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He's 1 today and we're EBF!

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Reilly is one today and I'm thrilled to be an extended breastfeeder!
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Peyton is one today too.

Hapy birthday to Reilly and Peyton
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past one year of age becomes considered 'extended' breastfeeding?? is that the general rule?
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Yeah Mel!

Happy Birthday Riley!

Are you having a party? For some reason I have a vague memory of you telling me....fuzz brain today....

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That is so great!! Welcome and happy birthday!
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I am so proud of you both!!!! Ya'll are doing such a wonderful job.Ir is hard to beleive that I have been EN for 2 years.I can't believe Littlebit just turned 3.
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Thank you all! And Happy Birthday to Peyton too! Are you tired of the April Fool's jokes yet?
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Anna too

Happy Birthday a day late to Reilly and Peyton!

wow...so it is official...Anna turned one today! I feel like she has been turning one for a whole month...she has been "just under one" for at least 2 weeks.

The odd thing is, that I may officially be an extended breastfeeder, but I feel that I have had this title since Anna was 6 months.

and also, my MIL has said breastfeeding past one is "inappropriate". When dh asked what we should give her instead...I kid you not...she said JUICE!
And I have to visit these people in a month...can't wait...

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my MIL has said breastfeeding past one is "inappropriate".
(quote from Annasmom)

Here's one possible comeback:
"Well we feel that premature weaning is inappropriate. The World Health Organization, UNICEF and the American Academy of Family Physicians, as well as many other experts, recommend nursing for AT LEAST two years. Would you like to learn more about this?"

Then you whip out a twelve page report for her.......

Congrats to all nursing moms!
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Hey MomTwice- where is that 12 page report located? I am guessing somewhere on a sticky...?
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I don't know what a sticky is, and I was fantasizing about an imaginary 12 page report (but I'll gladly help anyone find links and references about the wonderfulness of nursing past the first year!)

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