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Wow, the things I didn't know...

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My TCOYF book arrived over the weekend & I've been reading practically ever since. I'm *amazed* at what I didn't know about my body... and I've GOT to get two more copies, one for my sister in law & one for my aunt who are both undergoing painful fertility proceedures that they might not even need. Anyway, tons of work to do & I can't put this book down. I can't BELIEVE I didn't order it months and months ago. I'm thinking about getting the software, did anyone else get that? I know there are free charts but all I hear are complaints about them.
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I'm *amazed* at what I didn't know about my body...
Like what? Just curious...
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Isn't it increbible??? I that book and think all girls should be given a copy at puberty
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I was too, when I read it. I couldn't put it down. I didn't know a thing about CM, or temperatures, or position. I did know that it was possible to ovulate earlier or later than CD14, but didn't know that the Luteal Phase was a pretty static number.

I have felt so in control and aware of what my body has been doing the last few months. It really wasn't a surprise when I got my BFP! I knew from the implantation dip, and the triphasic pattern. I even knew that conception was more likely than the other months due to the increased EWCM!

I agree that it should be taught to girls (and boys) in school. I fully intend on teaching it to my dd when she is old enough.
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That book is absolutely fascinating. I reread it a lot now that I am ttc. It is so common sense too.
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I love this book too! I am TTC#2 and I picked up a copy because I had read that is like a bible for those TTC. So while it hasnt happened for me yet I recommended it to a good friend and last Thursday she called to tell me she was pregnant and that it had worked. It was her first cycle of charting. She had been trying for a few months. I think that every women should get a copy as well.
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Originally posted by UmmNuh
Like what? Just curious...
In nursing school we were taught that the due date calculator (pregnancy wheel) was the end all. I *have* one & we've been TTC based on that blasted 14th day. It worked like a charm for #1, but has been frustrating with #2. We'd BD from like day 11 to day 17, and now I think I'm ovulating around the 26th day! I kept thinking my "late periods were possible pregnancies, when really my cycles are around 36 days long rather than the 28-29 they used to be.

The whole book is like a big "DUH!" slap to the forehead.
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Me too

I loved TCOYF. I think it should be used for high school sex ed, i really do Very empowering to read. I just finished charting my first cycle, and I gotta say its really nourished my inner control freak - now I know i have a 13 day Luteal phase, which is perfectly normal, but I also knw that this time I O'd on day 24 instead of day 14 - also perfectly normal. My DH thinks i'm a little bit nutty to take my temperature every morning, but its so much easier that getting all worked up thinking i'm pregnant when we totally missed the timing, kwim?

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It's sooo cool! I totally agree... this should be a required course somewhere along the line. I was laughing my butt off over the memories of the 6th grade "maturation program" What the heck? We all though "maturation" was a bad word... maturing? Still a lame word. Nurse brown in her sensible shoes talking to us about tampons and *giggle* breasts. R-EEE-diculous.

Anyway, love, love, love the book!
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