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I didn't even know this tribe existed!!! I am totally in!!! I have a major crappy sleeper!! 7.5 months old. Won't sleep in crib, very restless sleeper, comfort nurser constantly at night!: Driving me crazy, however, I love to sleep with him. But, my back is killing me and I haven't had more than 2.5 hours of straight sleep for over 7 months now!!! Argh!!!
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count me in too! My dd is 14 months. She does great with the 7pm-12am and then it's all down hill from there! Waking just about every 2 hrs.UGGH! And it always changes as soon as you start saying how well they sleep...Hope to have a better night tonight!
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I just saw this.

I'm a mommy of a frequent waker(s) too. DD1 slept thru the night from 2mths until she hit 9mths old. Since then she wakes up about 2-4x a night. Her worse night ever, was when i counted that i got up for her 12x in a span of 1.5hrs. :

She did sleep better after about 2yrs old but since she started school, it's worse. Also since she started school, dd2 wakes up in the middle of the night, missing her sister. So we get to have them both in our bedroom by 2am.

The baby sleep better than those two.
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Just checking in on this thread. I have three kids. The oldest has always had difficulty at night. He is three and still wakes during the night, although we have worked with him a lot so that when he wakes, it isn't so disruptive to all of our schedules. We set up a little nest for him next to our bed so he can wander in at any time and sleep on the floor, and the understanding is that he doesn't wake us up unless he had a nightmare or needs help with something.

He also had night terrors for a while, which was just awful. I had a really hard time with that, but it did help a lot once I finally realized what was going on.
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I just found this...so count me in too! DS is almost one and wakes around every 1.5-2 hours.
Last night I got 4 uninterrupted hours of sleep in a row, the first time that has happened in over 6 months, so I'm feeling pretty high today!! It wasn't him who woke up, though, it was ME, and his head was sleeping between the wall and the bedframe, oh my goodness that was panic for me! I wonder if I woke up because I unconsciously felt that something was wrong, or if my brain is just used to waking up so much?!?!!
So, here's wishing at least 4 hours uninterrupted to all of us tonight! (most people I know IRL would be absolutely horrified if I told them how excited I was over 4 hours of sleep.....)
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Hey, mamas! I am wondering if this tribe might be better suited to the Nighttime Parenting forum. You could still call it a tribe, but finding your tribe has some specific guidelines:
Though Finding Your Tribe was originally opened to help parents find each other based on their location we have welcomed tribe threads for parents of a like-minded path to meet and chit chat with one another. However, such threads should not take a focus of discussion for a topic that is hosted in an existing forum at MDC.

A natural course of chit chat discussion might carry you into discussing your daily lives and sharing events and struggles. But focused discussion of a parenting topic, a breastfeeding issue or problem, an activist or political issue, a religious concern or belief, just to name a few, should go to the appropriate forum for discussion with the larger MDC community. If you have any question in this regard feel free to check with the moderators before posting. Should you post or thread not be appropriate for FYT on this basis it may be moved to the appropriate forum.

So, if conversation is mostly going to center around sleep issues rather than "chit chat," nighttime parenting would be a better home.

Let me know what you think!
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I found this after it was suggested it be moved so hopefully I can find it again. I am the mom of a crummy sleeper! Unfortuanely, he is 10. No, not 10 months - 10 years. He is incredibly active, plays recreational soccer and competetive hockey and lacrosse and still very little sleep. He has multiple allergies, all being treated, as well as well controlled asthma so melatonin is contraindicated. if I'm not welcome I'll go back to my corner.:
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Originally Posted by 34me View Post
I found this after it was suggested it be moved so hopefully I can find it again. I am the mom of a crummy sleeper! Unfortuanely, he is 10. No, not 10 months - 10 years. He is incredibly active, plays recreational soccer and competetive hockey and lacrosse and still very little sleep. He has multiple allergies, all being treated, as well as well controlled asthma so melatonin is contraindicated. if I'm not welcome I'll go back to my corner.:

