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I'm Lisa, age 26, married to Colin, also 26. We have 3 daughters, ages 4, 2, and 3 months. I get so bored sometimes. We have a little place and all the cleaning is done. I was looking forward to the Phillies/Braves game but it was rained out : . So now I have 3 empty hours. These hours of the evening are when I am the most lonely for my dh....sigh. Oh, well don't mean to be mopey. Guess I need to get off the computer and cuddle my babies .
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Hey local smart-ass, how was the pedi appointment?

Does that make me a long distance smart ass??

Wow. One more hour-ish and one kiddo will be asleep. Woohoo! I'm almost off duty!!!

I'm so sorry you're not pregnant, Starflower. I have a zit the size of the Rock of Gibraltar so I'm not either. And I feel like eating a live cow so there you go - PMS!
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Jennifer - I felt the same way the day before yesterday. I missed out on the giant zit though - I traded it in for a mini-series of zits instead. :P

We had a pretty good play date with our MDC friend today. DH should be done working by six tonight : so I really need to figure out what to make for dinner tonight. We're doing the can't-wait-until-Friday-because-it's-payday thing here so I'm having to be a bit more creative than I feel like being lately.

I so want to just say to Hades with dinner - let's go out for Mexican food! But we will not.

Oh, yeah. And I never did make my bread yet because a friend called and we got together for a little while instead.
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Good morning, everyone! Today at my house it is......

smoky! and windy! must be a bushfire about somewhere.

Starflower- mmm, yes, cooking from the pantry can be a pain sometimes. Whatcha got on the shelf? Maybe we could help you brainstorm something easy so you don't have to think about it?

Lisa- (((((hug)))))
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assiemum, you say good morning, and I just put my kids to bed.

Man I hope they sleep for longer then 2 hours. 4 people in one bed is getting crowded. We have to figure out another arrangement. My 4y Dd is keeping us all awake with her tossing and turning.

Tomorrow is a busy day. Lily has preschool, which I have to pick her up early from to do school pics (is she really old enough for such a thing : ). Then run down to a LLL enrichment meeting. Then get back home in time to make dinner before Dh has to leave for the fire hall.
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Vermont, you crack me up : Wow, so many new folks around our water cooler - I love it! And I have to heartily agree with all those who love autumn Nothing overly exciting here today - kids to preschool, mom cleaned up and got to have lunch (in an actual restaurant) with a friend, then took DD to speech therapy - we have to go to another town for that, so it ends up being almost a three hour event. All this talk of pregnancy... I'm jonesing to have another baby, but we need to wait until next year to start trying. So I will live vicariously through others on MDC for a while
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Aww, isn't it sweet when they get their first school pics? I love my kiddos school photos- I keep them all in the same frame, so when I add the new one to the front each year we love to look at how they've grown & changed...
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Don't know if I ever formally intro'd myself but I'm a 32 yr old SAHM (naturally,lol!) and my dh is 33. We have 2 girls - Savannah is almost 5 and Leah is 7.5 months. We live outside of Seattle right now but will be moving to North Carolina next month. I've been stressed out of my gourd getting everything lined up for the move and I have zits popping up to prove it.

Today a friend and I went to the lake for one last time since it's supposed to drop down to the 60's tomorrow and it probably won't be warm enough to go again. I told my dh that if we're ever filthy rich, I want to buy a summer home in the Pacific Northwest because the summers are absolutely perfect!
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Hello. Nice to meet you.

You guys aren't going to kick me out when I tell you I'm working two afternoons a week, are you? It's only for one semester, & then I'm FT at-home again. I think about working from home from time to time tho....

Both of my kids are in school this year, so I've got a lot of time to myself. I love it, tbh! I am doing a lot of volunteer work with the kids' school, so I do see them during the day sometimes.

I used to live in Oly,WA-- I loved the Pacific Northwest, but I didn't have kids when I lived there. I'm sure dealing with the rain would be more challenging now.
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I love this thread - but never get to get it all read... so can I just jump in the middle?

