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You can totally carry those babies to term. My 5'1" Thai friend carried hers to 40 weeks and had two HUGE babies... her DS is American. She could barely walk at the end but so enjoyed it! (I have great pictures of her using the tractor to get her around their farm LOL)
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Yep, totally rude! I'm another twin mama on the small side (5'3" and 115-120 if I'm weighing what I should weigh - but only a bit more than that pre-preg). My twins were born full term and were both very healthy and of good size (just shy of 7 & 8lbs each). Don't let ignorant comments like that get to you!
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It is amazing how many people don't have that shut off switch in their heads when it comes to knowing what is not appropriate to say. I have had so many rude and downright mean comments about my twins. The "better you then me" one makes me ! I always look them in the eye and with a very deadpan tone say "You're right...it IS better me then you." Ugh!!! Another one I hated when I was pregnant was when someone asked my due date and when I'd tell them they'd comment about how big I was...then when I'd say I'm having twins they'd then say "Oh, you're not very big for twins". : Uhhh....okay.

Don't let the rude comments get to you. Stay confident that you CAN and WILL carry these babies to term and show all of them just how very wrong they were.
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Originally Posted by twinmommykc
And then.... after the birth, get ready for the next set of comments...."double trouble, your hands are full, are your b/g twins identical, etc.....
DH had a great response to the question of 'are your b/g twins identical...'

Response: Oh sure, until you take off their diapers. :
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I'm not carrying twins, but am expecting an "Irish twin" and have gotten so many rude comments.

I was at a bridal shop with one of my best friends a few weeks ago and had DD in the sling, and my friend said something about my current pregnancy, and a store employee overheard her and said, "Oh my god, you're pregnant again?! You're baby's so young! Ugh...you poor thing, you must just feel awful. I would absolutely kill myself if I got pregnant so soon after having a baby! What are you going to do?"

me: Thanks, we're thrilled! We always knew we wanted four kids, and are so happy to get to have them while we're still so young and can enjoy raising them! It'll be a blast watching my youngest two learn things together!

I also get a lot of people telling me I'll never carry this baby to term, since DD was a 30wkr. Gee thanks. Not like I'm terrified already!
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UGH! I got all kinds of rude comments when I was pg with the twins. One lady just looked at me with this look of shock and disgust and was like... "You mean, you're gonna have FOUR kids??!" : I always thought you mammas with "near twins" had it worse though, in terms of comments and judgement. My sister's boys are 15 months apart. She got a lot more flack form strangers during her 2nd pg than I did during my twins.
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I know the smallest petitest little women that carried triplets to 36 weeks! So please ignore them. . . . .
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I just wanted to add another "success" story to your book: I'm 5'3", weighed 135 pp & carried my twins to 38w1d when twin b punched a hole in her bag, otherwise, I'm sure I would've gone longer! Oh & they were 6lb3oz each (1st baby - singleton - was 6lb13)
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You must be frustrated from your family, sorry for that. Often Mom and MIL's say the wrong thing and not realize all you need is support and positive people around you. I was 120 and 5'5 and carried my twins to 38 wks one was 7 lbs and the other 5'8oz, so for a little girl I did alright. You'll be amazed well your body will do. Think positive and don't let anyone get you down. My Father- IL said to me on my first pregancy "I think you are very week and can't take pain, you'll ask for the epidural. I was so taken back, well I had my first two with NO MEDS and twins with NO MEDS. I would love to throw it back to his face, but I'm not that kinda person, but I'm sure he realizes. Good luck,
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Size is not the issue, I am 6 foot and still was only able to carry by twin girls till they were 36 weeks, both were healthy and spent no time in the hospital after dilivery. They weighted in at 5# 11 oz and 5# 12. My girlfriend who had twins carried hers till she was 38 weeks and she is only 5' 3". They were both in the high 6#. So take it all in stride, as someone eles posted the comments don't stop after birth they just seem to get more far out. Take as much time now to take care of yourself and keep well rested. I didn't eat for 3, I slept for three.
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A friend of mine (normally quite petite) had her twins at 40 or 41 weeks- each was over 7 lbs. She had no problems nursing them either! (They're 10 now and long since weaned!)
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