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Praying for a wonderful, healthy, and happy pregnancy for you.

AF arrived on Thursday for me. I had a dream 2 nights before that AF came and somehow I woke feeling really okay with that. It was no big deal when it really arrived. This probably means I'm out for a few cycles becasue it had to be Sept. as the latest month and with my long cycles I probably won't O again until late Oct. (unless something in my cycles changes) We have travel plans in July that I really don't want to mess up for my kids and the dates cannot be changed...so I may wait until December to ttc and use this time to try to optimize my health and figure out my hormones, etc. I'll still be around here to see hopefully all of you move over to the I'm Pregnant forum!

Good Wishes everybody!
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Sorry about AF coming to visit, Mary-Beth and MoonGypsy.

I'm on CD 5 over here and thought AF would be done by now but she's still here. I used to always go 7 days but after I started using the Diva Cup it got shorter most of the time. This AF is more like the old ones. But hey, I had a super long (43 day) cycle so maybe that has something to do with it too.

I was going to start Evening Primrose and all that but I haven't yet because DH's company is late with the paychecks. It's a startup and it happens once in awhile, but only when we're too the wire in our checking account for some reason.

So there is some stress here. And my parents are coming to visit next month but I'm already starting to stress a little about it. We'll see how this cycle ends up. Hopefully not too out of whack. :

If we did get pg. this cycle, DD would possibly have to share her birthday. We don't plan to use BC this month or anything but we might just kind of take it easy as to TTC. (Easy for my DH, not so easy for me.) But DD started preschool and it's a co-op plus we've got some other stuff going on lately so maybe I won't get so TTC-obsessed this time.

to all! I'm looking forward to seeing some more +++'s around here!
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I am never testing early again! This level of obsession is NOT healthy. : It is an emotional roller coaster.:
Yesterday I got what could be a faint + on a $ tree. Could also be evap. Today I got another faint + . I'm more sure this one is a + instead of an evap because it is definately pink. BUT I got a - on a FRER, so I have no idea what to think and I am going to go crazy today.

No. More. Early. Testing. What a headache.

Anybody have any first hand experience with both $ tree tests and FRER? I would assume that FRER would give me a + before the $ tree, right?
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No advice for you 2Much but I agree about the level of obsession thing. I've come to a decision to stop the obsession and leave it up to nature and just love my DH a lot and ever since I decided that I feel a little better and more calm.

I hope you figure out the test thing. I took a $tree test at 12 dpo and it showed nothing and I totally regretted it.

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hello ladies, i've been : for a while but wanted to say that i really relate to these obsessive tendencies. i'm 11DPO and trying not to think about it every minute, rewarding myself for not POAS, convincing myself one way or another based on the smallest, most irrelevant signs ("i'm so tired, i must be pg...wait a minute, i've been tired for the last four years" or "i better be pg 'cuz i've already gained 5lbs") I feel like a total nut lately.
so lots of : & for us all as we breathe through these days, appreciating our families, loving ourselves...
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Originally Posted by 2much2luv
Anybody have any first hand experience with both $ tree tests and FRER? I would assume that FRER would give me a + before the $ tree, right?
When i got pregnant w/ dd, I tested at 11&12dpo w/ $tree, and they were negative. 13dpo I got a + on FRE. The next day i got a + on $ tree.

This time around, I have gotten two faint-looking tests w/ $ tree, but they both turned out to be evaps. Did the faints show up within 10 minutes? If so, then you are probably safe. Good Luck, let us know!
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thank you, tara and violet. I am feeling much better now after taking some deep breaths and letting go a little bit. I probably shouldn't have even posted earlier. It was early and I was half asleep and crazed. I will definately not be doing this early testing game next time though.

jillybeans, thank's for your experience! The lines were within the 10 minutes (on the tail end of it). I was convinced that this morning's was a + (because it was very cleary pink and very clearly within the limit) until I saw the FRER result.: In any case I am just trying to let go of it in my mind and relax. There is no point in getting worked up.
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Oh, and thank you all for bearing with my obsession. It is good to not be alone.
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2much2luv, don't ever worry that you are going through this obsession alone. I'm at 7dpo and I keep looking at my chart as if something will magically change. :

Mary-Beth and MoonGypsy
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Boy, it's been busy here. I'm mostly just lurking this month, trying to stay mellow and calm this cycle and not obsess, so far so good. AF is due on the 24th but other than that I have no idea where I my in my cycle (for the first time in 3 months, phew). Well, I'm passed O but other than that...

