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I don't get this at all...

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yesterday for one feeding dd latched absolutely perfectly and nursed (strong drinking) for a whole 15 minutes!!! In 8 weeks of bad latching, supplementing, nipple confusion, this is the best she has ever done. And it DIDN'T HURT! Since then she's screamed hysterically every time I tried to position her to nurse. I just don't get it. I thought she was perhaps too hungry or overtired so one time I even put her on 'early' before she started cueing. She was quite content and happy, smiling... , I positioned her and hysterical screaming!! This morning she's back to her usual, half open mouth and on/off again latching and falling asleep after 5 mins. The great latch yesterday was really due to her opening her mouth really wide (bottles have ruined this!). If anyone has any tips for making bottle confused babes open their mouths wide I'd love to hear them.
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Yes, the wide open mouth is the secret to a great latch, I find...

I have always just sort of "teased" ds with the nipple (not letting them have it) and they open wide and I quickly bring them to it...Sometimes it takes a few tries.

Good luck! It is frustrating to make progress and then be back to where you were...
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Try to gently hold her chin down as she comes on, with one of your fingers.

Model a wide open mouth for her, saying "open wiiide."

If you feed the expressed milk by sing a started SNS on your finger intead of a bottle, this will help rid her of nipple confusion.

Try nursing lying down, on your sides (or you on your back, and she can crawl to the breast, like those newborns in the films. Sometimes if you let the baby take the initiative, they latch on perfectly), and let her come to the breast, in a darkened quiet room. Have your shirt and bra completely off most of the day, wear her in a sling. Never force. The falling asleep can be caused by over-stimulation.

Or, take a couple days completely off from bfing if it's all getting too tense. Use a slow flow bottle or Habermann feeder. Just have lots of enjoyable skin to skin. Take baths together, use massage.

Since she did it once, she can do it again!
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New research based on mothers' personal experience has chown that lots of skin to skin contact can be helpful in situations whith latching problems. Meaning, keep baby on chest in a diaper only and you topless. You can cover with a blanket to keep you both warm. This has been helpful with babies of all ages. It would be worth a try along with the other suggestions. Have you contacted a local LLL Leader? A Leader can be VERY helpful and supportive during this trying time.
Also, in cases of nipple confusion, it is very important to remove all artificial nipples, including pacifiers. There are some alternative feeding methods to use to get nourishment into your baby.
Determination and patience can be very helpful too.
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