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Avent Isis--when do you use disposable nurser?

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Our baby is due next month, and I just had a qu about using the avent isis pump. We received some reusable bottles as a gift and were wondering when mom's use the disposable bottles. Is this for when you are nursing outside of home? Do you think it's necessary to have both reusable and disposable supplies on hand?

Btw, we won't be introducing bottles for at least a month after birth, but I'm putting in a mail order from kidsurplus and was hoping to save on shipping charges if I need to get bfing supplies in advance. Thanks!
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Some people just don't like to wash thier bottles or they think it ismore sanitary top use disposables or they store thier milk in the diaposable bags and then just drop them in the bottle.

I think all three are pointless. For one washing bottles(especially Avent) is pretty easy. Secondly I don't think it is any more sanitary. thirdly when storing BM in polastic liners they often leak and you have to trasfer it to another bag or iot spills etc. . . it is a mess to use those for storage.

I say just go with the hard bottles. Better for the invironment and safer for your milk.
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I love the isis pump and bottles, but I don't like the avent storage bags at all - the clips don't seem at all secure to me. I use the bottles when I'm refrigerating, and I've been using the Gerber bags instead to freeze milk - they fit into the disposable nurser the same as the other bags would, and have a ziploc-top instead of messing with the clips.

Best of luck with your delivery!

Mama to Aaron, 1/26/03
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I use both the Avent and Gerber bags to freeze milk. I got Avent first because I got an Isis pump and then bought Gerber bags when I needed to build up a big stash so we could go on a long weekend w/o ds. I like the Gerber bags better because you can write on them (date, amount, etc). My main complaint about the Avent bags is not being able to order lables separately from the clips. If you don't plan on keeping a large freezer stash of EBM then I would just go with the regular bottles (they go through the dishwasher just fine ).
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I store my EBM in bags in the freezer and then, after defrosting the bag in the fridge, put it in the disposable bag holder (ie. bottle) so that I can pour it more easily into another container (e.g. sippy cup).

I agree that bottles work better for storage but if you're pumping a lot like I do you'd just need so many bottles! Bags are more economical. I use some generic brand of bag but do use the Avent clips. Once in a while the bag leaks but if I fold over the top a couple times before clipping it then it works OK.
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I agree with what the other moms said.. I never had a leakage problem (you can avoid it by putting no more than 4 oz in a bag) but I like the gerber or lansinoh bags better because you can zip lock them shut and then freeze them flat. They take up *much* less space this way, and you can defrost them *much* more quickly; just a little warm water and they melt right away . The only thing to remember is to lay the bag on top of something so that it freezes flat instead of in the shape of the ridges on the bottom of the freezer .
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How do you store EBM when you pump away from home?

This is great advice, mamas! Thanks for sharing the wisdom of experience.

A follow-up question--this may be another thread, but when you express milk outside of home, what do you do with the EBM? Do you store it in bottles in a fridge at yr office, and/or do you need to keep a cooler (also to transport the milk back home). Still a while away for me, but just wondering about logistics...

I just realized I've got to pack our hospital suitcase around now (1 month prior to due date). Wow, the reality is sinking in!
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I use the avent isis pump and then store my milk in the avent bottle at room temp OR in my lunch bag (with an ice pack). I work half time so I only pump once and this works for me. Supposedly EBM is okay for 8 hours at room temp.
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What ever you do don't freeze it. oine of m,y daycare moms (when she could sqeeze pumping in: ) would put her milk in the frerezer. It would be half frozen when she took it out and then drive all the way to miy house with it just sitting in the front seat where it would melt techenically ruining the milk. But I fed it to the baby anyway because she wouldn't give me anything else. that whole arrangement didn't last long. Anywya, my point is wait to freeze it until you get it where you are going. If you don't pump more than you are going to use Iwuldn't even mess with freezing it. It is good in the fridge for 9 days.
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How many bottles?

I forgot that EBM has such a long shelf life--that makes life much simpler!

Ooo, forgot one more set of related questions. Some of the mama's above said that they need a bunch of the reusable bottles on hand--how many do you have? Do you use just Avent bottles or other brands? What bottle size(s) do you recommend? Many thanks again for the advice!
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I bought the Avent On-the-Go kit, and that came with four reusable bottles. I thought I would need it for going back to school. I decided to stay home, but it was worth the money anyway; my son spent his first week in NICU. At any rate, I've never needed more than that. I also have two disposable bottles, to make the bags of milk easier for his grandparents to use. The thing about the Avent (reusable) bottles is that you need at least two of them; one to wash and one to use with the pump. What's more important is the nipples. I have a very overactive let down, and my son wouldn't take the slow nipples as a result -- they just weren't as fast as mommy .
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