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ds, 14 mos., i think is starting to wean. i am almost 9 weeks, but seem to have all but lost my supply. it's weird - i thought i would be able to keep it through like the 4th month or so, but i guess i am one of the unfortunate few who lose it right away. he nurses sometimes once a day but we have had a day here and there where he doesn't nurse at all. and when he does he just gets very mad and frustrated (most of the time). for the most part, nothing is coming out. i feel weirdly conflicted about it - a large part of me is sad because i will miss that closeness and i figured tandem nursing would be a great way to smooth over a new baby, but it has definitely been easier on my body - the less nursing.
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I'm nursing my 16mo around 3 times a day... and I'm wondering, how much are you ladies eating? I'm finding it really hard to eat because of m/s and I get famished and dehydrated a few times during the day. Overall, I think I'm eating enough, but it's really hard to get it down. I sort of binge a little after not eating for a while because I can't stand the thought of eating. (For the record, I never actually throw up, I just feel sick all day long.)
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ex-stasis, try to eat in little bits throughout the day. It really helps with the m/s. It's tough to get that bit of food down, but your tummy may feel much better afterward. THen the trick is to head off the queasiness by eating again before it starts. Like every 2 hrs.
And drink lots and lots of water! No excuse for dehydration!

I've been doing well at eating frequently but not well at quantity of food. I'm suddenly picky, and it's hard to find time and energy to prepare food. MIL nuked me a baked potato yesterday, and that was really good with some goat yogurt.
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Im still nursing my over two little one. I dont see any signs of him stopping or even considering it yet. he still nurses quite a bit. ive been eating oatmeal and lots of fluids so hopefully it will be ok.
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Originally Posted by Eaglevoice View Post
Is anyone else noticing their nursling being more clingy lately? Do you think they can sense it?
I know sammy does. hes much more gentle and loving and clingy.
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DS has just about stopped. I'm actually kind of relieved. I feel soo wicked crappy right now, that him laying on me to nurse is miserable. I can't imagine that he was getting anything anyway. Saltine crackers and water is about all I'm eating these days. It's sad, but much less so since he doesn't seem to mind and I'll have another newborn to nurse in a few months. I'd be devastated if he weaned and he was my last.
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I think my milk supply has dropped quite a bit My dd was always a down to business nurser, and since there isn't as much milk she is nursing just a frequently but not for as long. I am considering getting a sns? and maybe she'll keep nursing if she's getting something. What do you think? anyone consider this?
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