Lots of : and to all.

Looking forward to more pregnancy announcements!
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Thank you, janie. I got really wrapped up in it all this first month. I'm going to try to take it a little easier on myself from now on.

It's been an emotional few days, but Af is gearing up so I'm on to the next cycle. I am trying to decide if I want to go ahead and ttc this month and have two july babies. They might be a good match for my two january babies. I had said I wanted to avoid this month but now I'm second guessing myself. I have a few weeks to think about it.
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mirthfulmum~ I'm with you! I am really trying to avoid the awful stressing and obsessing that comes with everything.
Last month I was SO upset when af came that I just want to go with the flow this month. I know when I o'd and we bd at a good time so there is hope but I'm really not trying to convince myself of anything.
I know that if it doesnt happen I'll be a little upset that the next pregnancy might be a middle of summer baby AGAIN! I just remember being so big and swollen with my ds that I want to avoid it but I would rather be preggo then not. Good luck to all... lets get some good news in here!
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I like it here and hope you can all put up with my limited knowledge of how to use the abbreviations and other things. I have no internet at home so I can try to get on this at work and the library.

I am getting ready to O within the next week. I have started the mucinex and was thinking about getting evening primrose too. Does anyone know how much to take?

Our closest friends are expecting their first (oops! it was an accident - AHHH) child and I find myself full of anxiety everytime she says "When you are pregnant..." Overwhelmed with the fear it will never happen.

I am hoping to make a friend or two with whom I can share this anxiety, because I dont really have any girl friends except the pregnant one and I dont always like her all that much. We never discuss anything meaningful because she is one of the most selfish persons I have ever met.

So-again, if anyone knows how much evening primrose oil, could you let me know?

Good luck to all of you as you wait your two weeks out, as mine will be here soon enough, and that scares the hell out of me.
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Welcome, matey. Here's some for this cycle.
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Going bananas

I've been lurking here for a while now but I can't contain myself anymore:

We've been ttc our 2nd for 4 months now and I'm getting frustrated. It should be my AF by now (I'm not regular - somewhere between 24-28days) but nothing - neither BFP nor AF. Oh well, I'll wait for a couple of days and test again. Stop me from going:

Lots of to everybody
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Hey, y'all, just checkin' in to say I'm on CD2. At-home IUI with a midwife this cycle!
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Hi another newbie, don't understand much of what is being discussed on the thread. We have been talking about trying for a kid for a while and decided to start trying in September. So now it's September and I'm scared! I'm 35 and I know I want children so it's confusing to feel so scared about this change. I guess I should mention it would be our first. Oh and should I be concerned that my sex drive evaporated as soon as September started?
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: & to all you newbies!!! It's good to have you all here... For all you newbies, I'd like to recommend a book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschle. It's a great book and VERY helpful. We've all loved it. You can order your own copy from amazon or any on line book carrier, or just borrow a copy from your local library.

Don't be concerned... I have to force myself to have sex every time I know I'm fertile and this was our 5th month TTC... It feels like it's an obligation if I want another baby, so it's going to feel that way for a while. Just remember that you're the only one who knows when you're fertile and you don't have to make him worry about it as well.

I've been very busy lately. But I wanted to stop in and give you all my update. DH started his new job on Monday and it's going well. We've been looking for a new home here and i've been very overwhelmed with that. But we did find a place and I'll be signing the lease this afternoon. I'm just very leary about the school districts down here.
Because I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to TTC this month, I haven't POAS at all this month, not even the OPK's. But I have been temping, and I got my crosshairs yesterday. So FF says that I'm 4 DPO today, and guess what?!? If it's right, we got to DTD the day I O'd!!! I really thought we were going to be apart for this one, but we made it!!! I'm so glad. Thought I'm not going to POAS to find out, I'm just going to wait it out. I think it will be easier this month because I'll be packing and getting ready to set up house keeping. Lots to keep my occupied.
So that's it... I hope everyone has a good week. I'm hoping I can stop back later this week to catch up on everyone!
to everyone!!
vibes to you tryingagain!!!
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Good morning all and hello to the new commers.

AF showed up today (like 5 days early again). I'm a bit disapointed but now that we've finnished our 3rd cycle of TTC I'm getting used to it. *sigh* And on the plus side my oldest won't have to share his birth month with a sibling.

Hopefully soneone out there will have better luck.

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