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starflower: green tea is helpful for cm. I hated it plain, so used it flavored, or mixed one bag green tea w/ another flavored tea(taking this one out after a minute)


I used to wonder the same things when i started ttc dd. the month we actually conceived, we did the sperm meets egg plan
which helped. I've heard that dtd too much can sometimes not be beneficial.
and if you are ready for seeing someone about it, then def. do the s/a first. But before you enter THAT big stress-filled area, try the sperm meets egg plan.
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Mommy in chaos - Wish I could help you. I'm in the same boat but one month behind you.

Jilly - You had mentioned the sperm meets egg plan before and I googled it a few weeks ago. We are in the middle of trying it right now. I just started OPK's for the first time ever and we started DTD everyother night recently. I hope it works for me. I don't think anything is wrong with DH's sprem since we concieved DS on the second try.

Hugs around ((()))((()))((()))

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Tryingagain~ Yep you were right!! You really were encouraging... even saying that my boobs being sore were a good sign (6-7dpo). Thanks for all your help.
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I tried to post here earlier but apparently the computer ate my post.

I was hoping that DH and I would get a chance to BD again tonight. No such luck. He ended up working until 4 a.m. last night (at least it was from home) and then worked late again - until 8:30 tonight. I think he said he only slept 4 hours. Between his work schedule and DD refusing to go to bed, it wasn't going to happen tonight.

I'm on CD17 now, still no EWCM, but quantity is improving on the sticky/creamy stuff so I am still hoping to O soon and get some good quality CM going here.

The green tea I got a few days ago is flavored with jasmine and I definitely prefer it to the regular green tea, but I still don't actually "like" it.

So what's the deal with green tea helping CM but it has caffeine in it which I thought was supposed to be bad?

Just curious mostly. I suppose I could actually give up my coffee. : I am trying to do half decaf. Does that count?
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read this article starflower.

we drink green tea all the time, and after a while you do get used to the flavor. I hated it at first too. I can honestly say that while everyone we know is sick, we start chugging the stuff, and we are VERY VERY RARELY sick.
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to all of you!
I got a ! :
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That's wonderful mamamerle!!!

We are on a roll here!!!

I'm still out of ttc because of travel plans. But I'm reading up on how to get my cycles regular and CM up and all so I can jump right back in as soon as possible.

Congratulations to all the newly pregnanat Mamas!!
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Woohoo Mamamerle!! Congrats!

CD 16 and I think I O'd! My sex drive has been ridiculously high this cycle though, so there went the every other day ideal. :
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Originally Posted by mamamerle View Post
to all of you!
I got a ! :
Yeah Janie! Congratulations!!!!!! Best wishes!
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Congrats, mamamerle!!! So exciting!
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Does anyone know if its okay to drink Red Raspberry Leaf tea after O if you're trying to get pregnant?

I've been told it is safe throughout pregnancy and nursing so I've been drinking it...but someone mentioned to me that they thought it could prevent implantation. They didn't know where they read that.

The FertiliTea I saw advertised at the babyhopes site says to drink it until you become pregnant and then stop. It has the Red Raspberry Leaft as well at Green Tea and other things.

Any advise please!
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: Yeah! mamamerle :

Keep them coming ladies!!!
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Congrats mamamerle!!!!

Hearing about BFPs are great! I'm hoping to join the next POASaturday and : I will also have some good news!:
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Congratulations, mamamerle!

Good to see some +++'s around here!

Not sure what's up with me here. I'm not super excited about TTC this cycle. I'm also not trying to avoid things. I just have a lot of other stuff going on, I guess. Maybe I'll get a nice surprise.

to all!
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WOOOO HOOOO mamamerle!!! That's Great!!! I'm so happy for you! Hope you have a HH9 Months! : :

Today, I'm 13 DPO, and my temps have been steadily declining. Guess AF will be here tomorrow.
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