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Toddler with multiple loose stools daily...

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My dd, 22 months old, has been having 4-5 very loose stools daily. I'm not sure if this is normal. She's nearly weaned, only nursing once every other day or so for the last few weeks, and I don't think she's getting much breastmilk at all even during those times. She drinks soy milk 2-3 times/day and watered down juice, and eats normal toddler foods, mac & cheese, grilled cheese, cheese sticks, pita pizzas, mashed potatoes, cereal (w/Lactaid cow's milk), beef hotdogs, taco's, burritoes, hamburgers, grapes, apples, bananas, yogurt, oatmeal, whole wheat pancakes (usually with nuts), peanut butter sandwiches, crackers, and lots of other stuff I'm probably forgetting. She's not too picky. And we try to eat fairly healthy, but we don't do all organic or vegetarian. We do try to eat as much all natural, whole-wheat, and multi-grain things as possible. We try to avoid the bad stuff like trans-fats and high fructose corn syrup.

Anyway, I've been wondering if she could be allergic to something. Her stools seem more loose and often than they ought to be and I was just wondering if that's normal or not.

I am lactose intolerant and probably allergic to other things as my stomach is constantly in chaos, but I'm not sure what. I have not completely cut out milk, but do take Lactaid pills when I have dairy. I found that when I cut it out completely if I accidently had something with milk in it I would throw up, but my tolerance increases if I keep dairy in my diet and just deal with the occasional stomach upset.

My dd1 is apparently lactose intolerant as well, but she handles cheese and yogurt okay. She was throwing up several times a week (not really in conjunction with drinking milk), but when we cut cow's milk from her diet, she quit throwing up.

DH is fine with milk and everything.

My mom is allergic to lots of things including citrus and anything acidic, like tomatoes, as well as dairy.
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I had this problem with my son a few years ago at this time - it coincided with grape season (and us eating them regularly) and when I finally figured it out, I cut way down on them.. I guess the sorbitol in them can cause runny stools. This is after I spent a bunch of money having him tested for celiac disease, mind you . So, I'd try that first. Hope this helps. . .
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Well, she's been this way forever really, but I used to blame it on the breastmilk. The problem is, her stools never really firmed up or became less. For my older dd, she had this problem too, but once we switched her off of cow's milk, her stools became normal. I don't think she eats too much of anything, like grapes or other fruit or cheese, etc.
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Lactose intolerance doesn't cause vomitting. Milk allergy does. Also, because she seems to have an awful lot of dairy in her diet, I would suspect milk allergy. People are often surprised to find that their favorite food, the one thing they can't live without is the thing they're most allergic to. Your body gets addicted to the reaction and the endorphins that go w/ it.

I would definitely try cutting all dairy out (read labels) for a minimum of 2 weeks and see if there's improvement. I'd also get her started on a (dairy free) probiotic. They make chewable ones for kids, but better ones come in capsules or powder (you can open the capsules to get the powder) and mix it into food or drink.
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Well, cutting all dairy sounds like it would be a good place to start. But, with my older dd, she still has dairy and even drinks the Lactaid milk (just started drinking it a month ago, we get it on WIC, she was drinking Silk Soymilk before that) and she's tolerating it. If she had an allergy to it, it seems she would have started vomiting again and she hasn't. Not really sure what's up with that. I think we could all benefit from cutting dairy from our diets, I'm just not really sure how to do that. My kids love cheese and milk products. It would be hard to get them to eat without it. And WIC isn't real good if you don't eat dairy. They don't allow you to get soy milk and they give you cheese. Anyway, I guess that would be a good place to start. I'll have to research good kid friendly snack and meal options that are dairy free.
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If you had dairy out of your older dd's diet for a while, she may have outgrown the allergy. You're more likely to outgrow a dairy allergy if you avoid dairy.

We eat a lot of fresh fruit. Apples and peaches are in season. If you go to a Upick place, you can usually get a huge bucketfull for about $5, at least around here in someone's back yard. Orchards might be more. Look in the paper. I just got 10lbs of white peaches from someones front yard for free from someone who posted on freecycle. They were falling from the tree a little green, though, so I made them all into jam. I use the no sugar pectin, add some white grape juice concentrate (the frozen kind we get through WIC--I used 3 containers for 11# of peaches and I think 4 cups of sugar. THe regular jam recipe would have called for about 15 cups of sugar, I think.)

