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Taradactyl3: Looks Great!!!!
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I hope I am going to be joining you guys! I am definitely going to try to try this month, DH has been on the fence, but I think he is coming around. He really wants 3, but he is just nervous about going through it all again - I am too, but since we aren't getting any younger I think we have to go for it!
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Hi, Jennifer. Welcome
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Ahhhhh why does time move so slow?????? You wait to O you wait to know then you wait for next cycle!!!!! : : : Why cant we decide "Humm I would like a baby" then POOF it happens! I cant stand the waiting!!! :
Ok with that said I feel better... we are still waiting to O. I'm using opk's and still no surge but were bding like crazy (hubby likes this trying stuff )
I just want it to be this month... I know like I'm the only one huh!
Alright girls lets just all get pregnant this month and be done with it... then we can all be in same ddc!! good plan huh... came up with it just now!
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Originally Posted by firemommaof1
Alright girls lets just all get pregnant this month and be done with it... then we can all be in same ddc!! good plan huh... came up with it just now!
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Hello, ladies. Welcome, newbies.

Well, today was CD 40 and I've had a blood test on Tuesday, then another (urine) today at the naturopath's office. So I don't think I'm preggo this time, just really late. I've never had a cycle go on and on and on like this before. I've never missed a period except with I was pg. I am still having sticky to creamy CM, menstral type cramps on and off and sore nipples. (Doesn't help that DD is a 3 yr .old nurse-o-matic.)

I decided to go to the naturopath today because the OB/GYN office where I had the blood test kind of p****d me off. I felt like they were kind of blowing me off like I was imagining the symptoms. Even if my case wasn't particularly unusual to them, it sure as heck is unusual to me and I have been very upset about it. So I am just frustrated that they didn't seem to care once they got the negative result. OK, she's not pg. No worries. Well, I am OK with not being pg, but I would really like to know what in the world is going on with my body?! I have never had a cycle like this and they are always very regular.

The ND had me pee in a cup (which of course DD thought was hilarious). As I expected, the test was negative. She didn't really give me any difinitive answers as to what was going on, but at least she listened to my concerns and confusion and treated me like a whole person. I get so tired of the typical medical professionals being so impersonal and seemingly uncaring.

At least my ND gave me several ideas of things that can delay a cycle and explained why she didn't think I needed to worry about things. She read over my FF charts which helped to put us at least on the same page. And she checked my abdomen when I asked just to make sure the ovaries didn't seem weird or anything.

Of course, my "prescription" is to relax, maybe meditate a bit and get a massage. I feel like I can finally do that now since I don't feel like I am totally on my own here with regards to doctors.

I guess I just feel like if I want a completely impersonal + or - with no follow-up to what may actually be going on, I could save time and money and POAS. My co-pay for the clinic was about the same price as 3 FRER tests.

OK. I will get off my and end this rant. Now I guess I am just counting days and recording signs on FF. Still not absolutely positive if I've ovulated or not. I think from here, I'll just track things on FF to keep a record and not actively TTC for awhile. I kind of need a break from the stress of TTC.

But I'll probably still hang out here a bit. We're not going on birth control at this point or anything and I want to see how everyone else is doing!
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Hey ladies. What's up?

Starflower. I'm so sorry you still don't know what's going on. I hope something comes soon for you.

I'm just muddlin' through my tww, imagining symptoms and all that jazz.:
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Hello, I am back...I almost didn't notice that there was a new thread and I was getting a bit confused ! I found you all though!

I am still not charting, but AF just ended so.....I am a bit hesitant to try this month though because I am not really into having a June baby....I am not really sure why though. There are a whole lot of June birthdays in our families. I think I would really rather wait and go for a July baby...but like some previous posters, I really had my heart set on a spring baby , I love the month of May. My birthday is in July though, and I always LOVED having my birthday in the summer.

We might not be soooo carefree this month and hang back a bit for next...

Good Luck : to all and lots of faerie dust
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5 DPO! I've already started seeing preg symptoms in everything. It is so bad.
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um, lost newbie.

I consider myself a woman of average intelligence, and I try to use as many context clues as possible to detemine the meaning of many of the abbreviations used here, but some are leaving me puzzled. I *think* I know the meaning to some of these, but I'd rather have someone just tell me than to go on guessing...


these weren't on the other abbreviaion lists i usually have to open in another window until I know them.

Also, it's great to see other teachers that think like I do! I'm not currently teaching, but I'm in the final interviewing steps for one position (please send happy thoughts that I get it!). Is it unprofessional of me to want to get pg my first year with this district (it's not my first year teaching ever though)? I just figure it's better now and to have the baby in June, spend all summer with him/her (although I know it's not going to be enough time), and be able to start the school year in the fall. But then again, you never know when it's actually going to happen- I can plan all I want, there's no guarantee it'll work out that way!

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Originally Posted by learnlovebe
I'll see if I can help you!....
bfn= big fat negative (or another *f* word! )
bd= baby dance-- have sex
bfp= big fat positive
opk= ovulation predictor kit
cd= cycle day (from the start of one period until the start of the next)
frer= first response early response pregnancy test

Now, if someone will just tell me what TAO means?!
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I'm in the 2ww. Waiting to test until 09/16. My charts are so wacky. What do you guys think?
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Doh! I found the TTC abbreviations page too. TY though, much appreciated. It's all starting to make more sense now.
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The jargon is like some sort of secret initiation sometimes, isn't it?

TAO = Talking Amongst Ourselves

If there's another meaning specific to the TTC board, I don't know what it is.

CD#42 here. I'm super grouchy today. Maybe it's AF coming. Or maybe I just need to get some sleep. Insomnia is so annoying. And DD started nursing at 4:00 a.m. and decided it was time to get up to eat a carrot and play at 5:00 a.m. At least we got a nap today!

I still haven't discussed future TTC plans with DH yet.

Oh, and here's a weird one! Yesterday, twice while I was eating with a fork, I had a lingering metallic taste in my mouth. WTF? I never had that when I was pg with DD but it popped into my head as a pg sign I'd read about. So here I am still confused.:

I don't think I'm hoping for PG so badly that I would be imagining things. I am frustrated enough with lack of AF that I may be reading into things though. Is it possible to be PG but have a negative blood test and POAS's?

The good news is that I have a busy week with new fall activities so hopefully, if it's all in my head, I can let my brain think about some other stuff besides missing AF. I suppose I should just enjoy not bleeding for awhile.
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MoonGypsy, I don't know a thing about charts, but good luck! I'm scheduled to test on the 19th.

Starflower, I wish you could get an answer already, I know there are women (although I'm sure it's rare) that don't get a positive test until very late in pregnancy. Anything is possible.
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ugh. Another negative. Then again, I don't even know if I o'd or not. This is so frustrating! Come on someone, get pregnant! i need a pick me up!
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I'm workin' on it, jillybeans!
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I'm doing my best! Sleeping a lot and having tender breasts are my biggest issues just now.

Tonight we start foster parent training, so that should take my mind off of ttc for a bit.
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Okay... my cycle is usually always 26 days. Does O'ing on CD9 seem like that would be too soon? I have ewcm and it is in my fertile window on ff.
I haven't temp'd at all since ttc so I don't have that to go on.
So, I just wondered if cd9ish was too early to ovulate? :
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Originally Posted by IamPink
So, I just wondered if cd9ish was too early to ovulate? :
Nope, I have started EWCM on CD8, +OPK on CD9 and O spike on CD10. I usually have a 25 day cycle. Good Luck!
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