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TTC newbies-1+ months - September

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New month, new thread for the newbies. Let's see lots of this month!

to all
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lolalola - congratulations!!! :

welcome to the newbies - I hope your stay here is a short one

I'm happy to report my DH will be home for the next week or so... just in time for ovulation. Now I just need my body to cooperate and let go of that egg!
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A big Congratulations : again to lolalola.

Lots of . Hopefully we'll all be able to full advantage of the cooler fall evenings and get pregnant with lots of June babes.

Love you women, but boy I am soooo hoping that I won't be making it to the TTC newbies October thread.
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Thanks for starting the new thread, mamamerle! I'm glad I checked. We almost had a duplicate.

Good luck! Glad to hear DH will be in town for O! Whoohoo! That certainly helps a bit...

Update for me: Still no AF - CD 36 (I usually have 29 day cycles). Still no + tests either though. Tender breasts, no PMS type stuff other than the cramps a few days ago. Some sticky/creamy CM. I have managed to not POAS today. (I'm so proud!) Yesterday, I did POAS when I got up thinking that since it was first morning pee, maybe I'd get a +. Nope. Frustrating. Seems like I have to pee a lot, but it's hard to tell if that's normal or something new. After having DD I can't hold it as long as I used to.

Got a new 2-pack of FRER's. I plan to try again tomorrow morning. I've never had a cycle longer than 36 days and I'm pretty sure I O'd this month. If tomorrow's is negative, I guess I'll wait a few more days or a week then try again, unless AF shows up. Might need to see the doc to find out what's going on. Sigh.

I'm glad that DH works from home tomorrow so he'll be here for support for whatever the test comes up as. And I have a dentist appt. tomorrow so regardless of my test outcome, if I'm not having AF, I am not having any Xrays - just in case.
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Originally Posted by mirthfulmum
A big Congratulations
Lots of . Hopefully we'll all be able to full advantage of the cooler fall evenings and get pregnant with lots of June babes.
When I had DD (due on July 4 but born on June 20th) my OB/GYN said that June was their busiest month for births. Maybe people like to get "busy" once the bigger kids go back to school? Dunno. We just happened to get lucky that month last time.
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Wait! Did lolalola graduate from us!? How wonderfull! Woohoo!

Things are moving right along at the lilypad--we'll do our second of the two insems in the morning.
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Full blown cold!

Ugh! This is bad news for me. DH won't bd when I have a cold. He's just getting over his and I'm starting to get good cm. :

Does anyone have any suggestions??? I have a stuffy/runny nose. Help!!
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Originally Posted by jdsmom
Ugh! This is bad news for me. DH won't bd when I have a cold. He's just getting over his and I'm starting to get good cm. :

Does anyone have any suggestions??? I have a stuffy/runny nose. Help!!
What is it about you having a cold that bugs him so much? Maybe : style? Then if your nose got runny during the act he wouldn't see it? Good luck.

Frog - good luck! :

OK - so I technically made it to the next day without testing again. It was after midnight and I hadn't peed in a long time so I thought maybe now would be a good time. BFN. Again. OK. I can handle a neg result - but where the H*** is AF if I am not pregnant? If it weren't for last week's 3 days of AF-type cramps without AF ever actually showing up and then the tender breasts, I wouldn't even be worried about it very much.

Oh, well. I'm pretty sick of pee sticks now. So hopefully, either AF will show up or I can wait it out until later in the week. Unless I am mistaken, Sept. 7th should be DPO 18. But since I'm not temping.....I guess that my own dang problem.

If all else fails, I'll call the doc's office and see what they suggest I do (if anything).
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jdsmom - I've come down with something too, and it's right at o time (I think). We've already been bding like mad and I want a break but hate to miss the egg. Hope you and I can get over it quick. I've been drinking lots of hot tea but other than that no suggestions for you.

Please look at my chart. Why don't I have a high temp yet? Should I worry or is it too early? Anyone got an opinion?

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Never mind. I just entered todays temp and got crosshairs. It gave them to me the day I suspected too. We didn't bd that day because we were at Disney all day and too tired at night. I did the day before and the day after so I think I still covered my bases right?


since a lot of us are oing here some sticky dust

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starflower~ Once I made it 37 days with no bfn or af so I totally know how your feeling!!! The only bum part was I got af and had alreadly convinced myself that I was preggo! What a let down. Anyway good luck to you.

We are at it again this month! More serious this time with opk's! I want to get it this month or I'll go crazy!!!! :
Does anyone else start thinking of when the baby will be born and what month? My ds was born in Aug. and I said I never wanted to be preggo in the middle of summer again. So now with June looming as edd I wander what happens if I miss it again?? and will we keep going? I really liked the idea of a spring baby march-may... but now its scaring me a little! Plus I dont want the birthdays in the same month. Just thought I would see what the opinion on this was.
Good luck to everyone!!! I cant wait to see what sept. has in store for us
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My oldest son is a June babe. And Dh and I are considering skipping out TTC this month actually. I don't want to have 2 little ones born in the same month. I too really really really wanted a spring baby. It would've worked out perfectly. And I'm not looking forward to being pregnant in the summer but... I'd rather be pregnant next summer than not.