My kids also like rice cakes, crackers, baby carrots, celery, beans, steamed veggies, etc. There's nothing wrong w/ feeding them leftover dinner for snacks or steaming some broccoli for a midafternoon snack. Soy yogurt is also not bad, but I wouldn't go w/ too much soy to replace dairy. Maybe until you get used to no dairy, but not long term. We make pasta w/ olive oil and garlic instead of mac and cheese. Throw in some beans, like chick peas, if you like, or broccoli. Either way makes a complete protein (I was vegan for a short time .)
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I would do an elimination diet, i woud include in that soy all diary and GLUTEN and see if there is a change, i thought my ds's stools were loose becuz of dairy so i tested it, wrong, it was gluten (altho he does react to too much milk still, but that wasn't the daily problem), soy also does wierd things lol, like grainy stools, anyway honestly that is the best way (imo) to figure out what is going on, i would buy some rice milk (NOT rice dream, as it is not gluten free) to replace the soy and give it a try for a week or two and see what happens, pm me if you have any ?'s !
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Thanks for the ideas. I think this may have to wait a week or two as I just found out I'm pregnant and not feeling too well. And we don't have any extra cash this week to cater to a special diet. Next week, when we are out of the soy milk, I will try rice milk, to see if it is that. That is the only soy she is having (occasional tofu, but not much) on a regular basis, so that's an easy one to test. I will try to cut down on dairy too, but one of her favorite things to eat is yogurt, so that will be tough.
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I could have written your post, My dd stools have always been very soft and loose, she doesn't seem to have any other indication of allergy though. She eats a huge variety of foods, including dairy in cheese, yogurt. She also eats a lot of fruit, esp grapes right now.
I was wondering if this was normal. I am 34 weeks preg and she is still nursing, probably colostrum right now...
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A visit to an allergist would clear up the question if it were a true allergy. If it were a true allergy, confirmed by the Allergist, I believe WIC will give you an alternative (not sure, but I think they have too).
If it is just a dairy intolerance, the allergy test won't pick that up. But an elimination diet will indicate pretty well, if it is a dairy problem or not.
My own experience with runny stools led me to believe it was dairy, I nursed df and my ds2 was df for 3 yrs -- he still had runny stools. I narrowed it down to some brands of crackers, processed cookies, and oatmeal. But was confused b/c he seemed to tolerate oat flour cereal all right, my homemade cookies all right, and plain crackers. But he really didn't eat that much of any bread product, he never seemed to like them. Then last Sept we got the dx of Celiac Disease 1 in 133 Americans have it and many more probably have it without sypmtoms and without dx. 3 1/2 long years of him suffering, me scratching my head and doctors ignoring my concerns.
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Nix the soy milk. Immediately. Switch to goat's milk or rice milk. My ds had the same issue, when we 86'd the soy milk it literally changed his bowel habits (for the better) overnight. We switched to rice milk.
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Originally Posted by Electra375
A visit to an allergist would clear up the question if it were a true allergy. If it were a true allergy, confirmed by the Allergist, I believe WIC will give you an alternative (not sure, but I think they have too).
Nope. We get/got WIC (up for recert this month , but I think I'll skip it. Just not worth the hassle.) Currently, on WIC, we get cereal, juice, beans and carrots. THe carrots are done this month as ds3 is turning 1, and they don't care if you're still breastfeeding. If we didn't have so many allergies, we'd also be getting milk, cheese, eggs, peanut butter, and tuna. THe tuna has soy, which is why we can't get it. Wic is pretty much a waste of time for me, always has been b/c of my milk allergy (they do not substitute ANYTHING for milk right now. I think in like 5 years theu're planning on allowing soy, but I don't see how that will help people w/ food allergies since 70% of babies/children w/ milk allergy are also allergic to soy.) I mainly get it for the summer farmer's market checks. ALthough I usually use them all up the first 2 weeks or so. I guess the cereal's a good thing, but I'm a little tired of Rice and Corn chex and rice crispies. THey're the only non-wheat and non-oat cereals allowed.

WIC is basically just another way for the government to subsidize the dairy industry.

If you are formula feeding, they will give your baby any special formula the doc prescribes, no questions asked.
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Originally Posted by wendy1221
I guess the cereal's a good thing, but I'm a little tired of Rice and Corn chex and rice crispies. THey're the only non-wheat and non-oat cereals allowed.
Rice and Corn chex are not Gluten Free just incase you needed to know that. Neither are Rice Crispies. I believe they all have barley malt or malt flavoring which is the same thing.

Trix, Cocoa Pebbles, fruity pebbles, Cocoa Puffs and Dora the Explorer are without gluten ingredients at the moment.
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just wheat and oats. Oats b/c they're contaminated w/ wheat. Allergies, not CD. nak
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My son is the same way -- multiple poops a day until he was 4. We've just taken him off wheat, but it's hard to tell if it's affecting him. His poops are now more solid, but it could be that he's eating fewer raisins, grapes, and apples. I'm thinking we may need to go to the allergist, but I'm a little worried that he'll freak out with the scratch test. Can they do a blood test for wheat, soy, and dairy?
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it is not just wheat but gluten.

I have posted in regards to allergies.
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I wanted to report that dd had one solid stool yesterday (no other stools)! It just rolled right off her diaper into the toilet. Yay! I switched her to rice milk a day and a half ago. I'm really hopeful that that's the difference. Thanks!
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