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Please send vibes for Mama2toomany...

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In case you missed the thread on the main Pregnancy page...

I just noticed babies activities have dropped way down so I went to the peri (right down the road) and they did a u/s that showed that my cervix is less than one cm... and i am leaking fluid so they want to admit me.

I am only 31 weeks with twins so if you could say a prayer for my intended father's little girls I would appreciate it.
please send this great mama lots and lots of ~*~*~*~*healthy babies*~*~*~*~ vibes....
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I will keep her and the little ones in my thoughts (and the babies fathers too).
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Sending lots of "babies stay in" vibes!!!!
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They are definitely in my prayers. Thanks for the post.
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definite positive thoughts going out! **~stay in, babies~**
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: stay in babies!!!
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More ******Stay in Babies****** vibes! I hope she's doing OK!!
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hoping the best for those babies...keep us updated, mama!
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prayers for mama and babies! (and dad's too)
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Stay in little twins,

and do just a bit more growing

Hang in there mama, hope your babies are getting a little extra time inside the womb.
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Thank you everyone! I am still in the hospital on there old ratty broken down keyboard and computer... its a wonder this dinasour is getting the job done.

Well still here and still on that nasty magnesium... but I am getting a Tribuline pump to help me out and once they see that the pump will work with out the magnes. they will let me go home on the pump. So all that asside I am never leaving my house again lol

I miss my babies... and I keep losing it all the time and crying my eyes out that I want to be home with my dd. I know i shouldn't complain but I hate being by myself and away from my dd. And this feels like Jail... a little room, horrid bed... bad tv... someone comes in every couple of hours to tell me to take this pill or swallow this and drink all that... make sure you measure your input and out take.... *wankers)

I have not had very many visiters. And I am just so sad now.I can't stop crying all the time and of course because of this I must be having some sort of anxiety attach because I miss my family... So now they all want to
load up that pregnany hormonal chick" with adavant and get sleeping and quite.

I just want to go home curl up and bed and have these babies then call the ambulence and say "come and get em" and I can stay right here at home.
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Hi Mama!
I'm so sorry you're feeling so sad. I could imagine though being away from your dd! I was away from my dd this evening--I got a lot of cleaning done, but I missed her terribly! now she is sleeping next to me and I am thankful!!
I'm sorry you have to be there...but brighter days are ahead! I hope the food is ok! heehee
I had to laugh reading your post--imagining you on the computer to mothering.com at the hospital. There must only be a handful of nurses that even know what that is! And for you to check mothering.com out and draw some strength from it should make them take notice! See--you are an activist even in the hospital!
Thanks for posting--we've all been worrying/thinking about you!
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praying for you, mama
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Not in your DDC but had to drop in to send prayers your way for your healthy baby girls. I am so sorry you are sad mama-hang in there you are doing an amazing thing-giving an amazing gift! Love to you!
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Still in the hopspital and still waiting for the pump and class . hopefully that ill be tomorrow!!!

then I can be home on the pump and spend some times with my sweet dd. Thank you all for all the well wishes and positive thoughts.. I needed them greatly!!!
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Hang in there, it will all be over soon.
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I wish you the best of luck! Hope you get to go home soon.
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good to get your update; I'm glad those babies are staying in there for a while longer, and that you'll hopefully get to go home and be with your family - I'm sure they've all missed you terribly

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I was just thinking about you last night and hoping the babies were still inside growing!! I'm so glad to hear they are. I hope you are home soon with your dd.
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