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Originally Posted by aran View Post
I have been queasy since before I got my bfp. Now it is really starting to kick up to a level that's interfering with the rest of my life. Yesterday, I had a business trip (hopefully, and likely the last one for a long time) with a co-worker to give a presentation to a bunch of corporate-types. It was soooooo hard!!! For much of the time, I had to just concentrate on not vomiting. When we got to the meeting room, I scoped out all the trash barrels first thing, just in case. The bathroom was like, a city block away so running there was out of the question. Luckily the room was very cold, which helped. Lunch was brought in and all I could eat was watermelon cubes and potato chips. I got some weird looks! I am so happy I got through it without tossing. Dealing with m/s from home today is so much easier after what I went through yesterday! Every time I feel sorry for myself, I will just remember how awful it was to focus all my energy on not vomiting in the airplane, the cab, the woman who I just met's car, the meeting room...
OMG I can't imagine having to do something OFFICIAL right now. I brought my son to the library for storytime today and all I could do was sit there and try not to turn green.

I got some Prince of Peace Ginger Honey crystals yesterday. You mix them with water, hot or cold, and it makes a sweet and spicy tummy-soothing drink. It's workin' for that nausea!
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the last 2 days have been pretty rough. Yesterday I was out shopping and I couldn't take it anymore. I bought an ice cold can of regular Coke. I love that stuff on a queasy stomach. It was instant relief.
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Mine finally hit just before six weeks (like a week ago) and I just feel mildly ill all the time and can't each much of anything. I just discovered that orange juice is really great for raising my blood sugar levels so I feel better at least for a bit. Hats off to those of you who are really sick and yet still managing to stay on top of your lives! I don't know how you do it!

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I, too, have found that orange juice tastes really great these days. Last night I had to have some ginger ale before bed. That helped. Seltzer is good, too. Whoooo I've had some strong nausea the past couple of days. It seems to be worse at night. I try to get stuff done in the a.m. before it sets in...
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I am right there with all of you! Have been feeling quite sick and have been living on ginger ale! Hope it's a good sign!
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Hi! Well I have not missed out on morning sickness...hit me last week at 6 weeks. I've not actually thrown up but I'm nauseous 24/7...and it's so much worse at night I can hardly sleep! YUCKY!

Good Luck!
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