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Been ttc for awhile, when do you see your doctor?

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Well, to make a long story short (I hope) dh and I are ttc #3. The first two were conceived so easily (#1-2cycles and #2-1 cycle) and now we have been trying for 8 months and I just got af yesterday . I am still bf my daughter (30 months) but usually only at bedtime and before her nap, I really wanted to let her self wean, but I would like to be pg so badly I wonder if it would help? How long do you keep trying before you see a doctor to see if there is a problem?

I have not been charting (just can't get the hang of it) but my cycles have been 28 days like clockwork ever since af returned when dd was 23 months old. I did the opk for several months and they always indicated I ovulated and always on days 12-14. I guess I just want some answers, but maybe the only answer is to be patient...so hard to do.

One other thing, I have had a re-occurring bladder infection for the last 3 months and have had antibiotics for these and will find out tomarrow (with ua) if the infection if finally gone. Could this have anything to do with anything?

Thanks ladies, you all seem so knowledgable and I just can't stop thinking of things to worry about. Sorry this wasn't as short a story as I had hoped.
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What i have read is that it depends on your age when you should seek a dr's advice or help...

If you arre less than 30 i think it's a year.. If you are 30 to like 35 or 38 it's 6 months, and if you are 38 to 40 and older it's like 3 months..

I read it a while ago in a parenting magazine i think..

You could probably do an internet search and get a more concrete answer...

Best of LUck and Warm Squishy Feelings..

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Traci it is all on how you feel about seeking medical attention.

What is good for you.

I have only been ttc#2 for 5cycles and I am starting infertility testing this cycle. I already took the FSH (which I am patiently waiting fot the results as I type) and I took the HSG test today. So it really is a matter of how aggressive you want to be with it. I have no patience at all and I want a big family and I am soon to be 34 so I feel time is of the essence for ME.
I hope that helped.
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If you know you have been trying pretty precisely (OPK's or charting) I would go after 6 months...maybe I would wait a litle longer if I were under 25. It's a lot of time to lose if it turned out something was majorly wrong (hormonal or DH sperm count.) Doesn't mean I would do everything high tech yet, but I would certainly see an RE to rule out a few things (not not just an OB who puts you on clomid for ever without any sort of testing or monitoring- I read a while ago that they believe it loses effectiveness afer a few months, dontl know if that's still current thinking...) I also was in acupuncture treatment while TTC and making dietary improvements.
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I agree with all the above and it's probably time for you to go in-BUT it's your DH that will get tested first to make sure everything is swimming fine, etc. With our first we tried for 9 mos then went in and my DH had a prostate infection he never knew he had-translated to mean he had a low sperm count. Men often have no symptoms so they have no clue it's them. We got pregnant the cycle after he finished his antibiotics.

Hopefully it will be something as easy for you and your DH!
Good luck,
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