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Acupuncture and low milk supply

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Hello all - my dd is now 11 weeks old, and I've struggled with low supply issues all along. I've tried everything I've seen listed here - am still on dom (120 mg/day), taking goat's rue, tried fenugreek and blessed thistle for a month, pumping, had dd's tongue-tie snipped, etc. As a last resort, I've begun seeing an acupuncturist, and it seems to be helping - my pumped milk has increased and dd is taking less formula! I'm excited to see results, and am wondering if anyone else has gone this route, since I haven't seen it mentioned before. I'd love to hear other's experiences.

Any BTW, I know a great acupuncturist in Burlington, VT, who is helping me with this as well as made a tremendous difference with my hemmorroids when I was pregnant.

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i saw an acupuncturist to help with my milk supply. it seemed to help a little bit, but then i stopped seeing her when one of the clinic supervisors got on her case about my son having a screaming fit while i was getting a treatment. he was already getting more into solid foods so it was a simultaneous kind of thing.

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I had wondered about this, but there aren't many acupuncturists around here.

Is there a certain protocol that is helpful?
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From what I understand, there's not a set protocol, as it's a response to what each body needs. I know there are certain points he always hits (one painful one on each pinky) but there's also a bunch of others he's been working on to clear my "stagnant damp" - whatever - it seems to be working!
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i just went to a presentation on acupuncture in pregnancy and postpartum earlier this evening, and she addressed this topic and mentioned the pinky point and also one on the foot above the pinky toe.

and each person would have a different set of points for needles in chinese medicine/acupuncture depending on their specific body/emotion characteristics.

excited to hear that it's working, elm.vermont! go milky vibes!

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