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So, who makes their bed everyday??? - Page 3

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Gooey, thank the Lord, I was beginning to think I'm the the only one who usually doesn't make the beds.
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Originally Posted by emilys_mom1
I find that if I make the beds in the house every day, I feel things are more organized and look nicer.
I totally agree with this but alas it does not stop me from skipping actually doing it most mornngs.

I do love when it is done, though. At this point I find I am much more likely to make the beds just before bedtime since I can't stand getting into an untidy, untucked bed to sleep in and I seem to have passed that weird trait onto my children.
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I like to make the bed before getting in it each night. If I don't then I don't get any covers or the sheet is all bunched up and I can't stand that! DH doesn't like the top sheet and so he either pushes it over to my side or sleeps right on top of it, under the blanket. It drives me nuts. He also wears socks to bed but first he wears them outside for the last-before-bed cigarette and so we get pine needles, dirt, leaves etc. in bed too.

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i make the bed every day because it motivates me to clean the house.
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Never ever.

Well, I do when I change the sheets on the bed or have people coming over (not so large apartment, the door stays open to the bedroom). And while I agree that it makes the bedroom look so much nicer... I'm just too lazy
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Ahhhh, the days of a made bed. My kids are lucky if they've got sheets on the bed!

We actually have three beds pushed together.....might be kind of fun to see how we could "make" those! I'll have to try it!
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I do, mostly because my computer is in the bedroom and I can't stand the look of a messy bed, not to mention I can't sleep in an unmade bed LOL so I would end up having to make it before I went to bed at night anyway
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Rarely. We are very rarely in my room during the day, except for DD's naps. I don't even sleep in there now anyway due to nightweaning. She naps on my bed and I want it unmade for her. I straighten up older DD's bed, but she usually ends up playing in it so I don't bother making it.
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I do. We only have the one bed for the three of us. Not only do I like the way it looks better, it feels better to climb into a made bed at the end of the day and it's much easier to place a sleeping babe onto a flat surface like a made bed, rather than lumpy pile of blankets.
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Yeah, right.

I make my bed when my MIL comes over, and when DD's speech therapist comes, and that's pretty much it. Maybe when a guest I don't know too well comes. I just can't be bothered; we use the bed too much during the day for naps and lounging and tickle-fights and stuff like that.
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I make the bed every day! For some reason I feel really lazy if I don't make the bed!!
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Maybe once every week or two
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Originally Posted by Kidzaplenty
What, beds can be made?

The only time that our bed are "made" is when my daughter cleans up the room and wants to make it look really special.

The only thing we have on our beds is a sheet on the mattress and a blanket and a pillow for each person. I never could understand the need to make it just so that it could be unmade in a few hours.

But I am funny that way.
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I have never really made my bed unless someone was going to be coming over that would see the bedroom. DH and I use separate sheets and neither of us like having the sheets tucked into the mattress.
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I haven't made the bed in years and years. I think I'll go make it right now, it certainly makes me feel better when it's done.
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I generally do.

I've read someplace online that it's good NOT to make the bed in order to "air it out." <shrug>
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I make my bed every day. THe kids' beds are another story.
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We make the bed! Whoever gets up last makes the bed. DC all make their beds.

That way, even if the rest of the day jumps in the handbasket, at least something got done! :LOL
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Definitely not me. I think I'll give it a try though. You all have inspired me!
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I make all the beds in my house.

There's just something about a made bed that feels so much better getting into at night, than one that feels like I just woke up from.
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