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Dear every freaking store that sells baby clothes - Page 2

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basicbrilliance.com and others. Just say no to factory same-old same-old shopping. I don't work for them, but I love their colors and basic, roomy, adorable clothing. If it's wrong to mention them, delete away.
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Originally Posted by frontierpsych
Okay, i feel so cheap. Everyone seems to buy baby clothes from the gap.
Only when they are marked way way down to a reasonable price ;-) which actually the newborn sizes often are.
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I'm totally with you all on this one... The only clothes I actually bought for the baby are a bright lime green striped outfit and one layette which is sage/ivory. I love the color sage but it's gonna get reeeeeal old after a while. And my mom just sent me all this typical baby blue stuff.

I'm seriously thinking of getting a sewing machine (err, actually asking mom to get me one ) so I can take some of my old shirts and stuff and sew some bright baby stuff. (I have an orange tyedye shirt I can't wait to transform).

(and on a related note, WTH is up with all those onesies? I'm imagining that cloth diapering a babe with a huge fluffy butt is NOT gonna be easy with those. and plus I've got wool soakers/longies...but no t-shirts. I'm gonna have to whip out the scissors...)
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Those first two layette pieces are all I ever got at Baby gap, the rest of the time it was ebay and resale shops all the way.
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I ran into this problem this week when I went shopping. I haven't really gone baby clothes shopping yet. I was so disgusted that I could not find ONE gender neutral outfit. Even I do have a girl I don't particularly like PINK, greens and reds and yellows are nice colors. If I have a boy I don't think I want to see him in BLUE absolutely everyday.
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not on the ddc but the title was funny

kidsurplus.com is a great website and I think they have zutano, which has lots of GN bold colors.
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apart from onesies, I've bought everything either at the consignment store, Ebay, or on the TP here - so even though I've gotten some adorable things (Gap, Gymboree etc) I haven't paid much for them; there just doesn't seem much point when they'll grow out of them so fast, plus when they've been worn/washed they are so much softer.....
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butting in from march ddc..

there is an adorable line called Mon Reve at www.trendychic.com
It is just plain cotton, although they do have pink/blue they also have the plain all white which I love. I think babies look most precious in simple white cotton.
Anyway just go to the site and click on baby and then on shop by brand at the bottom left and choose Mon Reve.
I got a few pieces and they are wonderfully soft and well made. I got the kimono shirt+baby boxers in white-precious.
There is a sale on it though and I think a lot of it is already sold out.

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Originally Posted by maxmama
PS: Even those of us who did find out the gender may not want to beat gender identity into their heads at birth. Are retailers afraid of spontaneous sex changes if anything other than blue sports-themed clothing touches my son's body?
OMG...I can so relate!!! I refused to put pink on my DD. I also refused to put her in frilly (or any) dresses. Poor thing had to walk around in blue clothes or the one tie dyed onsie I found for her for almost a year. oh, I did find a few black onsies from a punk/metal store so she also advertised for a few bands that year
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I'm having a girl and just so sick of all the pink already:

Where are the baby clothes in primary colors?? I would just love to have anything in some non- pastel greens, blues, reds, purples, browns!

The only thing I have purchased clothes wise- white onesies...
People are just trying to be sweet and supportive, and I so appreciate all the gifts, but PLEASE MAKE THE PINK STOP!!!
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I know that babystyle has some very 'primary' colored stuff, pants, t-shirts, and things not in the usual pastel.

I had purple pants and a 'rusty' tan shirt that both my boys loved wearing because they were so soft....and they are still usable if this new baby is a girl. Also they are stretchy and Cloth Diaper friendly!

Here is a link to the pants in various sizes, with little links to the t-shirts and long sleeve t-shirts.

They are on 'sale', but definitely not cheap stuff...but durable and oh so nice fabric!

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