Oh goodness, no, please don't go back to your corner... not unless it's your quiet nap spot! If you're awake, please stick around! What have you found over the years that has helped him? Or should I say, helped all of you get more sleep?
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Count me in too! I have a 10mo that sleeps terribly! I nurse him to sleep at night starting in his sidecar crib. He wakes after 30min. I nurse him back to sleep. Then he wakes every hour til we come to bed. Then he wakes every 1-2hrs all night long, comfort nursing each time. I don't know what would help. I'm thinking of craniosacral therapy but am not sure if that would do anything to help with sleep or not.
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My ds is 3 and a terrible sleeper. He slept good, waking only once a night until he was 2 months old. Just when it seemed he was going to start sleeping thru, he started to get restless and woke every hour - sometimes 4 times an hour. : In desperation I latched him every time he woke or was restless and fell back asleep. Worked for a while, but now at 3 years he still wakes 2--5 times a night and needs to nurse back to sleep. : I am jealous of those pp who say their 3 yo are now sleeping thru!
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DS1 is four years old now. DS2 is 4 *months.* Guess which one keeps me awake more.

It sucks. When DS2 was born, DH was supposed to take over nighttime parenting of DS1. He did, mostly, for about three months. Then I guess he decided he was tired or something, and now it's all me, all night, every night.
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DS1 is 38 months old, that is OVER 3 YEARS...and has literally slept from his bedtime 7:30pm(ish) - 5am a total of 4 times in his entire life. Thankfully, one of those times was the night I delivered DS2!
Anyhow - he still wakes at least once, sometimes twice, calling for DAAADEEEE, or MOOOMMM MOOOMMM and needs to be gently snuggled back to sleep. (Sometimes with a 2 oz bottle of soy milk ) He is free to cosleep with us, or be in his own futon bed....we keep the routine consistent so bedtime is a breeze these days, but we cannot figure out why he continues to wake at night without fail.
(I believe that kids sometimes do wake, just as adults do at night, but somehow my DS1 cannot, or doesn't want to simply roll over & go back to sleep - he wants US. )

Ah well....glad to know we are not alone!

Oh, and for the record - he used to wake at minimum 3-5x a night so this waking once or twice is an improvement! But now we are wondering if it is something WE do as parents in our household since his 13MO brother shows similar patterning at night. *sigh*
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Oh me too! DD is 24 months and if she isn't awake she's talking in her sleep or twirling my hair (not fun). She starts out in her bed and ususally comes i with us before midnight. We don't mind cosleeping but it would be nice for her to sleep through whether with us or by herself. Just when you think it's getting better - there comes a cold or tooth to mess it all up!

Maybe we should all move into a commune and take turns sleeping - LOL!
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I didn't come here to oversimplify your sleep deprivation, I totally understand how difficult that makes life. However, I wanted to chime in to suggest (if you haven't already) that you try getting your child tested for food allergies. There is a lot of information linking sleep problems with allergies. If you're not into getting the testing done, then consider doing an elimination diet to see if you can pinpoint foods that are the root of the sleeplessness.
My son has been diagnosed with a peanut allergy, and while we've eliminated all of the peanut products from our house, I wonder if there are any that have sneaky, peanut'ish ingredients in them that we havn't discovered yet. I've been noticing that he randomly gets a rash around his mouth (which is one of the symptoms we noticed with the original peanut allergy), so it's possible that if he's getting some, somewhere, it could be affecting his sleep.

Anyway, I have a restless sleeper. He's 17 months old, and has been co-sleeping since day 1 with no issues. In the past month or so, he's been a HORRIBLE sleeper. Suddenly nursing all night, having periods where he just flops around and grumps, puts his feet in our faces, sits upright and starts talking, climbs onto my head. It's not unusual for DH to get up in the middle of the night and take him downstairs for awhile, just so I can get some sleep!

