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whole family is against cloth diapering.

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It's strange getting used to cloth. My family is interested although they still like the idea of sposies better.
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I've never rinsed a diaper in all of DS's life! I'm far too lazy for that For those squishy BF poops, just toss it straight into the pail. When you get ready to do your wash, run a cold soak first. That will dissolve any poops, and then the regular wash will wash it away. It won't clog your washing machine, and it won't leave it dirty either. Once she's eating solids and starts having more solid poops, you can just dump anything solid into the toilet and put the diaper into the pail. This is what we do with my 23-month-old.

I'm so sorry that so many people are giving you a hard time. As far as your mom, well, it's just not her business really since you're buying, changing, and washing the diapers! And as far as your DH, I hope he comes around soon. And hopefully he'll even try his hand at actually CHANGING a diaper.
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Another non-rinser here! I second the cold rinse cycle. I don't even try all that hard to dump as much in the toilet as I could ...just dump, pail, wash. It really stinks when you are trying to do something so good and everyone else is trying to poo on it...maybe we should stick them in the cold rinse...

I'm sorry, I have no idea whats wrong with me tonight..:
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Oh by dumping anything solid, I meant anything completely solid that just falls off. I don't get out a scraper or anything. Even now, DS still has poops that sometimes don't just roll off, and I don't worry about those. It all comes out in the wash -- literally.

Oh and vietsabien, I just thought of something else. On the side of a disposable diaper package, it actually says that you're supposed to dump the poop out of those before you put them in the trash. So if removing poop from the diapers is your DH's main concern, let him know that it's no different with sposies if you do it correctly.
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You got good advice about the dumping/washing, so I'll just tackle the family issue.

When I first decided to CD, no one was supportive. My DH agreed we could *try* it but he honestly didn't think it would last. I explained I could resell if it didn't work out. He thought the CD butt looked silly at first but he got over it. I also changed 100% of the dapers and did 100% of the laundry, so it's not like it was really his decision in the first place.

My mom tried to convince me they were leaky and it would cost too much to wash them...both completely false statements. When I showed her a fuzzi bunz, she shut up about the leaks (she saw how strong that elastic was!) and when I showed her my utility bill, she shut up about the cost (it had actually gone down, not up).

All of my sisters said "ewwww, gross!" Even when I showed them how cute the diapers were and how easy they were to use, they still thought it was nasty.

Ok, so fast-forward about a year and a half....my mom tells *everyone* how cool our diapers are, my DH buys fabric for me to make diapers and brags to the cashiers how cute our diapers are, I got one sister to try cloth and I'm fairly sure she's still using it part-time at home, another sister who hasn't had kids yet said she plans to CD, and my other sister doesn't CD (she's single and works full-time so I don't blame her) but she advocates cloth to lots of people and brags to people how I make (and use) wonderful diapers!

Just do your thing. Use the cloth, love the cloth, and just lead by example. Eventually everyone else will see that it's not only not as bad as they thought it was initially, but they just may fall in love with the cute diapers too!
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Until baby starts eating solids, do not bother rinsing anything! Just do a cold rinse before your wash cycle. Nothing will ge clogged

Stick with cloth diapers and your dh and mil will stop talking about it. Most of the things people say against cloth diapers are just silly and wrong. I cloth diaper because its easier for me Oh, and don't worry...dh will get used to seeing your baby's big cloth bum. I think its cute
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Yes, If you are exclusively breastfeeding then throw those diapers in the pail without rinsing. I bet you have been spending all day rinsing diapers because they poop a lot before solids. I do dunk and swish my diapers and have ever since solids were started because I personally have a hard time putting that much waste in my washing machine. Once they start solids the poop slows down to once or twice daily so there is not much dunking and swishing.

As far as family is concerned, my family still thinks I'm crazy, except my Mom, she actually prefers cloth. Just explain why you do it and how stongly you feel about it and go on. They'll get use to the cloth diaper bottom and it gets better the older they get because they seem to grow into those diapers and they seem almost as trim as disposables.
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My daughter is 2 and I still don't scrape or use a sprayer. I'm a lazy diaperer! Seriously though, if it isn't solid enough to come off into the toilet with a couple shakes, it goes right into the pail and comes out in the wash. I never have problems with clogging my washer, we have few stains (most will sun out) and my pail doesn't stink. I wash every other day or so.

