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Organizing and decorating

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I'm still de-cluttering (and likely will be for quite awhile) but I'm starting to organize and decorate a bit too.

The other day I went out and bought three under bed storage boxes (the soft ones that are made of cloth and have a vinyl window). The winter blankets haven't really had a home til now. A huge pile of them has sat on a dresser all summer, a smaller pile in another bedroom and another pile in a closet where it keeps falling on the floor. We keep the heat low during the winter and really need all the blankets but I obviously needed a better place to store them when not in use.

So I got these three boxes and then I washed every blanket in the house and went to the laundromat to dry them (we don't have a dryer and it had been raining for a week and I just wanted them done ASAP).

Now all three boxes are full of blankets and waiting to go under my bed Tomorrow I'm going to vacuum out under there (with a dust mask : ) and then put them all in.

Meanwhile, last weekend was my birthday. Last year, dh bought me a beautiful print (that I asked for - to heck with hints ) of a woman dancing in front of a sun. It's been sitting, unframed (but still in it's protective cover) in the kitchen all year. Well, this birthday, dh made me an oak frame to put it in It's beeeeeeeeeyoutiful! I hung it up in the front room and every time I go in there I see that woman joyously dancing in a red dress in front of a big yellow sun. You can't help but be uplifted by it

I have to concentrate on de-cluttering because I still need to do that, but I have such an urge to re-decorate now! I just have to decide what I want to do. I'm going for "warm and inviting". I just need to get more of an idea of what that means to me

What's everyone else doing?
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Congratulations on your blanket boxes & hanging your birthday picture, Shannon! Well done.

I have a friend who says her house is a horrible mess & seems to feel she/her family don't "deserve" to buy furniture, decorate, fix up till it's neat. My opinion is the opposite, that if they'd lavish some attention on specific areas that would inspire them to organize, eliminate clutter & continue the process. Even small steps are progress. If you can paint a hallway & use it as a gallery for family pictures, arrange family dishes & ornaments in a china closet, figure out a way to display quilts, or some similar effort it gives everyone a mental & spiritual lift. Once you see how nice some parts of your home can look you're energized to move into other parts of it.
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it's true. having a decorated space does encourage you to maintain it and declutter around it.

when we decluttered, reorganized, and 'redecorated' (we mostly moved furniture around and spread out decorative items to give them more prominence), we wanted to keep the room clean and neat. That spread to the next room, and then the next, and then the next. now all of our rooms are nice and orderly.

we have to tackle the closets next.
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Shannon, that print sounds beautiful. Was it local, or can we see it online?
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Shannon~ Happy Belated Birthday!

Great idea for a thread. We've been painting and remodeling the kitchen (bought new countertop, fridge, moved the computer and now have room for a breakfast table). In doing this, we changed the color scheme in the kitchen to green and cream. I get to redecorate in there also. So far I've bought some decorative, but useful accessories like a bigger crock for the wooden spoons, utensils I use at the stove. It's yellow and has a red and green rooster on it! It's really cute and is giving the room kind of a french country feel. I still need a valance and a table, but it is really staying organized.

Next, I would really like to decorate the third bedroom for ben. He still sleeps with us, so his books and toys are in a couple of different places. I really have to work on that spare room for him
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I've been doing a little some touch up work, not redecorating since we are moving, but painting the walls, patching holes, ect... once i get it looking nice and organized it seems to fall together better though!
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Originally Posted by Past_VNE
Shannon, that print sounds beautiful. Was it local, or can we see it online?
Yup It's this http://www.gaiantarot.com/majors/sun.html I have the 8.5 x 11 print.

Joan, thanks for the birthday wishes Care to share pics of your kitchen? It sounds pretty

I forgot, I also bought a shoe rack for the shoes. The shoes always just got dumped in "the shoe place" which was a pile by the front door. Now I have an over the door rack that fits (just barely!) in the front room closet. Not a shoe to be seen! Wow, such a small thing makes such a big difference!

Closets . . . don't talk to me about closets :
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Shannon, that is such a cool print! Happy belated birthday
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A friend of mine always says that serious decluttering is the world's cheapest remodel. I think there is some truth to this!

It is easier to keep the room straight when it's well decorated. But take clutter out of any room and it looks amazingly better.

I'm still working on this, but it sounds like some of you are really moving along!
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