I've been toying with the idea of transitioning him to his bed. I know that when my daughter started going through this, we tried her in the crib and had success. It seemed that she just wanted some space (we were all crammed in a double bed in those days - now we have a king.)
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Heck, I'll join. Hi, my name is Lisa and my son is a crappy sleeper!

He woke multiple times during the night from the time he was born until he finished getting all his teeth (at 3 yo). He is now rounding in on 3.5 and still wakes up during the night for a bottle. I would say that 3-4 nights a week he sleeps until about 6:30-7:00 AM but then needs a bottle to get back to sleep. Since we generally don't go to bed until 12:30 AM - 1 AM (DH and I both work late shifts) that means DS generally only sleeps 5-6 hours before waking up.

He got hooked on the bottle at night because I was working nights from the time he was born until he was 18 months old. After 13 months he refused the breast at night, then he weaned himself to the bottle completely at 18 months. We have tried to get him off the bottle a few times, but he is just not ready... he cries like his little heart is breaking if we tell him he can't have it.

DS has trouble transitioning from being asleep to being awake. He tends to get hysterical if someone is not right there to soothe and reassure him when he starts to wake up. It was far worse when he was little, he would wake up and just start screaming for HOURS and there wasn't a whole lot we could do to help him . He still does this occasionally and it is just so frustrating - I keep asking him to just TELL me what the problem is but he's generally too far gone to communicate effectively.

He's a very high needs child in general, but couple that with the lack of sleep and you get two very tired and strung out parents. Just contemplating having another child is quickly quelled by reminiscing on DS's babyhood: do I really want to go through that again? Oh no. Oh god no!
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Sign me up. I just posted about this very thing. I'm done trying to make her sleep with me. I've tried just about everything to salvage the co-sleeping thing, and none of it's working. She'll sleep 2-3 hour stretches, like a log to boot, ONLY if she's in her own room. Otherwise she has to stay litterally attached to the nipple all night long, and will lazily flutter nurse every 45 minutes to an hour while grazing me with her teeth. I'm exhausted and my nipples freaking hurt.
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Originally Posted by timneh_mom View Post
Are there really only this few of us out there?? Actually I hope there are, I hope that crappy sleeping kids are something of an anomaly... gives me hope for our second one!

Can I be Secratary? E. is horribale, not going to bitch because I know that at least one person has it worse than me and we have all BTDT but just wanted to join in! THis is reason numero uno that E. is an only child for a long time to come!!!!! I know everysays, oh your next one will be the total opposite..... yeah, not with my luck. A part of me says have another one now and don't get used to sleep before I dove back in but I dpon't think my physical and mental health can handle that!
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I am hopping on this band wagon.

My DD is a horrible sleeper. We just gave up on cosleeping. She really seems happier in her own space. She was up every hour, nursing almost all night long when we co-sleeped. We are trying the NCSS and it worked great for the first week. But we are back to waking up every 1/2-2 hours and now I have to drag myself out of bed. I tried to bring her back in the bed last night and she would have none of it.

From what I have read from all the previous posts, I may be in for the long haul too. I am still hoping she will outgrow this. I can't imagine being this tired for another couple of years.
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So, whats tricks, tips has work for you? to get them to sleep a bit longer?

For me, it is to bring them in our room especially for dd1. DD2 follows her sister, so we get them both in the middle of the night.

My next trick is to get them a double bed and see if they will sleep better together.
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so tired

We belong to this tribe for sure! DS is so active during the day, he just does not want to slow down at night. He actually crawls in his sleep. He wakes up every hour, and we cannot figure out why. We are at the point of considering using the crib, though I think it just might make things worse. We are all so desperate for sleep. I feel as though I am not the parent I would like to be because I am just so tired. Every night, DH and I just shake our heads and cross our fingers. He also slept so well until about four months. What happened?
Wishing "good' nights to you all
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