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I hurt myself today

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Yippee...I was out playing in the puddles with my ds today when my neighbors three dogs charged us. I scooped up ds and flung him into the house just in time to shut the door on them. Normally, not really worried about her dogs, we say hi to them through the fence all the time BUT they ran right at us, right through the closed gate, tales down, barking. I wasn't going to take any chances. My neighbor is great and she didn't know she had a hole in the fence when I called her right after but I am certain I separated my pubic bone during the whole thing. I can barely walk. Lovely....: I guess thats one way to make me slow down, eh?
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yeowch! try snuggling witha hot water bottle, hope it feels better soon!!
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Ouch - poor you It's amazing how fast we can still move when we need too.

Hope you feel better soon :
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Are you ok?

Hope you are feeling better now and weren't too seriously injured.
You are right to never take a chance with animals--especially ones that are charging at you with tails down.

I have a friend here with a dog who got very aggressive with her during her pregnancy and then stopped after she gave birth. Well, when I visited he acted the same way with me. It made me VERY uncomfortable. I am not at all nervous around dogs normally but this dog is huge and was jumping on me, bumping into my crotch. he is probably about 130 lbs.
I will not go to her house again when he is inside. I absolutely refuse.
I don't know when he is going to "flip out". Even a dog who doesn't act aggressive can get set off by something, so if you see an aggressive dog it is definitely smart to stay away.

Please be careful and make sure your neighbor repairs her fence immediately!!
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