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Sick of boring birth stories.

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I've been looking for some decent birth stories. No offense at all to the moms whose labours went like this, but I keep reading the same story with fill in the blanks!

I got to the hospital at __ cm and made it to __ cm before I asked for the epi. They made me ______ and let me ________. I had one nurse who kept _______ but overall it was ______. My whole labour was about __ hours and my baby was __ pounds __ oz.


So.... does anyone know of any websites with some more personal birth stories?
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I'm confused? Where are you reading these stories? I feel like the birth in the Birth Stories forums on this site are often about UCs, home water births, etc - not always, but regularly. Do you mean on other sites?
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Try this site.. it is based in the UK but it is what inspired me to even want a home/waterbirth to begin with.


Lots of amazing stories!
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There are tons of awesome birth stories here! See if you can find flyingspagettimama's, I think her's was super.
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Mine's pretty boring for an NCB..(the one with DD)

Started contracting/barfing 11pm

Took gravol

Water broke, woke up 10am
paged midwife
midwife arrived
DD arived at 12:12pm


You dont want me to get into the emotional aspects because I'm still quite bitter.
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My birth story was nothing like what you described but I'm having hypersensitive hormonal hurt feelings on behalf of mamas who might feel exposed and sad after having shared such an intimate event in public...only to hear it pshawed as "boring."
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mine is in my siggy!
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You've reminded me of yet another project I need to get working on -- a page of links to my favorite stories for my blog.

I know what you mean about those kind of stories -- they start to feel so generic. I myself tend to fell compelled to include those kind of details while even knowing that nobody cares and that it doesn't make for good storytelling.

Anyway, I've found many inspiring stories here at MDC. Try empoweredbirth.com (one of mine is up there somewhere,) and ucbirth.com. There are some good ones at birthlove.com too (it's a subscription site.)

I love Sarah Buckley's account of her daughter's unassisted breech birth:

ETA: I love your story hawkfeather!
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I read hawkfeather's every time UI see her post

Go check out the Birth Stories forum here! It won't let you down!

Namaste, Tara
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and I didn't mean to offend anybody, I said that in my original post. But yes, I was reading stories on another site, and they sounded more like a step by step guide than the birth of a child. I'm just looking to read some stories that will get me looking forward to my baby being born!
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Originally Posted by fek&fuzz
There are tons of awesome birth stories here! See if you can find flyingspagettimama's, I think her's was super.
: And she's one of the funniest people here! I heart FSM.
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I understand what you mean. My own birth stories are basic and boring. The only thing that makes mine stand out is that I have SO many and they are all at home.

Individually, I think my own stories are boring. But I do love reading others stories, no matter how basic they are. I just tend to get very "verbally opinionated" when I read the hospital ones. That is why I don't usually coment on them.
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not to brag or toot my own horn, but...my birth stories R O C K!~ they're in my siggy
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It's not even a matter of whether it's a hospital or homebirth I'm reading (although I prefer homebirth stories, since I'm planning one) it's birth stories that consist mainly of numbers and proceedures. I want to know what a mom is feeling, physically and emotionally. I know what happens during labour, dilation, effacement and all that-- that's not the story though.
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I like reading other people's birth stories. I think I, an online stranger to them, am lucky to be allowed to share in such a personal family moment. I don't find any of the birth stories I've read so far, here and on other sites, to be boring. Each birth is different. Each mama tells her story differently.
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[730am- God said, “Quit yer bitchin, here’s your baby.”]

: Amyjeans, that's the GREATEST!!!
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Well, the birth story of my second isn't boring. But it is filled with interventions and in a hospital setting. I wish I had read some stories about emergencies or premature birth. I was so unprepared and so devastated. I wish I had a boring birth story instead of the one I ended up writing. Sorry, I know that isn't very inspirational.
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Lousli, I think birth stories where things go in a way that is unexpected are important too... you never know when it might be YOUR birth going unexpectedly and knowing another mama went through it might help, I imagine!

I don't think OP was referring to birth stories on THIS SITE for the record. She's referring to stories that sound like an episode of the Discovery "Birth Day" shows, where moms are both uninformed and unempowered. Since those are the NORM, sadly, I can see how they could get repetetive. (I had to stop watching/reading them! They break my heart and make me soooo mad!) And I know there are a ton of amazing birth stories here... I have LOOOOOVED reading them. (Thank you! To all the mamas who have written them! Thank you thank you!!!!) I only suggested the site I did because I found that... *somehow*... before I ever found MDC. It was what first made me start exploring homebirth, because I used to think the whole idea was crazy! yanno, back in the day! I also like how well organized it is in terms of descriptions of each one, etc... nice to be able to browse that way, and always nice to have another option and another resource!
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mine is in the form of a poem. you can do a search for it in the birth stories forum if you'd like to read it.
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I hope that while it may not be written in a way that is capturing, that the fact that a new life came into the world and began their life as their own person keeps being facinating for you. I am sad about interventions when I read some stories, but I am always heartened by the birth of a baby.

I just wrote a UC story in the birth stories area.
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