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What can I take for depression?

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I have had mild depression at different times in my life. After dd was born it was severe, but I didn't take anything. DD is now 17 months, and I am still struggling. I think its the lack of sleep, horomones and being isolated (I am a sahm with virtually no friends, just my mama) I saw some herbal things at the health food store, some for regulating womens horomones, some for depression, ect. I was wondering what could I take that would help with depression, but would be ok for nursing. DD is still nursing quite a bit 6-10 times per 24 hours, so it would have to b something completely safe. Thanks.
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Zoloft. This is the safest, assuming it works for you.
Herbal remedies-- there isn't that much research on them and their transmission in breastmilk, so maybe forgo them.
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I was able to safely take Lexapro while BF and having PPD with DS. I agree with the PP about lack of testing on herbal remedies. I was actually told NOT to take something like St. John's Wart. (Also, with ones that "regulate hormones" - they may adversely affect your milk supply.)

Best wishes to you, mama!! *HUGS*
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Zoloft is definitely the safest, but others may work as well given the age of your child. My only advice would be to carefully vet the doc you would get to prescribe for you because so many of them will give you a weaning song and dance and flat out refuse to prescribe. See how you react to zoloft, if that doesn't work for you the find someone with a current copy of Hales to find safe alternatives. Best of luck and big congratualtions for seeking treatment.
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I know Elavil is considered an old drug that has sort of gone out of fashion for prescribing, but if you have any other issues like chronic headaches, chronic pain, or any of the irritable bowel diseases, Elavil can help with not only the depression/anxiety, but with the pain and or bowel symptoms. I was taking Lomotil (an anti diarreal) 7 times a day. Sine taking elavil I am down to twice a day. I have also been able to drop my pain meds (prescription but non narcotic) from 4 a day to 1 a day. Not sure if any of that applies, but i wanted to let you know
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I am taking Prozac while tandem nursing, and have been on it since before I was pg with my first. My ob said it was fine to continue on it and in fact encouraged me to stay on it while pg and nursing to help avoid PPD.

Kellymom has a great reference site on various antidepressants and nursing: Antidepressants in Breastfeeding Mothers
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If you want to go the natural route you could consider trying Fish oil capsules (Cod liver oil, be sure to read the label to make sure that they are free of mercury and other toxins) and/or a tincture called "Motherwort". These are both things that I take for when I am feeling down/depressed. Not sure if this is something that is chronic with you or not, so if you feel like you need a prescription then by all means do that, but just wanted to share these 2 with you.

Both were given the green light by my midwife and I know other pregnant and nursing (and tandem nursing!) mamas who take them as well with no ill side effects and no risk of harm to the babe.

Best of luck to you. (((hugs)))
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