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Anyone have morning sickness yet?

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I don't yet...just wondering when it is going to hit. I think with my first pg it was around 6 weeks and with my 2nd it was around 8 weeks. When do you expect it?
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None here yet and hoping that I am one of the lucky women that all other women hate who doesn't get morning sickness.... but we'll see! :
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I do! :

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I never had it with my daughter. However, this time around I have felt a little queasy off and on since yesterday. Blech.
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My ms always fits at 8 weeks. I am 5 right now.

in 2 weeks we will know if we are moving so that means I will be moving with all day sickness :Puke
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I sort of feel queazy. Not sure if it is real or in my head, yk? But either way it's all good, I am makin a baby!! Woo Hoo!
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I have been feeling a little bit of heartburn, which I NEVER get except when I was pregnant with my daughter. But it was way later, like 8-9 months. I had all-day nausea with her so I'm expecting that.
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No, I haven't had much m/s but yest I got HORRIBLE heartburn and I was so naseous!!!
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Not yet, and I'm hoping it stays this way!
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I'd love to skip it this time. lol Started 5/6 weeks with my daughter, I'm only 4 weeks now.
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not yet...but i will i am sure! :
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I am just barely 6 weeks (tomorrow) and it has already started. It just started out of the blue three days ago. No puking yet, but food aversions and lots of queasiness. The only thing that helps is eating non stop and home-made ginger ale. I am geared up for about 8 more weeks of this. Yuk!!
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I am feeling it just now. I woke up at 5am and was queezy and now I have a headache and gas...and am a bit iffy.
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Yep! It has struck! I am 5 1/2 weeks. I've been queasy for a couple days and had my first barf-fest this morning. Yuck! What I am willing to go through for this baby!
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NOW I'm starting to feel queasy.... whoever said "Eat up!" when we were complaining about being SO hungry all the time... well, you were right. Ugh, I have NO interest in food now. I ate lunch because I thought it would make me feel better! No barfing yet, just drooling on myself and feeling like I'm going to puke.
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So far, so good, no sickness yet - but I'm only 5 wks along
I had it with my son, but can't remember when it kicked in? I'm hoping I'm one of the lucky ones this time. Tee hee.
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Just mild nausea and food aversions so far. my first pg I had horrible all day sickness in the early weeks, and in my 2nd pg nothing. hopefully Ill avoid it this time.. we'll see... {crossing fingers!!}
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So wierd, today where I work the MW asked if I felt queasy. Could she tell? Anyway, she gave me a b6 & b12 shot, it made me feel better. Wierd.
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Not yet, but mine has never kicked in before 8ish weeks. I hope that God is smiling on me this time around and I don't spend 3 solid months with the toilet being my best friend. :Puke
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I had like one day of queasiness.
I just haven't really been hungry lately. I'll eat once a day, and be done with it. I try and eat cheese sticks or an apple at another time of day, but really, not hungry.
Until tonight's dinner...But thats another thread
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