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Bicornuate Uterus

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Hello ladies,

Just when I thought my uterus was about as special as it could get with fibroids - ta dah! The MRI shows even more specialness : bicornuate uterus. Big sigh. Big expletives.

So now they want to do an HSG test which sounds just lovely - "clamping the cervice open to inject a dye into the uterus" Nothing like the words clamping the cerivix to make me squirm (and not in a good way!).

Any info to share or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

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No advice just a I hope that they don't find anything else. What is a bicornuate uterus? I have never heard of it. I hope it is treatable/fixable
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It's a heart shaped uterus.. I have one, but nobody has done anything about it.. I've had well now 3 pg,s and the only problem we have is if the baby doesn't turn early during the pg i have to have a c-sec because there isn't enough room for them to turn later.. Maybe mine isn't so bad, but we didn't know untl ds 1 was born and they opened me up to do the c/sec.. That's when the dr said i might have problems delivering vag because of it.. OF course ds2 was a vbac although we did have to use forcepts to pull him out.. His head was too d@mn big.. And we will be attempting a vag delivery this time as well..

HOpe that helps some..

Warm Squishy Feelings..

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Lisa I just had a HSG test today. I read your post before I had the appoinment and I must tell you I was so nervous, I did not realize they had to clamp your uterus open
I was shaking like a leaf. If you can get pass all those scary looking machines the test was not really that bad. It was like a pap test. (which I fear also). If you want to know what it was like pm me and I can tell you.

Take care
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I'm so, so, so sorry! Oh gosh, how awful to read my post first. I'm so sorry!

Glad to hear though that it wasn't too bad. Someone wrote me that they don't always have to do the clamp, that they can do a catheter? I'll pm you.


Bicornuate uterus happens when the two tubes that form the uterus don't properly fuse together in utero and as a result there's this dip at the fundus of the uterus (like the top of a heart)and a wall of tissue dividing the uterus - sometimes the tissue runs the entire length of the uterus and sometimes it's only partial. It can create problems with pregnancy since the baby gets crowded and may not turn head down, and sometimes it can create problems with premature labor, and apparently many times it's not a problem. A lot of women don't even know they have them until a c/s is done due to breech presentation. Some women find out after repeated miscarriages, so the silver lining to my cloud is that we found out about it this early in the game and can take corrective measures. More testing needs to be done to find out specifics and to determine treatment, but the good news is that it's certainly not the end of my pregnancy dreams. Thank for the hugs!

Dyan, yay! love to hear those success stories! Best of luck with your birth!

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Thanks for the explanation. I hope it was taken how I offered in the spirit of knowledge I'm sending you lots of good vibes Lisa
Dyan that is awesome about your vbac. I am ttc #2 and will be going for a vbac. I love to her success stories. Good luck with the new wee one
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My SIL has a bicornuate uterus.

There is a yahoo group devoted to mullerian abnormalities:
mullerian group

This a bicornuate uterus birth story (surgical birth):


This is a bicornuate VBAC story:
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My MIL was told she was infertile so my IL's adopted. Just about the day their adoption of a girl was official, she discovered she was pregnant with Dh.

The pregnancy was uneventful but labor did not progress. Her OB "stuck a pair of scissors" into her uterus, and out popped Dh. The OB said she had a septum in her uterus, I think this is what a bicornuate uterus is, though there are several types of septa, I think. He says that to this day, he's afraid of scissors.

After that she had 2 more kids.

For what it's worth, that's what I know about the condition.
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Thanks for the good vibes - they're certainly appreciated!

Yikes! I think I'd have issues with scissors too with that history!

Thanks for the yahoo group list. I happened to stumble across them shortly after my dx and they are WONDERFUL Also, the birth stories were awesome - especially the surgical birth one. What a good reminder. I loved it. Thanks so much!

Thanks again ladies

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I hope you are still checking this thread!
I have a bicornuate uterus/mullerian anomaly and I belong to the yahoogroup on the subject. Not that active right now because I have three little ones.

I didnt discover I had a mullerian anomaly until after/during my first csection. Some of the problems I encounter during pregnancy was a weird transverse presentation, broken ribs, and I mainly carried my daughter on the right side. Just so you know ECVs are not recommended for breech babies in deformed uteri. I had difficulty getting pregnant and staying pregnant. Our second child was adopted. I then suprisingly found myself pregnant when he was nine months old. I was really nervous because this baby was in the left horn and not the right but I carried him to 38 weeks and he weighed almost 8lbs. He was head down but he was in a weird position and his shoulder was presenting against the cervix. I considered VBAC in the early stages of my pregnancy IF I had a vertex baby but later changed my mind.

Please feel free to contact me. I would love to chat with you!
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