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I have been having lots of nipple problems for past few weeks. Someone asked me if I have blanching and yes in fact I do, especially at night after long nursing session. I have read on these boards that vitamin B6 is good, but don't know how much. One place said 125 mg for the first 5 days and then 25 mg. Any other thoughts?

As other background info: I actually do have Raynaulds and have for years and years -- noticed in hands and feet. But, I've been nursing my dd for 16 months and only in the past few weeks have I had this problem so I'm not sure that's the cause. I've been treating myself for nipple blebs and for yeast becuase I think that's more likley the cause. I've found grapefruit seed extract orally and all purpose nipple ointment (Dr Jack Newman's recipe) to be very helpful so far, til I noticed the blanching.