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Originally Posted by Starflower View Post

Good luck! Hang in there. I had a cycle last time that went on forever for seemingly no reason at all and I kept getting BFNs. It was making me nuts. This cycle I'm just trying to chill. Haven't O'd yet so we'll see how well I do. I just wanted to let you know you aren't alone.

Before we decided to actively TTC, my sex drive was really intense around O. Now that we're officially TTC, it's kind of disappeared, mostly due to my hyper-awareness of the mechanics of getting PG. :

to us all
Yeah, chillin', that's what I have to learn Thanks!
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Alright ladies. I started Mucinex, EPO and grapefruit juice yesterday. I dread it because it's all making me nauseous, but Wow... the change in CM is amazing!

Wish me luck!
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Originally Posted by ann109 View Post

Cut back on caffeine and don't smoke!

How much caffeine is to much? I drink no more than 2 cups a day. Is that to much??I dont smoke. What about me being a vegetarian? Is that a problem??
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Originally Posted by 2much2luv View Post
I dreamed about two big fat pink lines last night.
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Katie, which are you drinking, pink or white grapefruit juice?? I read somewhere which one but I forgot and can't find it again. What is EPO??
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Well, the only grapefruit juice Whole Foods had was Pink, but it's more orange colored and tastes like butt! Seriously, the grossest tasting juice I've ever had. But DS got a kick out of it. I also drink 2 or 3 cups of Mother's Tea a day.

EPO = Evening Primrose Oil (capsules). I had some left over from when DS was born.

Regarding caffeine - You drink two cups of what a day? Coffee, soda, etc. I don't think being veg will make a difference as long as your nutrition is good. Eggs and dairy are wonderful preconception foods - lots of iron, protein and healthy fats. Lots of leafy greens - but you probably do that anyway.

Also, the link in your sig does not take you to your chart, just a picture of the ticker. This is the link you'll want to put in your sig for people to look at your chart. http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1631b5 Are you not temping yet?
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When do you usually start testing??? I am 9 or 10dpo and tested today with $tree in the afternoon so not fmu and I see a small very very faint line if I squint and hold it in the right light... cant tell if its a evap line or maybe the colored line below the surface that turns pink when its positive. Anyway I wanted to know has anyone "convinced" themselves that they see something??? I think I'm going crazy : : : I might wait a few days to test again so if it was/is something it will be darker and I woulnt have to guess. Just want to know any other stories about the $tree tests. Just dont want to get my hopes up.

P.S. I threw it in the trash under lastnights dinner leftovers so I couldnt sit in the house and obsess over it all day... hummmm still obsessing even when I cant look at it.
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I have sworn off $ tree tests. This last cycle I started testing with them at 9 or 10 dpo and saw a faint line just about every time. The last two I did (at 11 and 12 or 12 and 13 dpo) a double line showed up right away and the line was definately pink, though faint. I don't know what the deal is (partly my imagination and really bad evap lines is my guess) but with future cycles I am waiting until AF is late and using a different test (preferably digital). It was just too emotionally draining.
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I drink 2 cups of coffee in the morning, that is it. I don't drink a lot of soda, maybe once a month. No, we are not temping yet. I wanted to start this cycle. I just found this place and have been learning tons!! I never tempt with the other two. Can't wait to get started!! I hope that everything kicks back in fast. I had been taking bcp for 12 years!!
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DD says she wants a baby brother but I swear she seems to get sick every time I'm approaching O. She's doing better now but she's wide awake and it's 3 a.m. Our house is a wreck and I have my parents coming in two weeks. I feel like I have been pretty much parenting on my own for 2-3 days because when DD is sick she gets into "mommy-only" mode.

Hopefully, it won't interfere too much with TTC this month. We'll see. I've been doing the Evening Primrose Oil, red rasp. and today I got some giuf?????? I have no idea how to spell it but it's the natural robitussin stuff. Tastes a little less gross than the robi. Must be from the cherry extract instead of whatever creepy chemical they use to produce artificial cherry flavor for the other stuff.

I still haven't tried the grapefruit. Don't plan to at this point either. Hopefully this other stuff will help in the EWCM dept.
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Originally Posted by firemommaof1 View Post
When do you usually start testing???
I get so heartbroken with every BFN that I have to wait until at least 14 DPO to test if AF hasn't shown up. I'm more okay with AF showing up then that one lonely pink line. I've never used anything but a FRER twice, so...
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Yep tested thismorning 10-11dpo and got a bfn with $tree... I know to early right? I was going to wait until day 14 but hubbys mom is coming into town and I really wanted to know something before she got here... the only thing I know is I'm not pregnant : Errrrr all my hope is out the windown on one stupid test!!!!

