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Pay $100 / week for 1 yr old dd to a great woman in-home care. Kind of standard here. Suppose it's cheeper around here than other places.
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I live in a small town just south of KCMO and after reading what everyone else pays for daycare, oh my goodness!! I'm glad I live in the sticks! I have a wonderful in home dcp that charges $20 a day and that provides breakfast, lunch and snacks. For after school kids she charges $8 a day. I really couldn't afford to pay all that much more and it be worth it.
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I pay $500 per month so $125 per week for a 3 yo. She is in there FT.
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My son will be Nursery 5 afternoons per week (part-time), which comes to £95 per week and a total of £380.00 per month. Not sure what this is in U.S dollars. Probably around $500-520.00?
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We pay $5/hour per child, so for us, it is $10/hour. They are there for 21 hours/week, so it's $210 each week, most weeks (if I work more, we pay her more, if I work less, we pay her less) - our sitter is a SAHM. We also will be paying her paid time off beginning the first of the year, in addition to paid holidays. This includes all meals/snacks etc.

As to how much of my income it is - it's significant. My gross weekly income is approx $360 - right around 58% of my income. We hover right around the line of is it really worth it for me to work....if DH made a little more, I could stay home.
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Very interesting thread -- child care costs vary so greatly!

I'm in Canada, in a relatively small city. We pay $26.50 per day for my daughter's Montessori daycare programme. I'm on mat leave right now, and when I go back, I'm working only 70%, so she'll just be going three days a week. My baby boy will be with my MIL for the first 6 months I'm back at work (no cost), but when he goes to the daycare in June 2007, he'll get a reduced rate since my DD is already enrolled.

If we factor in the $200 we get from the government as sort of a "baby bonus" (I'm not a fan of this policy for many reasons, but I'll take the money), it does pretty much pay for DD's fees. Our present child care costs work out to about 3% of our combined gross pay.
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We live in Ohio and pay for our 3 youngest. DD 4yo =145wk, DS 2.5yo=160wk and DD 2mths=190week....monthly total....(drum roll) 1762 per month...urg. It does include breakfast/lunch/two snacks and all the milk and water they would like. Their teachings are wonderful, they basically prep them for school. Also, I get to see them 3x a day, because I nurse my infant, I am 3 minutes down the road.

I still wonder what a Nanny would cost...
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WOW! I guess I better not move. Ds will start daycare this week....$75/week for infant ($70/wk once he goes to toddler room)- avg in this town is about $80/week- with meals provided
The home day cares I checked were $60-85/week- some provided dipes/food etc and some didn't.....I was not comfortable with the home daycares I interviewed
Oh and dd's afterschool care is $5 day
I think it will be $ 130/week for dd 4 and ds infant this summer- meals provided
This is a well established licensed facility, that provides meals snacks etc, has cameras in all rooms- I just hope it works b/c I've never used daycare before.
Oh I figure I'll make $800-$1000 /month after childcare expenses
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I pay $30/wk for after school care for dd. When she is there full days during school vacations, I pay $100/wk. This includes snacks and meals. We love dd's sitter. I will be sad when she doesn't need to go any longer.
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We pay $16 a day. That includes 2 meals and a snack plus his care.
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I pay $254 for 2 kids for 3.5 days per week.
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We will be paying $600/month once DD starts daycare in January. That's 10% of my salary.
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I used to pay $45 a day for three days a week, so that came to $540 a month. That is a pretty good rate for around here, for good care. The place she was in before that was $30 a day but it was crappy. Some places we looked at were $75 a day! Now that dh is in school and not working, we have dd in a state run preschool and we pay $1 a day. Her preschool is on the campus where dh goes to school! We could not be happier with out childcare situation. Healthy food, developmentally appropriate curriculum, positive discipline, diverse staff and kids, lots of space, and loving attentive teachers. We live in San Francisco.
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