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i just wanted to pop in here and se if i can figure out this posting thing. i posted in the nice to meet u forum, but all my other posts have been rejected. so lets see if this works.
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YEEEEE! my post worked! I'm very excitd to finally post someting. i've composed lots of posts, but they all disappeared. it might have something to do with the fact that it can take me 1/2 an hour to finish a simple post----three kids and all that!!! so it's nice to be here and i'll just have to keep my posts super short!!
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welcome dolly or is it Hello Dolly!!

btw- watch your siggy and only have 2 lines...
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Marja -- how many kittens are there? That is cute that your little one was trying to put the kittens on the mamas back. What a neat experience.

Anyone else here a runner? I am trying to increase my distance by a mile but I am not doing so hot. Can run 2-3 miles each morning and then hit a wall. Want to get to 4.

Anyone have exciting plans this weekend? Today marks the 6th week my
husband has been in Iraq. (this deployment) So please say some prayers and send out warm thoughts for him.
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Lily, thank you so much for posting about the raspberries. This is my first year up here and I missed the first season for jam but have been rather confused by all the signs popping back up. I can still make jam!!!

I took the kids for our first walk in the new jogging stroller today. 3 hours may have been a bit too ambitious.
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Originally Posted by Cardinal View Post
Anyone have exciting plans this weekend? Today marks the 6th week my
husband has been in Iraq. (this deployment) So please say some prayers and send out warm thoughts for him.
Your whole family is in my thoughts. Please tell him total strangers are wishing for his and his whole unit's safe and speedy return home.

Now I feel a little bad about my weekend plans.

THE GIRLS & I ARE HEADING TO MONTREAL TO PARTY!! : It's my best friends wedding shower so we are heading up there for a fancy dinner, then dancing then a night in a hotel and if any of the ladies wake me before 9am, they DIE! I love them but my love only goes so far. We'll be back by lunchtime on Sunday.

I'm putting on heels and make-up and am gonna toast my girl with champagne. She was married to a total dud, has basically raised her daughter alone thus far, then met this giy who adores her and looooooves her daughter (who is my god-daughter). He has been to every doctors appointment, every parent-teacher conference, every dance recital, and they go out to dinner just the 2 of them once a week, supposedly to give mom a break, but it's really because they love each other. I am so happy for them all and this will be a real celebration.

Yipppeeeee! I know some of the other moms will be getting a little drunk, but I can't handle hangovers AT ALL, so I will simply enjoy boogeying down!
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Cardinal, you and your Dh are in my thoughts!

Happy jam making Jennifer wow 3 hours? yeah, you are ambitous

Welcome Dolly!! Your posts weren't going through before if you keep having a problem let me know.
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Just reading and thought I would stop in to say hi!
our daughter is nine months old, and we are alone for the next ten days. My better half works for a worldwide company and he is in switzerland for training for the next ten days, then he gets to come home and go back to europe(sweeden) for three weeks.
Just wanted to pop in and join in the convo. Kinda needed some where to talk to people. I dont really have anyone to talk to here..
I am not sure what to do with myself besides clean for the next ten days...LOL:
This place will be really shiny LOL by the time he gets home...
SO what is everyone doing this weekend?
I wanna hit our neighborhoods last garage sales(this weekend is the last weekend to do it, so they tell me)
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I thought I'd say Hi as well. I sah with my 2 dds, ages 4 and 2. I only sometimes post in this forum but this seems like a fun get to know some people thread. So, Hello!

To answer the pp's question- this weekend, my dh is home (he was gone this week from Tues-Fri and he leaves again Mon until Thurs) so we'll probably stay low-key. There's a fall festival scheduled for tomorrow but the weather doesn't look as if it'll be too nice. I hope people show up, I made and canned pumpkin butter to sell for my dh's squadron to make some money!
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Hello All,
Mmmmm jam, I have a freezer full of blackberries but I just can't find a day to can.

Dolly, I remeber reading one of your posts a few days ago. I think it was in LWaB. I remembered your siggy.

So today was good. DD read her second book called Rags, the first was called Cat. Dull reading but she thouroughly enjoyed herself. I took DS to the dollar store and spent $25 on crap toys to try and entertain him while I HS DD1. He has the attention span of well a three year old. I plan on putting a few new things in a basket just for during hs time each day/week.

Right now they are both in their bedroom with musical instruments. It was so loud I told them they had to have their door closed. lol.

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Thanks lovely ladies for the warm thoughts.

I'd seriously buy homemade jam/butter from you guys if you sell it. Seriously. PM me if you want to tell me how much you'd like for it.
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Hey Everybody!

I've actually been accomplishing stuff around the house, so I haven't had time to post for a bit. I feel very proud but TIRED: So I am a bit late, but there are kittens to mazel tov and a soldier husband that I have been praying for. Just wanted you both to know that you're in our hearts and prayers.

This is a busy weekend because it is a holiday weekend for us, but at least the festivities are out in the community and not in my house Also want to say that I am jealous of the state of Michigan for having a late raspberry season! Ours was very short this year due to a rainy summer. Hope you all have a good weekend - I am going to try to get some real SLEEP!! night-night
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Good morning ladies
This morning is the farmers market, Yay! Then over to my folks for cider and donuts with the whole family, including all my nephews Then tonight is a girls night out with some other mdc mama's: Today is going to be a good day

Tomorrow, I clean this place it's really bad!
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Ooooh, cider! I love this time of the year almost specifically for cider. Thanks for the idea, I am going to pick some up later. On that topic, does anyone have a favorite mulled cider concoction? We love to try new ones at our house, and mine is currently simple hot cider (steamed on our espresso machine) with a cinnamon stick. Feel free to share...
Have a good day, girls! We have to follow such a great example. I say, housework be forgotten till tomorrow!!!
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Hi, all. So far all I am doing this weekend is NOT sleeping much and dealing with a crabby 3 yr. old who has swimmer's ear. I took her to the ped.'s office and they prescribed something and it hurt so much she wouldn't let me put it in her ear. Now she's trying a different ear drop thing. It's an antibiotic and I am off the PCC here in a minute (hopefully she'll stay sleeping a bit longer in a nap) so I can find some Hylands earache stuff and maybe some other Hylands product for pain for her to use in general in the future.

It's not like I'm so thrilled with Hylands over all the other homeopathic stuff (it's in a lactose base and we try not to do dairy) but she refuses to take anything - homeopathic or not - unless it's one of those itty-bitty Hylands tablets. :

Poor thing was mostly hysterical last night for awhile. She's been better today but still grumpy with "sunbreaks" of happy/giggles here and there. But mostly grumpy. (If you don't live the in Pacific NW, sunbreaks are when it's cloudy all the time but you get little peeks of sun here and there throughout the day.)

All this and potty learning too! Whee. I am still hoping to get something done around the house since it's a freakin' disaster around here and my parental units are coming to visit in two weeks. The weather is actually sunny and perfect for finishing moss removal and gutter cleaning and yard cleanup but thus far, today has been mostly a waste.

Catch you all later. I'll try to be less of a whiner at the water cooler then.
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