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How much do you pay for childcare?

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I just curious how much other working mamas make and how much of that goes to childcare. I love my job and I don't know how we will afford for me not to work, but on the other hand childcare is soooo expensive. I prefer a home based setting so I posted on craigslist and my first response, though she sounded great wants $250 a week. I only make $350 a week and money is tight as it is. I just don't know what to do.
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When the price of care went up around here was when I decided to stay at home with the kids. I was making approximately $800 a month working 15 hours a week. That was great in supplementing DH income, but when we had DD, we realized we'd be paying for two kids to be in daycare. That would have cost us about $450 a month, then add gas and food on top of that : . It wasn't worth it.

I have never paid weekly or monthly, always at an hourly rate. For our provider, it was $3.50/hr. and, then with two kids, $6/hr. HTH
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I live outside of DC (far reaching Virginia suburb) and use home based care. I pay $375/week for my 2 kids ($175 for my toddler and $200 for my infant). I know that is a GREAT rate. The center I have them wait listed on wants $275/week for my infant and $200 for my toddler.
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$90e per week for the 2 and 4 yo (When he goes) $75 per week for the 6 yo (when he goes) at the home provider during the summer

otherwise, $380+$460+$120 a month= a whole heck of a lot during the school year.
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$185/wk for infant care- and that's damn good! ($35/day vs the $50/day norm). That's in a daycare centre.
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$135/week and that covers breakfast lunch & snacks at an in-home DCP.
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I pay $585 per month for my 2 year old for full time care. I am on the central coast of California.
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$135/wk for dd at a center
for ds before/after school care: $4.00/$4.50 per day (he can be there an hour before school starts and from when school lets out (2:20 4 days/wk, 1:20 on Weds) until 5:30. We get a discount for low income.
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About $160/week for fulltime at an awesome Montessori preschool. I know that sounds low compared to what a lot of people pay but it is actually very expensive for where we live. We think it's worth it tho.

When we were paying for home-based care to a mom who only had our son and her own, we paid her $250/week. I actually felt guilty it wasn't more. We couldn't really afford more but I felt bad that it was basically minimum wage.

The thing about a lot of moms who take in a baby/child to care for, for a low amount of money, is often they don't really want to be doing it, but they're in a situation where they need the money. At least in my experience, it isn't necessarily the best situation to be putting your child into.
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I pay $1100 per month to my sister who watches my son in my home. It's all I can afford but I also feel guilty about the minimum wage issue. She is OK with it though, so I should really stop beating myself up.
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I pay $200 a week for 7:30-5:30 5 days a week. That's pretty average around here for a Montessori-type preschool with a great facility.
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When we used daycare in the past, it was an in home and we paid almost $400 a month for 4 days. Included in that was an extra 2 just in case i wanted to work an extra shift.

After school at the karate camp where my son went for 2 years, cost me $15 an afternoon, of which i used 2 afternoons a week.

The drop in daycare center (A Tutortime/Kindercare type place) quoted me 30 a day for a toddler.

When i called the Montessori school up the street they wanted $600 a month, not including the "afterschool" portion.
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We pay $232 a week for one toddler. This is not the highest in our area.
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I pay 255 a week for my dd (she is 4) that is average around here - some places are a little higher- lunch is include and 2 snacks a day - that is fulltime - 5 days a week.
When she was younger it was more expensive.
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I pay $300/month to my mother. She didn't ask for any money so I offered what I thought was fair. We do a lot for her too so even though it sounds like I'm taking advantage of her good nature I'm not.
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mine is kinda hard to follow. I am a part of a state program that helps me pay for childcare based on my income. So I pay 70 a week for Isaiah. Caden's after school care comes out of my pocket and that is 4 an hour (about 3 hours a day so that is 60 a week for him) if I didnt get the help with izzy it would be 2790 for the montessori toddler program he is in an then an additional 4 an hour after 11:30... I make about, after taxes, 1100 a month
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We were paying $200/week ($800/mo) for our 2 year old at an awesome daycare. That's the discounted rate because the center was affiliated with my employer. I think the regular rate for a toddler was $975 or something like that...
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I pay $140 a week, for as long as DD is on the apnea monitor. Once she is off it, I pay $125, which is the going rate for inhome infant care. She includes diapers and wipes, which is not usually included. She would also provide the formula, but we don't need that. Pump.
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I pay $550/mo for FT preschool at a small center (< 10 kids) in small town Western Washington.
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I live in northern central NJ and pay 276 a week for FT care for a 2 yr. old. and they provide Break/Lunch and 2 snacks as well as milk and water... we were in home care for the 1st 2 yrs. and paid 40 a day..
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