So guess when I said earlier that I hope we don't make to the Oct. thread I wasn't being very accurate. Chances are I will be around in Oct. since we'll most likely be avoiding having a June baby.

But good luck to all
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Hey I'm right there with you guys. I live in FL where June, July and August are truly tropical. I also really wanted a spring baby. If I got preg this time around I will have a late May baby but if not that was my last chance for a spring baby. From this point on it will be at least a little bit into the summer.

I'm 3 dpo and already obsessing. I can't stop myself from being hopeful. One of you was talking about visualizing the pregnancy and all and I've been doing that but I'm afraid I'm getting myself up for disappointment. I know I'll be really upset if it didn't work this time since I temped and all but also we had so much going on this month that it wouldn't be that surprising.

Ahhhhhhh the TTW is the worst for me.:

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jdsmom, you could always have him do his thing into a cup and use a needle-less syringe to insert it, or he could use an Instead cup and you could insert that.

It's The Lesbian Way.
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I have a July baby already so I plan on not ttc next month if we don't get pregnant this month. Not that I have anything against July babies, but I'd rather not double up. My second and third dd's are both January but neither one was on purpose.

I was pretty sure I O'd yesterday because I had heavy cramping and lots and lots of ewcm, but my temp this morning was really low; although I didn't sleep very well last night. Now today I'm feeling crampy again and starting to get more ewcm so maybe I'm O'ing today. This is my first month tracking my cycle and I'm confused.: Anyway, we didn't get around to bd'ing yesterday, but I think tonight we will. We'll see.

Starflower, how frustrating. The waiting game is so hard to play and I bet it's near unbearable when it's stretched out like that. I hope you get some answers soon.
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Well, I should be getting some answers soon. I'm still having creamy CM, some lower back aches today with mildly annoying cramping, tender nipples and it seems like I have to pee a lot. Oh yeah, and no AF. I'm also completely sleep-deprived so that doesn't help out any either.

I called my OB/GYN office and talked to one of the midwives. I decided to go ahead and get a blood PG test. She suggested at first that I wait it out but said that she'd probably have trouble doing that too. I have to get a TB test for DD's co-op preschool anyway, so this way I can at least get the TB test done while I am there so it won't be a total waste even if the PG test comes back negative. (I definitely want the other one to be negative!)

I feel a little bit better just knowing I will be talking to someone "in the know" about this stuff. The OCD is really making it hard right now. I'm keeping my : for either a + or AF to show up. At this point, I'd seriously be happy about either one - I just want to have a definite answer.

I feel like I'm being annoying on this thread lately, but I guess that's kind of what it's here for - obsessing and support. I'll try to back off a bit soon, ladies. Thanks for your patience and the well wishes.
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: : YAY LOLA!!!! : : (I'm gonna miss you girly!!!
I'm so excited to come back from vacation and see that we've gotten a BFP!!! FINALLY! Lets keep them coming!

: & to all you newbies! Good to have you with us, and I hope you're stay here is short and sweet!

Our trip was wonderful. We went to a 3 Doors Down concert on the beach. It was awesome, and I got some great pictures! We got an "Old Time Photo" done and it's really cute. (thought I'm not very photogenic) and we went shopping along all the beach stores. But this afternoon, our first day back, I had something happen that requires me to ask you all a "has this ever happened to you" question. And then a "what on earth did you do to make it better" Question.

DH & I decided to DTD this afternoon and DD came home from school a half hour early!!! : And of course, we didn't lock the door because we weren't expecting her home for another half hour! OMG!!! Of course she walked right upstairs without yelling for me, and right into our room, and saw EVERYTHING!!! And of course I was so startled to see someone in my room, that I yelped and she got all scared and was like "mommy?" and I told her to go to her room for a minute and I'd be right there. We were covered from the waist down, but I feel horrible that she had to see even that!!! She's 7 years old. How damaged is she going to be because of this? What can I say to her to make sure she doesn't say anything to her friends? I asked her if she was Ok, and she said no, she was sad that I yelled at her. I don't know what to do, it's very awkward around here now... So I put on Ernist Goes to Jail for her, and she's at least laughing now... UGH!!!
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Starflower, I'm so glad you'll be getting an answer! You must be going crazy. :

mommy in chaos, she'll be totally fine. IMO there is nothing at all damaging about seeing your parents in the act. It's all just a part of life.
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this is out first month TTC.....we wern't super serousl about it but i THINK we BDed right around the time i O'd so we will see.

Next month is when we plan on getting serous about TTC.....this month was "practice"
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Mommy in Chaos...I feel for you. One day, you will all laugh about this! Explain you were just startled and didn't mean to yell. That's a tough situation but you weren't doing anything wrong.

Starflower...thinking of you and hoping it's positive. You haven't been annoying at all! I was just checking for any update from you!

I have a question for you all...so lately I've felt tingling in my breasts like milk in coming in...the same feeling of a let down only a lot milder. (If you've nursed a baby you know what I mean, if not you will hopefully soon!) I can actually express some clear liquid. I haven't nursed for over a year and this is the first time this has happened. My chart is up & down...with the last 5 days of high temps but I'm not 100% convinced I even O'd. Any ideas, advice? Should I go see someone? I wonder if my prolactin levels are high for some reason???
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