My husband was hesitent too, but I didn't give him much of a choice. Now, he loves cloth and despises sposies. We took sposies on a trip and I think he was more excited about coming home and using cloth than I was!
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Wasn't it in Mothering Magazine this month that said laundering your diapers is the same as flushing the toilet 5x a day, which is what your daughter would be doing eventually when out of diapers? Maybe a little piece of trivia/ammunition for the nay-sayers.
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Ive been cloth diapering 4 years now & the thought of rinsing a poopy diaper in my bath tub turns my stomach also!

I have a mini sprayer i use.. but i dont know if that would work with a water conserve toilet (?)
I dont stick my diaper down in the toilet & rinse
the only time i really spray a diaper off is if there is pieces of corn or beans in the poop.. cause those dont disolve in the wash ..
with a baby just eatting BM.. you dont have to do anything.. just rinse before washing

I think the more bulky butts are cuter then little disposible butts

most my family could care less what type diaper we use.. its a non issue..

my husband dosent really love them.. but he's gotten used to it over the years . besides my baby wont wear a disposable diaper now.. last time he put one on her she cried & pulled at it till he took it off..
i gave the diapers to our neighbor's after that

my grandma loves them.. she dosent change diapers (shes too weak) , but thinks they are so cute & always wants to see what kind shes wearing

& my SIL & 11 year old niece think they are so cute also.. 11 year old always notices if we have a new diaper

my 22 year old SIL is TTC now & shes been asking me about cloth .. looking at websites with them
she stayed with us for a month & half earlier this year when my husband was in a motorcylcle wreck.. he was in the hospital 3 weeks & not right in the head for a few weeks after that.. her hubby was in iraq then.. so she came to help me with the kids
so she changed plenty cloth diapers for me (i use fuzzibunz & shell diapers that snap on only) ..

my mom & stepdad have changed cloth also & neither could care less.. my stepdad even takes them outside & rinses them with the hose if they are poopy.. even though ive told them they will be fine if they just stick them in the dirty bag! he says he dosent want them to stain

none of my family was really thrilled when i switched to cloth .. i dont remember any really bad comments..but they werent all that interested.. i think they thought it wouldnt last long
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So, I met a bit of resistance when I started CDing DD at about age 6-8mos(she is now 16mos). Everyone probably thought "here's another fase that Trina is going through, she will outgrow it and move on"... WELL... We only buy 1 pack of sposies every month, and they are only used when we are stuck and all the cloth are in the wash (could only afford a small rotation, so I have to wash every day or so) or someone new is watching DD and totally uncomfortable with cloth... Once I showed people how cute and easy the dipes were, they were at least willing to try them. (even our DCP)
DH only has a problem stuffing the FB's, as he has big hands ... So I get them set up when they come out of the wash, and he uses them w/o a problem!

Now, as far as the poopies, TRY A FLUSHABLE LINER!!! They have been lifesavers for me!! Cost about $8 for 100, and they just lay inside the dipe... If they are only peed on, you can wash them with the dipes... They are so easy to use and still less wasteful than sposies!! I can't stomach the idea of scraping poop into the toilet, and they really catch most of it! If anything should happen to hit outside of the liner, I do the soak cycle with cold water and vinegar (vin. is helpful for the ammonia pee smell). The wash hot water with an extra cold rinse and TA-DA! All set!!

I hope you enjoy CD'ing, I know I have... It is not easy if everyone around you is questioning your decision, but it certainly will not be the only time you have to explain your parenting decisions!!! Get used to it honey, and be a STRONG MAMA!!!:
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I met a lot of resistance with the CD thing--there was a lot of "let's see how long THIS lasts before she's at the grocery store buying sposies"--and my Father-in-law asked how the diapering was going with a smirk for four months...but we're at 7 months now and nobody really cares anymore...I don't rinse the diapers, we use a dry pail, but to be honest, I try to catch most of his BMs in the potty--we EC with poop only--and that's dealt with the grossness factor...
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My husband still argues, and really I'm not sure why. Just because he likes to argue. I have a 28mo and a 2mo and everytime I spend money on dipes, he compains. When I tell him I'm saving money and how, he tells me I'm not taking into account the electricity to do the wash, the water, the cost of detergent, and on and on and on. He won't use cloth to change dipes and I used to be the only one that changed DS#1 until he was in cloth, then my DH demanded to keep some sposies around to make sure he had something to change him with (even though he didn't change him). Now he changes him to "spite"me. Spite away my lovely dh. spite away! He still argues, but oh well. he still uses sposies, but oh well. It's better that full time sposies and really the only reason he complaining, is because he like to, and he's really good at it. : I love him for it. Well, not for that, but I do love him.