Well the only thing to do is sit and wait until more time has passed..... is it time yet????
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Originally Posted by Jezzy View Post
I drink 2 cups of coffee in the morning, that is it. I don't drink a lot of soda, maybe once a month. No, we are not temping yet. I wanted to start this cycle. I just found this place and have been learning tons!! I never tempt with the other two. Can't wait to get started!! I hope that everything kicks back in fast. I had been taking bcp for 12 years!!
Hi Jezzy, check out One Thread forum too, for more info about TTC.

Caffeine may be ok in small amounts, but I'd research it. I gave it up years ago and can tell if I get full caf, instead of decaf by mistake. (Happened all the time last sumemr in Germany, by the way....) I even get decaf green tea, and hope it doesn't negate the purported benefits.

You may be able to get saliva hormone testing done in Germany. IMHO, I'd get that done to see where you stand with our hormones if you have problems TTC, since you were on BCP for so long. You may want to check out the book by John Lee regarding pre-menopause....the info in it is not soley appropriate for pre-menopause, but for lots of hormone issues.

Good luck!!!
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Hello Ladies!
I can't believe how much has gone on since I've been away! Let me start by saying : & to all you newbies!!! I hope you aren't here very long!!! to you all!

Then let me move right on to the CONGRATULATIONS PATCH!!! That is totally Awesome!!! : : I hope you have a HH9!!!
Here's my update... FF changed my crosshairs so I'm only 7 DPO today. But it's ok, we still hit the O day with the BD. So now it's waiting. I don't know if I'm going to test this month. DH is in another state, and I really wanted to test with him home. I actually have not POAS at all this cycle!!! I'm so proud of myself. Not even a waste of a dime. My chart looks good this month... it's not a million days long. I O'd on CD 21, so it's not too bad. But at 7 DPO I'm itching to know. Don't really have any "unusual" pregnancy symptoms. Just the regular sore bb's and creamy cm. No nausea, no irritability, just kinda sad because DH isn't here.
(side note: Last night was the first night I slept completely alone since we got married and I had to sleep with the TV on because it's scary without him.)
So anyway, no pregnancy symptoms to report, just the usual pre-af stuff... AKA: PMS So it's just a bla report today.
I'm off to continue packing. Hope all are well. I miss talking to you all, and if we don't succeed this month, I'm off to the 6+ months TTC thread But who knows, it could happen...
Tons of to you all!!!
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back atcha Theresa.

Nothing much to report here either. CD 6 and AF is almost gone.
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Hi. I'm Katie, age 39. Mother to Henry (15), Jane (11) and Elliot (8). I am a newlywed (9/3/06) and we have just started trying for a baby :-)
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Thanks 2much! I need it. I'm really hoping that it works this month. I don't want to have to move from this thread!

: & Katie. That's quite the age gap, I'm not feeling so bad now. My only child is 7 and will turn 8 sooner then we could create a baby. Hope you have great luck! Sending lots of to you!!!
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Welcome, newbies!

Nothing too exciting to report over here. We haven't had time to BD at all (and I was a little mad at DH the other night anyway) but I haven't had any big fertility signs yet anyway. I'm on CD 14 I think. I believe I tend to O around CD16 so maybe something might happen soon. We'll see. This weekend was pretty stressful and I didn't get much sleep at all.

One night I was so tired, I "broke" the DVD player by accidentally loading DD's "Stellaluna" movie on top of one DH and I had tried to watch before we were interrupted. It jammed the machine. Boy, was DD mad - and I was so sleepy, I just wanted to take a little nap on the couch. Lucky for me, DH managed to remove the discs and "fixed" the machine. Oops!

We'll see if my cycle is thrown off again. Last month was the dreaded 43 day cycle with the BFNs so I'm hoping to be back to the regular 29, kwim?

to all

Good luck with your move, Mommy in Chaos! I can relate to being scared at night without DH, too.
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Hi Katie,

looks like we two are pretty much in the same boot!! Newlywed ttc. Mom to Christain (13) and Emily (11) and am really new here! Welocme!!
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Hey Starflower - I'm on CD 13 so we are cycle buddies! I'm excited according to FF I'm O on Weds. I guess I'll see if we DTD later today.

I spent the day with my nephew. All my doubts about children evaporate around him, he's so interesting!

I guess I'm ready to have children - duh!!
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