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I added it to my video links!

I also sent it to Christopher- he's intact, and doesn't much understand "intactavists", saying "Everything I know about foreskin I learned on my own."

ETA: Christopher just wrote back in an email saying, "haha... that was cool! Thanks."

One thing I noticed in rewatching this is that they dubbed over the original sound in the circumcision footage. And actually, part of that circumcision can be seen on my video page on my site http://www.circumcisionquotes.com/video.html (Where it says *View Video* ) I wish I could see that whole video. You see more of it in this show than you do in the "Whose Body? Whose Rights?" documentary. Dr. Dean Edell recorded the circ, actually, but I haven't been able to find out how to get a copy of the whole thing.
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I had wanted to see this, but I had to stop as soon as I saw that first baby crying so hard he was shaking.
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oh my.

I've already apologized to my teenage son for circ'ing him...and he told me he accepted my apology and not to bring it up again. I promised.

This makes me want to break that promise and tell him I'm sorry all over again.

It also makes me incredibly vocal. One son too late , but maybe I'll save someone else.

saved the video too....icky icky icky
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Thanks for re-posting this. I hadn't seen it. I love it!!
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Originally Posted by dynamohumm6
What was most ridiculous about the people on the streets they were talking to....none of them even KNEW what circumcision was when they asked them the first time around, yet they all said "gross" when they asked them what they thought of an uncirc'd penis. So, they really DON'T have any idea what they are talking about.
Years ago, I mentioned to my then-boyfriend that I would never circ a child. While he had heard the word before, he had to ask me whether he was circed.
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WOW, and that is why i'm against circ. i better make my dp watch that, just incase he is thinking about trying to fight me on that issue. thanks for posting
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Originally Posted by e123vg
WOW, and that is why i'm against circ. i better make my dp watch that, just incase he is thinking about trying to fight me on that issue. thanks for posting
I just clicked on your homepage for your daughter- Guess who was in here with me when I did? My daughter- Nataleigh! : I thought *I* made up that spelling! : "Just why do you think you... um... you thought you made it up?" (That's what Nataleigh just said to me. She's almost 7!) The story behind her name is that I wanted to name her Alexandra Leigh and my ex then said he wanted to name her Natalie and so I compromised and said Nataleigh Alexandra Thomson Gardner. (Two middle names- but not 3!)
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The video has not been up and working for over a week now. Is there another source to view the Penn and Teller video?
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Hmmm...I'm not sure, I can ask my dh about it. I think he saved the episode to his computer or to a DVD or something, but I could be wrong. He isnt here to ask though...
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Oh NO! I had DP send this to a friend of his that sent us a birth announcement the other day- we hadn't even known his wife was having a baby. We were shocked to hear she'd just had a boy, and I asked DP to send him that link. That sucks that they didn't get to watch it.
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How graphic is it? I kinda wanna see it...
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Originally Posted by MonicaS View Post
I would love to post it on my myspace page, but do you think they would consider it "porn" or inappropriate? I wouldn't want my account deleted.
I'll bet that depends on Tom's status.
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Originally Posted by NGOTB50 View Post
How graphic is it? I kinda wanna see it...
I guess it sort of depends on your emotional state.
There is some footage of circs being done, but the camera doesn't zoom in for any close-ups. (I think: I was cringing and hiding my eyes for those parts, so I may have missed something...)

They make some good points, though as far as getting concrete information out there, they really just got the tip of the iceburg.

They point out the basics of how stupid circing is at this point. Their closing statement was good enough that I wrote it down so I could quote it. It is, unfortunately, riddled with words that don't comply with the UA here...
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MonicaS, perhaps myspace will allow it if you inform the admins up front that there is some nudity but nothing vile in the video. It's like a biology class to be honest. (oh, and with a few swear words of course! )
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Originally Posted by ramlita View Post
Years ago, I mentioned to my then-boyfriend that I would never circ a child. While he had heard the word before, he had to ask me whether he was circed.
Gosh... imagine NOT KNOWING whether you were circumcised or not Amazing what parents don't tell their children. Actually, I would bet good money that my brothers don't know that they are They'll find out once I have a son, by golly And they'll find out regardless if I have a son before THEY have any sons!!!

My parents weren't big on "the talk."

love and peace.
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Oh yes. That is like the lady who knocked on my window, asking where I got my bumper sticker (foreskins are not a birth defect) and then proceeded to ask how I could drive around with that, having little kids ask their parents about THAT! I told her that they deserved to know...and after recovering from the shock (no one has ever said anything negative about my sticker, let alone knock on my window) added that if she was that ashamed, maybe she shouldnt have done it.
I know of a lot of guys who dont learn what circumcision even is until they are going through puberty-or even into adulthood. I KNOW this is part of the reason that a lot of guys have such a hard time grasping the concept that something is wrong with it. I mean, if you dont even learn about it until you are 22, you probably think...hmmm, my parents never told me about it and they love me so it must have been for the best. That or their parents tell them from the time they are little that foreskins are gross, that it didnt hurt, that it was for the best. I know my dh was very easy to turn into an intactivist (and he was against RIC well before I met him) because his own two bros are intact and he had grown up knowing that it wasnt normal and that it did hurt-and that his parents were so sorry. I guess that can make those who have circ'd sons have hope for their grandkids!!
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The show is back up!!!!!!

Hurry! Send it to everyone you know!

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Hey everybody!
It was gone again, and now it's back again!

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Thanks so much for posting this. I've been looking for a "live" feed for a while - I was so glad to watch it and then show it to my husband. I mean, it's horrible, but it's snarky and irreverent enough to send to people without seemingly browbeating.

All my husband said, "BOY am I glad we didn't circumcise him!"
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Just saw the P&T circ episode last night. Had to mute it and close my eyes during all baby-mutilation spots.

I was amazed that the guy from NORM showed us what a restored penis looks like. It looked *almost* normal.

I am happy that they think 'circumcision' is BullS**t!
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