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Hep A...

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Okay; I had previously decided to delay this vax, thinking that DD was not at risk, since she stays home with me.

But, we've had 3 incidents in the last 4 days of fecal art.

The first time, I put her down for a nap diaperless, figured she might wet, and that I needed to wash the sheets anyway. She poo'd rather than wetting, and unfortunately was very quiet while she repainted, so I didn't know she was awake until she'd already had her fun.

Since then, I have not put her to sleep without a diaper on; however, the 2nd incident, she took off the diaper, and still managed to play quietly enough that I didn't hear until the fun had been had.

So, I started making sure that she had pants on before her naps, and just had a fan turned on, since she's a little toaster oven when she sleeps. This morning, she managed to take off her pants, take off her diaper, and play - without me hearing her again.

I plan on sewing snaps onto her pants and tops, but I estimate that it will only be a matter of time before she defeats that, too.

ANYWAY. The point to my narrative - if she's playing with her own feces, that increases her risk of exposure to Hep A, doesn't it? Is my understanding accurate in that Hep A is spread through direct contact with fecal matter?
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I'm just fancying a guess here, but wouldn't she actually have to be infected with Hep A in order to have it in her feces? So unless she's playing with the feces of someone infected with Hep A she has no risk from her own feces.
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She'd have to be in contact with feces from someone who is infected with Hep A. She's not going to get it from her own poop.
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So Hep A isn't caused by a bacteria that lives in our intestines anyway?

Wonder where I got that idea...

Okay, I just googled it, and I wonder where I got the idea that it's a bacteria at all?

Glad I posted rather than getting her the shot.
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Well, Hep A is a virus to start with...... and if it's in your dd's poop then she already has it....

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Yes, *her own* poop shouldn't have the virus in it unless she already has it.

Also, lots of very common diseases are spread through feces. You don't have to be playing in poop, or even touching a noticeable amount of poop, to contract a feces-borne disease. It's more like changing a diaper and not washing your hands...or child scratches bottom then puts her hand in your mouth...or another "poop artist" has a bit under their fingernails and touches something you then touch...or a food service worker doesn't wash hands carefully enough, then prepares your food. My point being, "direct contact with fecal matter" doesn't necessarily mean "touching or eating poop on purpose."
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You must be thinking of E-coli. It's supposed to be in our poop, but not in our mouths. So she could get sick from E-coli by playing with her poop.
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