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I hurt...

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Ok..what is up with this? I was having a happy, energetic, and 'problem free' pregnancy until yesterday.
Guess all of a sudden, my hips decided to disengage from eachother and I feel like I have a double groin pull, a split pubic bone and I don't even feel like walking at all...
Anyone else dealing with 'hips'?? I am thinking positive tho--this means my labor will be a bit easier...my hips didn't spread until labor with dd--and that was very uncomfortable on top of all of the other labor discomforts!
I've tried my hypno birthing techniques to 'reduce pain' etc, but I can't stay in a relaxed state 24/7...I do HAVE to walk a little ya know!
Any suggestions?
I don't really wanna look towards Tylenol or anything--any homeopathics out there for this?
Thanks mamas!
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I am going to sub in on this one! I am not from your DDC but had pubic symphysis disfunction last time and I already hurt this time. I haven't heard a genuine "fix" fo it yet!
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I had PSD last time too, and while it was really painful, the good news is that it went away on its own after a few weeks. From about 36 weeks on, I felt great again. So, feeling the pain now doesn't mean that it will hurt until the baby comes out. Sleeping with a pillow between your knees can help with nighttime pain, and making sure to never roll over with your knees separated also helps.

I am having a different kind of pain that came on suddenly yesterday. I feel like all of my stomach muscles are being torn apart. I feel fine when I sit still, but as soon as I move at all--owwwww! Definitely starting to feel kinda third trimesterish!

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I hurt as well. I visit my chiro every two weeks but had to push this week's visit back to next week cause of labor day. I don't think there is much she can do for me at this point to make me feel better. I've got the full blown pengin waddle (as dd calls it ) going on, as well as major ligament pain in my right side every time I even think of moving. I take at least one walk everyday, dd and I walk to the store, post office, bakery, park, all over. Yesterday it took me 30 minutes to walk to the park, it usually takes me 15, and I was so wishing I had just drove. The exhaustion isn't helping anything either, I am so tired, I can't get enough sleep, I went to bed with dd at 9:30 last night, and she woke up for the day at 6am. I needed at least another hour, and she does not nap, that is all I've been dreaming about.
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I had that type of pain for the first two trimesters and then I started going back to my chiropractor (waited in order to save money). All I have to say is that as long as I don't do walking for exercise, I have no hip pain. It was really bad before. With ds I could hardly sleep during the third trimester (didn't do chiropractic then), and it started the first trimester with this kid. So now I'm having my best trimester so far, thanks to chiropractic.
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I hurt too but under my ribs. I saw my miwife yesterday and she suggested warm caster oil packs. Maybe that would work for other pain as well??

Lex-congrats on moderatorship!
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I have this pain too... didn't have it at all with the last two so it is new to me...

The Chiro has been a great help... he doesn't always adjust but he applies pressure on a certain part of my back which puts my hips back into their normal position for a few seconds which relieves a lot of tension... he also showed DH how to do it so he can do it at home... (all for free )

I figured out that I can also do a bit myself but laying flat on my back with a little cushion under my hips and relaxing my whole back... the pelvis gets pushed forward and does the same as when DH or the Chiro does it...
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: Putting the pillow under my hips and completely relaxing helps me too!!! I have horrible hip pain... never had any pains at all with the first two but with this one I am in tons of pain and can't sleep because of it!!

Thinking of everyone!
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Hmm... I hadn't thought about walking contributing to it. My first 3 pregnancies I waited tables which made me walk ALOT. It didn't show up until my 3rd pg and by the end I was unable to walk or move into or out of any position without excrutiating pain. As soon as my dd was born it was basically gone. I think her weight contributed to it too (she was a large baby at 10 lbs). It is already here this time at 18 weeks but isn't excrutiating yet and I learned how to control my movements from last time and not open my legs much. I am a SAHM now so not much walking lilke before. I do plan to start doing some yoga and stretches to see if that will help.
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My hips have hurt from the beginning with this pregnancy and my dd's... although, for some reason with this one it is mainly my left hip. I have also been to a chiro many times, doesn't ever really "fix" it, but makes it more bearable until I have to go again. Also, swimming sometimes really helps, you might try that! But mostly I am limping around a lot, I jokingly call myself the emotional third trimester gimp.
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