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Penn and Teller

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Is there any place left on the net with the circumcision episode from Penn and Teller? I wanna see it but we cant find it, wahhh! They had it on you tube earlier today but it got taken off again before I had a chance to watch it
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Nevermind, I found it!!
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Wow!! That was awesome- thanks for that link!! Did that actually air on Television?!? I'm posting that on Myspace!! Thanks again.
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Yep, it sure did! I know some people didnt like it because of all the jokes and dildos, but I enjoyed it. And I even laughed a few times
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I cringed everytime they showed a baby about to be circ'd. I am so glad my ds is whole!!
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Thank you so much for posting this...it's now on my myspace.
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I'm trying to watch it, but I think I'll have nightmares. I really can't watch circumcisions.

And to think that they find the term 'barbaric' "too harsh"...
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Ok I have to just say THANK YOU SO MUCH for this. My hubby actually watched the whole thing with me and he didn't realize that THAT is how they do circs!
Oh and he thought of something... he said the couple's baby looked like the first baby to get circed. Anyone know the outcome of their baby?
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I would love to post it on my myspace page, but do you think they would consider it "porn" or inappropriate? I wouldn't want my account deleted.
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Originally Posted by cristina63303
I'm trying to watch it, but I think I'll have nightmares. I really can't watch circumcisions.

And to think that they find the term 'barbaric' "too harsh"...
I'm only a few minutes into it, but I'm already in tears. : I'll keep trying, though, if there's something else besides multiple viewings of a baby being tortured. :
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I like it because it's a pretty mainstream source but I was a little disappointed in a few things. First I don't think they used the most persuasive arguments against circ. Yeah it is painful but honestly that's not the biggest problem with circ. THey didn't mention how the penis actually works and they didn't show any intact adult penis's, only brief glimpses of intact babies and really awful pics of newly circumcised. I also think people should be more aware that restoration doesn't actually replace the foreskin, it only creates new skin to cover the glans. The frenulum and foreskin and all the important work it does is still gone forever. However, I can see it being a really great intro to the issue for uneducated men.

And yes I did notice that the baby they were holding at the end looked remarkably similar to the baby we had to watch screaming in agony several times throughout the film

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OK so before I watch it - they show the circ? I think DH would watch this but I can't stand even the thought of seeing a baby in such pain.
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I think it was really good for something from a mainstream source. Thanks for the link.
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That was ...I don't know ..great and awful. I cried when they showed the circumcision operation and Penn and Teller did make me laugh. It was hard to watch and I gave my little intact baby boy an extra little hug. It is so heartbreaking. when a friend of mine found out she pregnant I sent her all sorts of anti circ info but they decided to do it anyway and I kept thinking of him and how after myfreidn had him circ'd she cried when she saw the bandage and was glad she wasn't in the room...:
I wish i had this video to send at the time..
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Awww, I'm sorry guys! Yes, they do show at least one circumcision, but I think most of that is at the begining of the show. Maybe you could fast forward through that part.....I will have to watch it again to see the baby again. I hadnt noticed that, but I will keep my eyes open next time. I sooo hope that that isnt the case, but I couldnt help but think that since they didnt tell us whether they did or not, they probably did it All because of that STUPID locker room argument! (BTW, I know the dad didnt want it done even though he was made fun of, but how bad could it really have been-they never said HE went and got circ'd over it, so why should they do that to their son?!)
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I will have nightmares now. I am so thankful that I did not have that done to Ivan. I cannot believe that is being done to innocent babies every 26 seconds! That one poor little baby that they showed with that *&#@*&% clamp on him. : Just laying there in shock. :

I really hate that people do this to their babies and that doctors and nurses can smile about it. What the hell is wrong with people? (sarcasm)

And I hated the part showing all those silly girls saying that foreskins were "Ewwww, gross." That, sadly, is what a bunch of people will probably take away from the show.
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I was able to watch it, while cringing and crying, but DH left the room the second he heard the first baby screaming, and wouldn't come back until I'd turned it off. I wonder if it's subconsciously summoning memories of his own experience.

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Thank you so much for posting the link!

I don't think I can watch it myself, but I'm so psyched to be able to share it with others- especially those who need the shock and horror to understand!

I listened to this episode on youtube.com, and thought it was great.

The women saying it was gross was sad.
Do they mention that the majority of babies born today are kept intact?
That girls of the future will be used to the idea?
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What was most ridiculous about the people on the streets they were talking to....none of them even KNEW what circumcision was when they asked them the first time around, yet they all said "gross" when they asked them what they thought of an uncirc'd penis. So, they really DON'T have any idea what they are talking about.

I will say, I too was disappointed in a lack of some information - they didn't mention the frenulum at all, for instance, nor did they talk about how the foreskin was fused to the glans at birth/in childhood, or retraction. I wish they had added that information in there. but it was good for what it was, for sure.

I hated watching the babies, though. :
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My dh just watched this with me and said that he would still want Sam to make the decision for himself and to have him remain intact and that although crude in some places, they make some very good arguments against circumcision. He also asked me who the yahoo was with the bow-tie..

I still wonder what that couple decided to do. I still have a very hard time with watching that happening to a baby and to hear the crying: and I had a hard time watching it in the video.

I think it was good because it gets this info. out to more people and perhaps in a format that many people can relate to. It helps to put a bigger picture to intactivism and to show that the pro-circumcisers out there are using myth and fear mongering to further their agendas.

thanks for posting the link.
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