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pregnant- inverted nipples?

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I am fourteen weeks along in my second pregnancy. The first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 6 months along. My nipples are always somewhat inverted anyhow, but after my miscarriage and induced labor and delivery, they became completely inverted for about two weeks (milk never came in but I had some tenderness and swelling for that time). I plan to ask the midwife's lactation consultant about it at my next appointment, but I was wondering if any of you have input about what the current thinking is on what, if anything, should be done for inverted nipples during pregnancy to facilitate breastfeeding.
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from what i have read and learned, the current thinking is to do nothing during pregnancy. and considering the loss of your baby during your last pregnancy, i would be especially concerned about any sort of stimulation of your nipples during pregnancy.

i believe that wearing nipple shields in the bra (or maybe they are called something different... correct me if i'm wrong, someone!) are sometimes recommended just after baby is born to help the nipples evert. some women also have success using a breast pump for a few minutes before trying to nurse the child so that baby has a better "target". some women with inverted nipples have babies that have no trouble at all latching on. i think it will really depend on your baby and your baby's nursing personality.

most importantly, you CAN breastfeed with nipples that are inverted. many women with nipples that are inverted find that the issue corrects itself with baby being at the breast. find a good Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in your local community (many hospitals have them on staff, and some even work independently or in clinics) that will help you achieve your goals for breastfeeding. interview more than one while you are pregnant, and be prepared to have them come the same day your babe is born and again regularly until you are confident in your breastfeeding. join your local La Leche League chapter and go to some meetings while you are pregnant www.lalecheleague.org

wishing you a peaceful and healthy pregnancy and a safe and beautiful birth...

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Just to clarify on my miscarriage-- there was no pre-term labor. The baby died between 22 and 24 weeks, but there was no sign that anything was wrong; at 27 weeks, I had a routine pre-natal checkup where there was no heartbeat and ultrasound confirmed the miscarriage and a rough time frame for when it happened. My labor was then induced medically. So my history does not contraindicate nipple shields or anything like that. But if current thinking is not to do anything anyhow, that ends up with the same result.
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