn how to undo it anyway, LOL!
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That was me that talked about replacing the chest clip on the carseat, but I agree with the PP that you probably wouldn't be able to thread it onto the stroller straps.

That said... I have a stroller that doesn't even have chest straps, and it's never been a problem. I also have the Instep 5k, and while it does have shoulder straps, I don't think it has a chest clip either (I'd go look, but DH is napping down there and he's been awoken early from his Sunday afternoon naps the last 4-5 weeks, so I NEED to let him sleep ). I didn't get the Instep until DS was 1 year old (9 months adjusted), and I can't imagine putting a young baby in that stroller. But up until that age, DS was easily slingable anyway (unless you're actually wanting to jog... ).

I guess if you have a houdini type kid, then the chest clip might be necessary, but for my kid, the waist-only straps have always been plenty. He doesn't try to get out of the stroller (he actually tends to just nod off or zone out at least).
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The chest clip would probably work to be put on (the only part that is attached is the top of the strap to the seat - the bottom of the strap has loops that you pass the waist straps through - so it would slip on). Only problem is that we don't have a BRU in the state - only TRU. I'll still check there.

And, you're right, I don't really plan to put the nb in the stroller until at least spring (6 months at the earliest). Until then, I plan to wear him/her in the ring sling under my heavy winter coat like I did with Robert.

I was thinking of making something, too, Bobbi... I'm also "frugal" (friends yell at me when I say cheap). However, my son would have it undone for both him and the baby in 3.5 seconds flat! So I'm not sure how that would work out. I might try it anyway.

Thanks, ladies! I knew y'all would have a solution! I love this board!!!
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Originally Posted by boscopup
(unless you're actually wanting to jog... ).
laughup :
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Had to mention it... My own jogging stroller is NOT used for jogging. I needed one simply because I live on 10 acres in a rural area with no sidewalks, so taking a walk means walking my own pastures. I used a regular stroller for a while, but that was awfully bumpy for DS and not as easy to push for me. LOVE the jogging stroller. And the Instep 5K was CHEAP (~$100), and works great. I just had to have them replace the plastic foot thingy that goes over the front wheel because it was rubbing on the wheel, but they did send me a new one for free, after I e-mailed them about the old one. So if you have that jogging stroller and run into the rubbing wheel problem, it takes them like a week to respond to an e-mail, but they do send you out a replacement plastic foot thingy pretty easily.

But yeah, no jogging here. I'm doing good just to walk at all! I need to start walking now that the weather is getting bearable again...
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Any harness with chest straps IS a 5-point harness. The chest clip would not add "points," it is simply there to keep the chest straps in place. But I'm sure your stroller is perfectly safe without it. All of our strollers (double and single) have had 5-point harnesses, and none of them have chest clips. I usually end up taking OFF/not using the chest straps because I find that they're not necessary, are a pain, and my kids don't like them. But, especially if the chest straps on the stroller you bought can be tightened, I really wouldn't worry about adding a chest clip. The only situation I can think of in which a chest clip would be helpful would be if you had a very houdini-like toddler who didn't want to be in the stroller and was able to get him/herself out of the 5-point harness. The chest clip would probably help keep such a toddler in place, but I really don't believe in forcing kids to stay in a stroller when that's not where they want to be. A car seat is one thing, but IMO, it's a different story with a stroller. Even car seats in other countries don't come with chest clips (of any kind, paperclip style or buckle) because they really don't add to the safety of the seat, they're just there to make it easier to get the straps in the right place.


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