I'm Jennifer - important stats are in the sig

Looking forward to getting to know other mamas who are home because they want to be
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Originally Posted by aussiemum
Both of my kids are in school this year, so I've got a lot of time to myself. I love it, tbh! I am doing a lot of volunteer work with the kids' school, so I do see them during the day sometimes.
Sounds like me... although, I must be a little : b/c now that mine are both in preschool, I'm wanting another!
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Sandy, we're 4 to a bed now too and it's nto working well for us. Tell me what you figure out! It feels like the kidlets are too small to sleep alone yet.
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Wow just caught up. DD and DS are asleep but DD#2 won't go to sleep. She wakes up the instant I move her but she does not want to nurse anymore. I put her down hoping she will just go to sleep. Her eyes are closed and she is making the cutest little grunting sleepy noises. So we'll see.
have a busy day tomarrow. Lots of cleaning for a MDC get together! the house is a disaster, we have been doing paper mache and there is just junk everywhere. If anyone is in south western WA please join us:
DD starts school at the local Home School Academy (through the local SD) on Friday, she is pretty excited. It is 2 days a week. And we HS the rest of the time. I am really impressed with the program they have there. The staff is great and so supportive of HSing. Well I guess they have to be as all the students are HSed.
AF is here. I have been craving (I know its so bad for you) Costco cake. its so good, buttercream frosting. So DH got one for me. LOL. Now we have a Costco sized cake to eat. I froze over 3/4ths of it. This is just so sad.

Okay, I am off to eat a piece of cake.

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Was I supposed to "formally" introduce myself? I'm out here in the Pacific NW and I'm 35 (tipping toward 36 now). It just took me a while to get my head screwed on right before getting together with the right DH and even thinking about kiddos.

I have a BA in art, with specializations in sculpture and lithography. I haven't done anything artistic in a very long time. I really want to get back into though. And now we're TTC again so I'm not sure how all that will work itself out if we manage to get pg. We tried for 2+ years for DD. I had planned on her being an only then I changed my mind. : That surprised me and delighted DH!

I was born and raised in MT, lived in TN for 4 years and now I'm in WA. I've been to several states in the US and I've also traveled to Greece and Egypt (2000). The last "vacation" we did was an impromtu trip to MT to see my brother when we weren't sure if he was going to pull through after a surgery. (He was OK after awhile.)

I have worked many different jobs ranging from waitress to accounts receivable to writing advertising/commercials and putting together newspapers. I was thinking about that today, after hanging out at the SAHM water cooler. I finally have a job where I am my own boss! The lack of pay sucks but I've never been paid well so at least this has the benefits of being with my daughter! And DH is getting a raise next month : yippee! so it will kind of be like getting a raise for me too since it won't be quite so tight. I seriously need to get a retirement acct. started.

I also love to eat popcorn and watch "The Red Green Show" and old John Belushi skits.

Oh, yeah. And did I mention that I like to

I'm pretty sure I did. But not usually so much IRL. Only on MDC.
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Well I think I may be off my rocker We are getting ready to move to WA hopefully in a month and guess what I took a home test and I new I was aweful tired lately.
I am still trying to balance life with a baby. Looks like things will be even more interesting now
DD's are playing together at the moment. DD2 is trying to stand on her own. She is so sweet.
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Hey tawnykat, our babies have the same birthday!
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It's a wonderful date huh?! My Bil's is the 18th, DH's is the 19th, my DB's is the 20th. Guess it's a popular month... Did I see that you are expecting as well? If the calculator I used is right I will be due middle of May.
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Originally Posted by Starflower
I also love to eat popcorn and watch "The Red Green Show" .....
I grew up in Olympia, but I'm now in San Diego. I miss the Red Green Show! Maybe I'll watch Duct Tape Forever tomorrow while dd is in school.
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Originally Posted by amylaz
Sounds like me... although, I must be a little b/c now that mine are both in preschool, I'm wanting another!

Yep, I agree, I know that feeling. But DH only ever wanted two- altho if I were really keen for another he'd probably go along. But my youngest is 6 in a few weeks & I don't honestly know that I could go back to having a baby in the house. God, I hate sleep deprivation. yk? I'm 35, soon to be 36- my mum had a baby at 36, when I was 10, so I guess I've seen it from an older sibling perspective, too.... so maybe not another baby for me. But maybe you might decide to go for it amylaz!
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I didn't formally introduce myself either... I'm Kitty, age 34, mom of four boys ages 16 (Mike), 12 (Jack), 3 1/2+(Cam) and 20 months (Max). All the boys are home with me during the day except the oldest who is in public high school. Wife of one DH. Mostly a full time SAHM although I do some freelance writing at home. Also trying to finish writing a fiction novel but it's slooooow going because it appears I've taken the summer off! Oopsey. In a prior life I was an executive (like 4 years ago LOL), but I like this life much better.
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