As far as the info on the side of the box, my Huggies box from Costco doesn't say anything about flushing solids down the toilet. I tried to tell my husband that, and of course he argued and proved me wrong! What sposie boxes say that?

As far as poop plopping in the toilet, I do plop the poop, but thats it and you don't even have to. If your washer is efficient it will get the dipes clean and the water goes to the suage line. I have found un-chewed nuts in my washer catcher though, and corn. TMI I know, but we are all mommies.
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My mom kept asking me why I was using cloth and "why dont you like disposables?" a MILLION times. I finally got angry enough that I snapped at her and said "THIS IS HOW WE DO THINGS. STOP TALKING TO ME ABOUT IT!" A few days after I bit her head off she bought me a hanging diaper pail and six small FuzziBunz for Henri. Now she is supportive :
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I'm right there with you. Dh hates cloth, yet he does not do laundry and rarely changes a diaper. He says it is a million extra steps, because I do rinse (with at toilet diaper sprayer) and then of course do laundry and stuff the pockets.

If you don't mind my hijacking your thread a little, I have a question for non-sprayers: Where does the poop go if you just put it in the washing machine??? Is there a big hole somewhere? Doesn't the water just get sucked out all those little holes? If so, how would pieces of poop get out??? I know nothing about how washing machines work, I just dump the clothes and detergent in there and never think about it. Dd's poop is usually solid so I dump it but sometimes it is less solid and won't peel off the fleece. Sometimes there is a LOT. I would love to stop spraying though! Dh might stop giving me a hard time.

vietsabien--If you don't want to buy a toilet sprayer, does your showerhead reach the toilet? Mine does but there's a leak in the hose so that doesn't work for me.
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thanks everyone for your informative replies.

Things are looking good. I'm getting the hang of it.
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My dh's entire family was SO against cloth in the beginning. But 20 months later, we are still at it and I hear no complaints. My mil even changes diapers when we leave the baby with her. They do giggle at her ghetto booty at nighttime a little but that's the extent of it and I HAVE heard a few comments on how cute her hot pink fuzzi bunz is or how she seems to have no rashes ever. It gets easier with time. Just smile and keep at what you are doing. I come here for support because I certainly don't have it in real life. Even my dh was/is against cloth. It has slowly grown on him but I know that he does prefer sposies. He just doesn't prefer the cost!

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if you are the one buying,changing and washing then your family and even dh doesn't have to be supportive. i know it sucks when you get all the disparging remarks though, but after a while, they'll get over it.

i don't know where the poop goes! i just figured it goes whereever the water goes. i think i read somewhere that all 'waste'water goes to the same place.

cd doesn't have to be all or nothing either. if your dh wants to buy a pack of sposies, let him.
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DQ I have not yet done this, but I am getting the impression that the poop dissolves and is rinsed away along with all other dirty water in the wash... makes sense to me. Hence the talk of finding corn/nuts in the bottom of the washer... those don't dissolve!!!! (Am I right??? I am just basing this on what I've read so far... I'm learning myself!)
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Originally Posted by DQMama
If you don't mind my hijacking your thread a little, I have a question for non-sprayers: Where does the poop go if you just put it in the washing machine??? Is there a big hole somewhere? Doesn't the water just get sucked out all those little holes? If so, how would pieces of poop get out??? I know nothing about how washing machines work, I just dump the clothes and detergent in there and never think about it. Dd's poop is usually solid so I dump it but sometimes it is less solid and won't peel off the fleece. Sometimes there is a LOT. I would love to stop spraying though! Dh might stop giving me a hard time.
I have yet to have a poopy diaper (in 3 years!) that didn't at least partielly fall off into the toilet. I have used a wad of toilet paper to help the process along. The only thing left on the diapers is a smear o' poo. So, nothing that wouldn't rinse out easily with a cold rinse in the washing machine. The only time I've ever even known there used to be poo in my washer was when dd had eaten corn, or raisins. Those moments are not for the easily grossed out. LMAO.
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