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Red Rasb/Red Clover Question

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This is probably TMI, but I'm having a much heavier period than usual, and was wondering if anyone knows if heavier bleeding is a side effect of either Red RAsberry, Red clover (or Vitex, cuz I'm on that too). I'm just curious, as this is more than I've ever bled. (keep in mind i was on the pill for 8 years straight, the my thyroid went out of wack and this is the second period I've had since we got my thyroid straightened out, so maybe its just what's normal for me... i don't know)

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I dont' know the 'official' answer, but I have used all 3 of those, and did not notice that my periods were heavier. So it wasn't my personal experience, but it could be for you of course. Did you do a web search to see whether there was any info on heavier periods for any of those?

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Red raspberry leaf is supposed to decrease menstrual flow while it also regulates the cycle, but it could be one of the other herbs. Also, a friend of mine has had heavier periods since having thyroid surgery- possible connection?

I was on the pill for a few years and was kind of astonished by normal menstruation when it came back. I thought there was something really wrong with me. Now I realize it truly isn't that heavy, it was the comparison.
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Yes - your periods on the pill are not real menstrual periods, they are drug withdrawal bleeding. So you truly cannot compare. I wouldn't worry about it - I figure the heavier the flow the thicker & more nourishing the uterine lining! Annoying for me, but yummy for baby! lol
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Hi, wow,sounds like you have been through a lot. I would say that it is hard to tell what the herbs are doing to you at this point. Out of the three herbs you mentioned, I would say that vitex is the one many of my friends have had either success with or disaster. Not really disaster but extreme changes in their cycles. It is a hormone regulator and I have no knowledge about using it with thyroid problems. My sis-in-law had thyroid problems and severe menstrual problems. She has decided to quit all meds and herbs and hormones and just let her body get back to normal, then go from there.
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