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Hs anyone seen Abylite??

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I have been wondering how she is feeling. I jsut haven't seen her on in a couple days. I guess I feel a little silly cause I haven't seen her in a couple days and I wonder where she is! But oh well!!

T of the post topic but I learned something new today....the problems I had with EPT last week weren't necessarily the test....I got completely pink windows most likely from too much urine! I cna't believe my morning guish screwed up the tests!

Anyway, has anyone seen Abylite??
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this is not about abylite, but hpt's. i used to have the same problem.. too much urine. so now i just pee in cup then dip for 5 seconds.

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Hello its_our_fam!!! Thanks for thinking of me!! It means alot.

How are you? I hope you have some good news really soon!!

I'm feeling good...tired, but I'm happy to be 5 1/2 weeks along. I can't wait until our u/s in two weeks to see a heartbeat. Having a m/c with my last pg makes this one a little worrisome, but I'm trying to take it day by day.

Dh and I have been busy getting ready to sell our house...we decided to move closer to our family on the East Coast. I hope all goes smoothly. I definitely have to do things when I get a little energy spurt!!!

I hope you are BD again and will soon be posting on the "I'm pregnant" boards!!!
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I'm glad you are doing good! For some reason I was letting my mind wander...and was getting worried....I'mnot sure why I would think something is wrong though....

Where on the east coast is your family?

As for how I'm doing.....af was over on saturday (nothing on sunday)... i had minimal brown spotting all day yesterday...nausea is still heavy and now my boobs are falling off!! I've been feeling slightly crampy. It feels like af is getting ready to start again!

Good thing is that the chiropractor is working on getting me back to tip top spinal health....my back is BAD! Almost no natrual curve in my neck and my lower back is so far out if you saw the xray it looks like I've got an 8 month pg belly pulling on it!

So, I'm hangin in there!!
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Good luck at the chiropractors. I heard it may help with TTC also. I hope your "feeling something was wrong isn't a premonition of some sort...". So far so good and you all on the TTC boards will be the first to know if something isn't!!!
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