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I have always heard that if you eat an egg or two with the CO then you will not have the unpleasant diarrhea.

CO has worked for me on several occasions when it was necessary to get things going. So, for me, I would do it again if necessary.
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Originally Posted by huggerwocky
I'm feeling guilty because I had to call the midwife AGAIN. The water this morning was not clear, but might be me using my mucuous plug,too. I freaked out and saw myself in the hospital already, totally lost it

So I waited some before calling, at least I didn't wake her up.

She'll listen to the baby later and I'm really looking forward to that. She will probably offer to induce labour naturally with herbs. Would you do it? I'm due on wednesday. Husband is completely for it....he's a nervous wreck.

So, the drama continues :
Ummm, it totally depends on your comfort level. I had a long talk with the mw during my pg about waters breaking, etc. because of what happened with my labor with DD. She was totally fine with waiting upwards of a week (she said basically as long as it takes), as long as everything checks out fine. She said after a few days, she would probably suggest staying in the house, etc. to be more cautious.

I personally don't think I would induce even with natural methods if everything was looking okay. I completely trust my mw and know she would tell me her thoughts on it if I asked. I don't know that I could wait a week, but I would take it day by day and see how I felt. But this comes form having the experience I did in the hospital and coming VERY close to a c/s. I'd do anything to avoid that and inducing, even naturally, would bother me I think.

Are there any issues you need to work out before baby comes? Maybe emotional issues, a problem with DH, anything? Sometimes that can stall labor. Just a thought. . .

Just think: You are SO close to meeting your little babe and you are going to do great!
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A hindwater leak occurs when only a small amount of fluid is released. There can be many reasons for this occurring rather than a full ROM.



Obviously, the risk of infection will be higher when there is a large opening in the amniotic sac directly over the cervix, and the risk of infection will be almost negligible when the fluid is leaking from a high leak in the hindwaters. Bacteria would have to be awfully clever to find their way against a tide of outflowing fluid to find a small opening high in the amniotic sac.

Some ways to tell that the fluid is coming from a high leak in the hindwaters:

Belly still feels full of fluid, and baby's body isn't clearly outlined in the belly
Without touching the cervix, do a vaginal exam with sterile gloves to palpate the lower uterine segment directly inside the vagina. If the baby is easily ballotable, meaning it kind of floats up a bit, then there's still fluid in the belly, and the leak isn't over the cervix.


There are two layers of membranes - the outer sac (the chorion), and the inner sac (the amnion); it is possible for the outer sac to break while the inner sac remains intact; this can still release some fluid that might have accumulated between the layers. This would tend to be a small amount of fluid, and generally there is not a continuing trickle.
It is possible for baby to poke a hole through the membranes at some point. Then, as fluid is released, the sac may double over on itself at that point and, like Glad Wrap, stick to itself, forming a seal over the leak. Again, this would tend to be a small amount of fluid, and generally there is not a continuing trickle.

There is no inherent benefit either way. Some women find drippy labours irritating after ROM, some women’s membranes do not rupture until crowning, some never do and the baby is born “in the caul”. If you’re birthing in a hospital, regardless of how much fluid has left the building, stay home until contractions are strong and close together or you’ll be on a timetable and pressured to induce. You will be told that you are at risk of infection.

NICE guidelines from the UK state that women can go up to 96 hours without being induced. The likelihood of infection is significantly reduced if you put nothing in your vagina (this includes VEs which are a major way germs are spread) and stay home in your own friendly germ environment as long as possible.


5.5 Induction of Labour in the presence of Prelabour Rupture of the Membranes (page 2

5.5.1 ....Epidemiological data on time interval from term PROM to spontaneous labour demonstrates that most women go into spontaneous labour within 24 hours of rupturing their membranes.

86% of women will labour within 12-23 hours
91% will labour within 24-47 hours
94% will labour within 48-95 hours
6% of women will not be in spontaneous labour witthin 96 hours of PROM.

USA Midwife Archives page on Prelabour Rupture Of Membranes:

NICE/RCOG guidelines on induction of labour (short form)

NICE/ RCOG evidence- based full clinical guideline on induction of labour

Premature Rupture of Membranes (PROM) By Elizabeth Bruce, on the Compleat Mother site. Discusses both prelabour and preterm rupture of membranes.

Preterm Prelabour Rupture of Membranes, from the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center - Straightforward factsheet.

PROM guidelines from MoonDragon Midwifery Practice

Midwifery Today e-news on premature (ie prelabour) rupture of membranes

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Oooo, haven't heard an update from you. Are you in labor? *waiting impatiently for some news* If you are, I hope all is going beautifully.
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I was one who had to wait and wait... but oh I learned to wait thru a hard lesson, I was one who didn't know better and followed the OB's instructions to go STRAIGHT to the hosp. when my water broke....only to face the pit, and then 12 hrs later the unnecesary c-section. With my last my membranes fully ruptured, standing water in my shoes....and it took 69.5 hrs (yes I was counting....as patiently as I could) until my contractions were rythmic, I am a firm believer that it is worth the wait. Can't wait to hear abou this little bub! Wishing you the best.
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After seeing the midwife in the late afternoon sunday I went into labor at around 8 o'clock and had a
.Baby Girl

At half past 2 am, sept 11, weighing 9 pounds and 1 oz, measuring 21 and 1/4 inches , born at home in water
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So, I guess it was amniotic fluid


Welcome newest little wocky
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Oh CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you. Welcome to the world precious baby girl! :
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Congratulations, mama!!!
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Excellent news! I have been thinking about you Way to go Mama

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Can't wait to learn her name and read her full birth story...BTW, if you do baby books, you might want to print out this entire thread for her to read someday...
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Woohoo! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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: Happy Birthday little one!
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well done huggerwocky, baby girl, and mother nature!!!!

Another success story of letting a woman's body do it's birth thang! What a fun thread this has been--thanks for letting some mdc pals share this excitment with you!
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Great news!
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Congratulations on the newest addition to your family!
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