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Permanent teeth growing in before baby teeth are out?

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Has this happened to anyone else's child? My 7 year old ds told me it felt like he had a scab in his mouth. I took a look inside and his two bottom permanent teeth are growing in. his baby teeth aren't even loose yet? He's not in any pain. Should I just wait and give it some time? Call the dentist? i don't want his permamnent teeth growing in incorrectly, but I don't want him to have any unnecessary dental procedures liek pulling the teeth if we don't need to.
He thinks it's pretty groovy. The main thing is that there is no pain.
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This happened to my seven yr old dd. Only it was on the top. Her two front teeth were kind of loose. Then her permanent teeth started to grow in before they fell out. The previously loose teeth tightened back up because of the pressure, and the two growing in made her baby teeth stick out foreward. It looked HORRIBLE!! I took her to our dentist and he pulled them. Phew! Looks much better. The receptionist told me this is very common. I was surprised to hear that. Good luck with your ds, whatever you decide.
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Apparently this happened to my mom as well. She said her teeth loosened up and fell out. I'll give it a bit of time then call the dentist if those baby teeth don't start loosening up.
DS thinks it's pretty cool.
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My dad and I had this issue, and now DD.

My dentist pulled pretty much every one of my baby teeth. He wasn't really interested in whether the pain relief was adequate, so this was pretty awful for me. I think they'd wait until an adult tooth was starting to surface, and bring me in to get the baby counterpart pulled. So most of my teeth didn't get too dramatically out of place, and they ended up straightening out on their own.

My good friend's childhood dentist took the opposite approach:
they let everything grow in, to the point where she had double rows of teeth. Then the baby teeth fell out on their own time, and she had braces for years to fix everything.

DD has had one bottom tooth start to grow in behind the one she had, lost the baby one, and the new one grew right in where it was supposed to. Looks like it's happening again with the other bottom/front.

I don't know yet what we want to do if it happens with all of her teeth the way it did for me...
I started a thread about it here a while back, but didn't get much response... I wish there were more traffic in this forum!
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This is happening right now with my 4 year old DS. I noticed a big bump behind his bottom front teeth this past week and was getting worried because it was getting bigger. I thought maybe he had a piece of popcorn or something stuck in his gum causing it to swell around it, so I called the dentist just a little while ago and scheduled an appointment to see what the bump is. After getting off the phone I looked in his mouth to see what was going on with the bump and it is almost gone (I guess it was swelling) with a shiny new tooth poking through. I didn't even know he had a tooth loose. He is not in any pain at this point either.

I'm not sure what will happen on Monday at the dentist appointment. I am pretty sure they will want to pull the baby tooth, so I will be doing lots of research before then.

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Just wanted to update on the dentist visit yesterday. All is well with DS's teeth. The dentist asked me what I wanted to do with the loose tooth and I told him I didn't want to take it out. He said that was fine with him, he wouldn't take it out unless we wanted him to. He did say it could take a couple months for the tooth to come out on it's own, even though it is very loose. He also advised that DS may have some crowding and we "may" need to do something later on about that, but for now he said all looked great! He checked the other teeth and found we have a 6 year old molar all the way in and another one with the "points" through (not sure what those are actually called). DS thought it was very funny that he has "6 year old's teeth" (he's only 4).

We actully both liked this dentist. He is in a family practice office instead of the pediatric office we had been going to (which was awful, horrible experiences). If anyone is in Lexington, KY, I would be glad to give his phone number if you are looking for a new dentist.

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Thanks for the info ladies. we have a dental appointment next week. Our dentist is awesome, it's very important to him that the children not be afraid and that they are comfortable. I'm hoping we can go the natural route, but if they have to be pulled, I know they'll make it as easy as possible for him.
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DS's loose tooth came out this morning about 1:10 am. I heard DS wake up and get out of bed to come get in our bed...about half way to my bed, I heard him getting all excited and he came running saying it had just come out when he jumped out of bed.

Now we are planning our tooth celebration for this evening.

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You have a baby shark!
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